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♪♫♪Happy Happy Joy Joy♪♫♪ Welcome to our blog. I never knew the journey that accompanies a family. Getting married was a big step/commitment; but adding kiddos to the mix, euphoria on a bi-polar level ;) It's incredible how much you can love your little army of kiddos. Oh, they drive us both to brink of insanity...but no matter what happens...whether good or bad...funny or will all work out! Family Verse: Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to [his] purpose."

Friday, December 5, 2014

The day I compare time to a dessert vs the treadmill

It's been 2 weeks, Folks. 2 weeks since my last blog entry here. Time is incredibly sneaking around the holidays. 
In the last 2 weeks, we've dealt with up and down weather....frigid (for East Texans) a few days, and then humid and warm the next few days. We're at the humid stage again today. Not just the weather (but that is usually a perfect conversation starter) but also Thanksgiving break. Wowza! the test of mommy's patience was a vigorous one. I don't know who was more excited for school to resume...myself or the kids. Oy vey! 

Thanksgiving happened. Jed tried his hand at frying a turkey. It was delicious and looked picture perfect (coming from a picture buff).

 Thanksgiving weekend consisted of hitting some Black Friday sales and celebrating Lily's 7th Birthday. 
Yes, Lily turned 7!!! I can't believe our sweet baby girl is growing up so fast. It seemed like just yesterday we were dealing with all the medical stuff with Lily (she's our heart baby. Congenital Heart Defect repair at 4.5 months old) and now, she making the Honor Roll and Student of the Month in P.E. Pretty awesome work from Miss Lily.

YES!! 2 weeks flew by.
At times, it felt as if a "Treadmill minute" other times, it felt as if eating a piece of cheesecake. You know, that's fast. Dessert always disappears quickly!

It's the last month of the year. 2015 is quickly approaching. Which means, Jed and I are almost (Late February) at our 1 year milestone of our lifestyle change. Together, we've lost 80 lbs! I'm so proud of the hard work my husband is putting into this change. It was hard in the beginning. But now, it's like "the norm". And it's trickling on down to ours kids. This is one trait, I'd love to pass on to my children.
So, until I post again...which is hopefully sooner than 2 weeks from now. Be Kind....and work hard! Someone somewhere is being inspired.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mom's actions from the turkey's point of view

Dakota has a pine cone turkey this year. And his English teacher is having them keep a "turkey journal" of this week. They have to write it from the Turkey's perspective. It's actually pretty neat. Dakota named his turkey, Ezura (named after a character from Star Wars Rebel). Dakota is doing well with it.....

I read his recent entry. Apparently, "Dakota's mom was to lazy and watched her shows in her room. So my house wasn't remodeled with a red roof."
OMG!!! embarrassing!! I told Dakota that was not appropriate to write. I am NOT lazy....who made dinner, who helped you with your homework, who made sure you had clean clothes, etc. He got grumpy with me and I left to check on the girls. Later, I found his turkey journal on the table; so, I decided to see if he changed what he wrote. He did. He changed it to "Dakota's mom was not in the mood so she watched her TV shows in her room while Dakota and his dad watched Star Wars Rebel." 

Lovely...."not in the mood"....But I guess it's better than the previous entry.

To add my disclaimer (so I don't come across as the worst mother in the world)...This was the same evening that my middle child was a bit trying. She tested everyone's patience that afternoon/evening. After dinner, I let Jed take over and I went to my room. Sometimes during trying situations, it's easiest to hand the reins over to the other parent and take a moment.

But it was super frustrating to read from my child's point of view, that Mom was lazy. :( Yeah, I'll admit...It hurt my feelings. It made me want to just throw in the towel with the whole situation. Today,  I was talking about this with some of my close mommy friends and one made a profound statement: "They always focus on the rare moments when mom takes a break, and not EVERY single other moment when mom is super mom!" Yes, that made me feel better. Sometimes talking about your parenting moments with other moms provides you the encouragement that 1) you're not alone. 2) it happens to the best of us.

I know we all have times like this...and I'm not the first mother to find out my actions came across as "lazy/not in the mood". While I may chuckle at this now, I'm hoping it will provide another mommy with the encouragement to continue on. You are doing a fantastic job. Yes, you deserve a break every once in a while....and your kiddos will realize this when they are parents themselves. But for now, press on. Have that extra cup of coffee/tea/caffeine. Smile through the crazy times. And always remember, You are not alone. 


Monday, November 10, 2014

Choose Joy

I usually try to post funny antics from the children. There's a great amount with these kiddos. But today, I've had this thought all morning.
 "Choose Joy"
I know, it sounds a bit conceited coming from someone named Joy. But I think my parents selected the perfect name for me (disclaimer: sometimes, I'm not all that excited to live up to my 

found via Pinterest/Etsy

Today, I decide to choose joy. I choose to make the best of my day...first off, by having a happy home. Oh, it only takes a split second to turn the whole day upside down. It could be a sharp remark, choosing to yell back at the grumpy child on Monday morning, or most times, not showing the child you did hear what they said and what they say matters. Just showing them the attention they crave makes a world of difference in their lives/mornings. 
If you've followed my blog from the beginning of the year, my resolution was "patience". This morning, I was patient (I know, one day out of 313 days...winning!!). I didn't yell, I didn't raise my voice. We were out the door and in the van...yes, it WAS after the alarm to leave went off...but I did it without raising my voice.  Being a parent and keeping calm is the toughest task in my book of parenting. With 3 different personalities flying at you at once, and trying to maintain your own....whew!! emotional marathon.... haha.

So, today....Choose Joy. You decide how your day will be. We are bombarded daily with utter chaos, but how we react is what makes the difference.