Monday, August 17, 2015


I have blogger's block.
Crazy. I have finally have time to actually sit down and post something here and my thoughts have finally slowed a HALT.
Go figure!
Until then...

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our summer vacation.....finally

I'm thinking this blog could be moving to monthly postings. Life is rather busy these days and it's summer time. I'm sure it will slow down a bit whenever the big kids are back in school. But for now, I'll try to give you the short version of the last month's happenings.

Let's the last posting, I was calmly slightly dramatic telling myself that I truly love my children. Haha. I know the summer was getting to us all. We were ready for vacation and we still had a few weeks to go. 

I went for my 5month/20 week physical therapy appointment. Guess what?!?! my PT released me and gave me the okay to start running again. (I started running a little here and there last week..week 23...after we got back from vacation) So, that's some good news! Yaay!! I'm realizing now that having my ACL fixed is probably the best decision I've made having to do with my health. Knowing where I was and now where I am....I AM STRONG! (excerpt from a Zumba song!!)

On our vacation, we took a small detour and spent a couple of days in the St Louis area. Thanks to a good friend's suggestion :) We visited Grant's Farm. Very cool!! Lots of animals to see, and feed. Shows to educate and awe. (we saw one show with birds, a hedgehog, porcupine, and 2 rats) Carousel rides ($2 each rider) and delicious food as well as spontaneous dance parties at the food court. Admission was FREE!! (I LOVE FREE!!) Parking was $12 a vehicle. So, not a bad trip at all.  
We later went downtown to see the Arch. We saw it from a distance, but we did walk downtown and took in the sights. A cute city park with art to see, and fountains to play in. Grassy areas for the kids to play and plenty of doggies for the girls to pet. And we even used our first parking meter. Did you know that they take debit/credit cards?!?!? haha I guess I'm not much of a city girl because that's something new for me.

We finally made it to Michigan!!!
Our plans were to meet up with my brother and his family and vacation in their home state. And some of my sisters met up with us as well. Let me tell you...Michigan is BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love to visit there again. There is still so much to see. We visited Saginaw area. Our lodging was perfect. The kids were excited because we had a POOL!! yes, the pool at each hotel was the highlight of our vacation. 

This pool where we had our longest stay was indoor outdoor. You could swim under the window and to the outside or inside. The kids LOVED this pool. And the weather was perfect while we were there. Once all my siblings met up, we headed out to the "top of the mitt"...driving along the coastal areas. We had a delicious lunch at a local pizzeria and took in a few lighthouses. 

 My sister pumping some water to wash hands at a roadside rest stop
 My siblings and I....3 were missing from this trip

 Lily looks a little excited to see Dakota like this...haha! siblings

We also visited Mackinac Island. A fun ferry ride. And then an 8 mile bicycle ride around the island. I'm so proud of all my family that finished the whole bike ride. It was a doozy. But we DID it!! So proud.

Thought it was neat, we rode on Arnold dad's name :) Cool

 My little family on Mackinac Island ♥

 We had lunch at the Yankee Rebel restaurant on the Island. Delicious 

 Lily was hooked onto Jed's bike. She was a little nervous bike this way for most of the bike ride.

 Some of our bicycle group!!

It was a great trip. But I'm so glad to be home. I love getting away from it all. But the comfort of home almost ALWAYS wins.
So, for all of those who've read this posting to thus far...sorry, if it comes across as preoccupied/choppy. I've been up and down almost a gazillion times dealing with Miss Leia. Apparently, when mommy sits that's when everything else needs to be done for her.
Oy Vay! They say I'll miss this one day. Well, I must have tired mommy goggles on...because I'm not seeing that right now. I just need 5 minutes....


Friday, June 19, 2015

Presenting... "Mom"

I positively love my children. Yes, I have to convince myself of that on some days. Summer time makes me realize how underpaid teachers really are. I know...." love your children. You only have a few years with them." I hear this constantly. And I DO love them. Even when they are having their battle of who can stick out their tongue at each other the most...without Mom seeing. Or when they have the whole "I'm-not-touching-you" game in the van while I'm in a drive thru picking up lunch because I'm positively exhausted. All the while, the youngest is crying because I didn't say "french fries" when I ordered her meal and she thinks that she is stuck just eating chicken nuggets.  (insert eye roll here) It doesn't matter how many times I tell her "When mommy says MEAL that includes french fries." Oh, the drama.

Oh, these glorious children. They know when it's a rough day, the oldest suggests I have another cup of coffee. Haha. One thing I can say for sure, we've been active. Out and about almost everyday....even if it's just to the store or the park. Earlier this week, it was to the gym each morning. Due to the rainy weather from Tropical Storm Bill (did it turn into a tropical storm?? I don't watch the news as often since the kids are home) 

So, The reason for this posting is something I hear quite often. I know it's all said in jest, but ya know.....

I am no Super MOM
I mean, seriously, have you seen me in tights?!?! and a cape?!?!  Totally unflattering. Hahahaha

But no, I can't claim that title. Yes, it seems as if I do a lot of things with my children and of course you see my posts on Facebook or Instagram. Lots of pictures. I LOVE pictures. (I do this for my family who lives far away...a great way to keep in touch) I love capturing all the fun times with my kids. I have tons of memories growing up, but few pictures. Way back then, it wasn't a big deal to always have the camera out. If you had pictures, it was more from studio sessions at Olan Mills. I want my kids to have pictures to look back on to help them remember all the fun times they had. So, yes, in a social media aspect, my kids have the best life. And in reality, they truly do. Oh, they may think that my having them do chores, read their books, and help me do things around house are THE WORST EVER. But they do them to get their electronic and/or fun privileges. Yes, we go to the park A LOT! Always at the park it seems. But we don't have a driveway compatible to scooter riding and we live on a busier street. That's our reason for the constant park days. And this can come back to bite me on those days and days of rain. The kids get cabin fever pretty fast.

I know, there's no reason to justify my actions. I'm a mom. Most of my readers are moms. We're trying to stay on top of normal housewife duties on top of entertaining, refereeing, chauffeuring, and loving our small ones. We are ALL "Mom enough" for our children. So, before you feel inferior to other moms, turn and look at your children. You see that smile on their faces. The look of contentment, that all is right in their little world (excuse this if your child is currently throwing a tantrum refusing nap time, etc......I'm dealing with one right now, too). That right there is what proves you are a GREAT Mom. Exactly the Mommy that your kiddos need. They love you more than that sippy cup of chocolate milk they've been whining about all morning. Believe me. :)

While my big kids are finishing up their happy meals and playing their games (yes, I buy them fast food), I'll bask in the quietness until the youngest realizes she's not going to take the nap that she desperately needs. But her standing at her door, whispering "I love you, Momma" kinda makes this mothering thing all worthwhile. 
The job never ends....I'm off to check on something the youngest is now calling "poopoo finger". Oh Joy (insert another eyeroll)