Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping Trip--Part 2 (pics)

All of us (Jed, myself, Dakota, and Lilyann) in the tent...just waking up.

everyone at the party...missing Jed and Uncle Jerry, though.

Dakota showing his muscles

Lilyann on the slate in the creek!!

Here are some great pictures from Jed's grandmother, Boo. Enjoy!!

Camping Trip '09

One of the Beautiful Sunsets

Well, here it goes...our wonderful camping experience. It was actually rather enjoyable. I was anxious about the trip; and now realize that there was no need for that. Everything went rather well...Thanks to Grandma (the Lily put to sleeper), Boo (wonderful picture taker, and helper with the kids), Aunt Samantha (documentor of trip-->she videotaped alot), Uncle Jerry (wonderful Breakfast maker-->sorry about the hard boiled egg or "deviled egg" as you call it), Katie (wagon puller, and picture taker), Brooke (wagon puller, kid occupier, etc), and Jerilyn (wonderful Chex Mix maker, and laughter)....and how could I forget the most important person, Jed (child walker through the night, happy waker-upper to walk with me to the bathroom in the dark, great setting up tent person, and actually getting it back in it's bag) You all made my 1st camping trip an excellent one with the promise of another camping trip to come.

Dakota was so excited to go to "the yake" (he says "y" for every "l"). He actually woke up on Friday and I told him, "No more sleeps, today we are going to the lake." and he said, "I need a shirt and shorts, momma, I can't go to the 'yake' in my PJ's." And he was even more excited when he got there. We pulled out the wagon (Thanks, Marg) and his bike...and he rode around while we started to set up camp.
When we first pulled into the park, I thought, wow! we are staying close to the lake...and then I look closer and we see that there are picnic tables and grills out in the lake. our campsite...see the picnic table and the top of the grill?

We had heard that there were some campsites under water from the rain...but I didn't realize that the water was as high as the picnic table top. We still had a place to an area with a road around us...the road was blocked off due to the high waters and the other campsites it was like we had our own little campsite...with the road for Dakota to ride around the campsite on his bike. The tents were put up and I was impressed with how fast they did it all. After that, we sat around and ate with (great) Aunt Georgia and Uncle Leonard....after that, we moved our chairs closer to the lake and watched the sunset...beautiful. Then we all headed to sleep, or that was the intended plan.
I seriously think that we all (Grandma, Boo, Jed, myself, Lilyann, and Dakota) only slept for all of one hour combined. Grandma got Lilyann to sleep and Dakota slept on our air mattress for the time he did sleep..and Kota woke up every time he had to urge to potty. Lilyann woke up around 3 or 3:30am...and wanted to play, she would walk from cot to cot to air mattress and give kisses. It was so sweet and somewhat cute. After awhile, we just let her go and prayed for morning to come quickly. At 6am, with the sun peeking through and the birds singing "good morning", we got up...not from sleeping but from lying there wondering what would get our tickle boxes going this time. Let me tell you, the coffee had never tasted better that morning.
Saturday started out well--> coffee, breakfast, sitting by the lake (some reading; me, talking; Dakota and Jed skipping rocks)
and waiting for the others to arrive. First came, (great) Uncle Millard and Aunt Sue and then came (great) Uncle Wayne and Aunt Gloria. By this time, Dakota is in the lake with Brooke playing and having a good time. After we change and get everyone together, we head to the pavilion (next park over) for Uncle Leonard's 80Th surprise birthday party (even with all of us there, he was still surprised that the get together was for him).
Happy 80Th Birthday, Uncle Leonard...a horseshoe cake

Yummy food, fun time with family...what more can you ask for? oh! that's right!!! Rain!! The rain started while we were at the pavilion...but it stopped for awhile and then started again, when we all got back to camp. Grandma brought a canopy for us to sit under ...and then Jed and Grandma put up another tarp for us to move the food table under and to have extra area to stand. We had fun all huddled under the canopy/tarp eating cookies, junk food, talking about this and that (for some reason, Jerilyn was the topic...much to her dismay), and waiting to see who would be the next person to get dripped on.

