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♪♫♪Happy Happy Joy Joy♪♫♪ Welcome to our blog. I never knew the journey that accompanies a family. Getting married was a big step/commitment; but adding kiddos to the mix, euphoria on a bi-polar level ;) It's incredible how much you can love your little army of kiddos. Oh, they drive us both to brink of insanity...but no matter what happens...whether good or bad...funny or will all work out! Family Verse: Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to [his] purpose."

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankfulness in July

I know it's not the month of November...but I thought I'd share a few thoughts on being thankful.
I strive to find some sort of good in everything. I know, life can be tough for all of us. But there is good all around us. Whether is comes as a flower, or a kind neighbor just chatting with you. Good is there. 

While I'd love to kick and scream when things don't go my way, I have to remind myself that I have little ones watching (now, reminding doesn't always stop the tantrum, I still have one every once in a while...I'm sure my husband is rolling his eyes right now.) Oh, it's tough, but how will my kids learn except by example.

I've started having the kids pray at meal times...especially dinner time. They tend to spout off the same prayer every time...which is great, they are praying. I asked them one evening to add something to "thank God" for. I gave them examples like: "thanks for letting us go to park today...for riding our bikes...for playing in the pool...for milkshakes...for playing Zumba, etc." I hoped it would catch on to help the kids find something that they could thank God for each evening at dinner. Low and behold, Miss Chickie listened. Her prayer tonight "Thank you for my mom n dad...and thank you for letting us go to the park and see Baby Eli." Talk about having a moment....yeah, I had one. *tears of joy*

A few things that came to mind of what I'm thankful for...
*my health. The ability to walk. While I walked my laps today at the gym, I was kinda annoyed they weren't happening fast enough. This momma was tired. But I turned up the tunes, and started out. On my first lap, I had to move around a group of people in the track. One was pushing a wheelchair, two others were holding onto a young man's waist, and the last one was striving with every fiber in his body to take that next step. He was clad in leg braces from hip to foot. I wanted to cheer him on with every step. He was determined to make it around. And you know, he did!!! It took him over an hour, but SUCCESS!! 
*my sisters. They help me out when I need someone to talk, vent, laugh, and cry to. They probably don't realize it (until now..I let the cat out of the bag..oopsy) but each one has that special nugget of wisdom I need when I call. I'm blessed with 4 sisters and 4 sister-in-laws.
*crazy, funny, and sometimes disagreeable kiddos. They keep me busy. Running from one thing to the other. Cleaning the floors in one room only to come back to a previous room to find a fabulous mess on the floor. Hey! I can add up some of this cleaning time as cardio burning calories ;)'s a WIN WIN, lol

*technology/social networking. It provides me an outlet for me. It lets me see that everyone is on a journey...not just me. Whether it's a silly post about my kiddos, or a random Joy thought...I'm hoping it was a blessing (or laugh) to someone. It lets me connect with others on similar journeys. Whether it be weight loss, motherhood, long lost friends, or just keeping the positivity going. I love it.
I snagged this from a friend's posting today

So....these were just a few randoms from me today. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday happenings

Well, it's Monday again.
And the kiddos (girls, mainly) are acting as if Monday defines their attitudes. It's one of those "how many days til vacation" types of day. I'm counting down now....10 days to go. Vacation to visit my family. The best part, Jed and I are taking a little time for ourselves. We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary. And when we get to Florida, the kids are staying with family and we're heading out on our getaway!!! 
I think I'm more excited to be kid free than anything!!! 

Knowing it was our 10 year anniversary coming up (this was back around the first of the year), we decided to take some of our income tax return and use it for improvement. Usually, we use it to improve something on the house. But this year, we purchased a gym membership for the family (1 year worth). We were ready to improve ourselves. Working out and eating healthy. Guess what?!?! in the last 5 months, Jed's dropped 20 lbs!!! (super excited and proud of my husband) and I've dropped 25 lbs!!! I love that we are doing this definitely makes it easier. Another reason for vacation, we get to splurge just a little. Eat some yummy food (still healthy, though). I've seen a bit of change in the kids as well. Oh, we still eat fun kid foods. But more water and healthier snacks have been added. Kids are more active and they love going to the gym with me. I'm so glad the gym has offered classes for just the kids. It makes them feel important...especially when they can do push ups along with us. :)

I had a few moments while the youngest is napping, thanks for listening to my ramblings. Off to make dinner and wake up the youngest. 

Happy Monday. (this is the coffee talking, lol)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Reminding myself of the Good

What makes me smile? children waking up smiling.
...fresh, hot coffee.
...realizing my husband put the trash cans at the road on trash day.
...seeing my youngest feed herself.
...finding matching socks. :) yeah, I'm a weird one.
...singing along with kids to the music in the car.
...seeing a decrease on the scale (knowing you splurged over the weekend)!! Hallelujah!
...watching my oldest having a deep conversation with his friend.
...nap time.
...hearing my youngest sing her ABC's in whatever order she wants.
...listening to my middle child speed sing her ABC's
...random giggles
...talks over dinner.
...trips to Target ♥
...hugs from my kiddos even after a positively stressful day...with them.
...knowing my family is happy, healthy, and loved.

It was a stressful day today. 2 girls with clashing personalities. One trying to outdo the other..vying for my attention. I felt pulled in all different directions. Physically and emotionally drained. I didn't know whether I needed sleep, prayer, or more coffee. But I know that I needed something.
Each day is fresh and new. More often than not, I'm waking up as Mary Poppins and closing out the day as Cruelle DeVille. It's crazy how that happens. But know this...tomorrow, I'll wake up as Mommy/Mom/MOOOOOOOM! and end my day the same. I'll strive to instill at least one good thing in my children. Whether it's to find the good in the sibling that seems to constantly get under their skin or to actually pick up their stuff. 
I may feel stressed. But I am truly blessed. God gave me these 3 adorably crazy children. Wow! I'm honored. One day they'll realize that it's a day by day, breath by breath action. We are learning together. 

Now...I'm off to refresh and recharge. I've got 3 little minds to mold tomorrow. With God's help, it will be successful!