Aunt Sue, Lilyann, Uncle Millard, and Katie

After some late evening snacking on what was left from the party, we once again sat by the lake watching the beautiful sunset (thankfully, the rain had stopped). And then on to bed, with hopes that everyone would get some rest that night. Lilyann was so tired and fought sleep...but Grandma worked her charm and got Lilyann to sleep. We did rather well getting sleep that was a cold night, thanks to the rain. But we all snuggled down and woke to the birds singing.
Camp Breakfast tastes so much better than breakfast made at home. Lilyann gobbled up all the eggs and Kota went after the bacon and had 2 cups of cereal (cereal for kids, as he calls it..aka Trix) Sunday morning, as Uncle Jerry was finishing up on the bacon and getting ready to start scrambling the eggs, we got the brilliant idea to trade out a raw egg for a hard boiled egg. Grandma does the quick switch and then stays close to help him crack the eggs so he doesn't notice anything suspicious. Jed is standing over there taking pictures, but also recording the egg cracking episode. And then you hear, Uncle Jerry saying, "I can't get this one open" he tried his best though...and then you hear all of us laughing and I end up with hard boiled egg in my which Uncle Jerry says, I knew you were behind that with your deviled eggs. He kept calling them deviled eggs since I told them that I had brought some hard boiled eggs for us to make deviled eggs or to use in potato salad. It was quite funny...trying to crack a hard boiled egg.

After breakfast, we were told that Severe weather was headed our way and would be there around afternoon time. So, we made the decision to take down the tents while the weather was dry...and to head back a day early...with plans to stop over in Beaver's Bend for a picnic lunch. Taking down the tents wasn't nearly as much fun as putting them up...but it had to be done. Jed got our tent all back in the bag it came our surprise. Excellent!

All in the bag!!

Dakota playing Frisbee with Uncle Leonard...this was while we were all taking our tents down.

We get all packed up, and say our goodbyes...and then head out....on a scenic tour through the mountains on to Beaver's Bend. Fun times.
At Beaver's Bend, we stop near the park and have our picnic which is followed by a cool walk through the creek. Lilyann and Dakota both loved being in the creek even though the water was cold. After the creek walk, we headed up to the nature center and then on to a walk by the lake and around the campsites and back to the park.

Once again, we are on the road, but this time, we are headed home...a nice 2 hour trip and we are finally home...well, it was Grandma's house for us...and then home..but still, home. In my book, Home is where you rest your feet! :)

I can't believe that I forgot to tell you all about the Geese that were at the lake..and it wasn't just a times, there were more than a dozen or two. Jed took this picture of the geese all swimming along.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Grateful

Sweet Nothings
Just thought about doing a little grateful post.
I'm so grateful for:
  1. My family....spending time with them this weekend, had made me ask myself "how would life be without the ones you love?
  2. Shelter...camping helps you remember the things that you often take for granted.
  3. Indoor plumbing...nothing makes you love having a bathroom next your room than having to find a flashlight, and walk up the road to the potties (another camping experience)
  4. Homemade cookies....nothing like comfort food
  5. Sunshine...keeps the days brighter for us all.
  6. A hard working me the opportunity to not miss a moment of my children growing up.
  7. can some not believe in him...seeing all of his handiwork just proves he is there.
  8. me the time to share this with you.
  9. yummy food....though I worry about what shape it is going to make me...I'm still so grateful.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A camping we will go....

What???!!!?? Camping in the woods???

See you all later!! we are off to the lake!!

We are off to go camping...this wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. It not camping where you get a cabin with AC and modern! we are camping in a tent. This is my 1st time (as well as the kids' 1st time) to ever go camping and stay in a tent! To Jed, this is old hat. He used to camp all the time when he was a child.
The only time I ever remember "camping" was when all of my Dad's family got together at a state park and stayed for a few days. We "camped"...but in a cabin...while all my other cousins, aunts and uncles roughed it out in tents.
I'm sure that I will come back filled with wonderful camping stayed tuned!!!
We are packed...well, almost...I still have a little bit more to put together...Don't worry...I have lots of batteries and empty memory cards for the camera..The pictures will tell our story.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A *cute* Little addition to our family

In the above picture are Phillip and Alicia. They married last June....we all traveled home to Florida for the wedding...everyone was there...all my brothers and sisters and all the additions. It was a beautiful wedding...My little brother was now a married man...that makes me feel
Well, you know how it goes...."first comes love and then comes marriage, and then comes baby in the baby carriage." Remember that little diddy from the playground in grade school???

Well, I would like to introduce to you the baby in the baby carriage:

Evan Timothy P. He was born at 1:25pm, Saturday, May 16, 2009....weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and measuring 20 inches long.
My little brother is not only a husband, but now a daddy, too.

My little brother, Phillip, with his son, Evan!!
Congratulations, Little Brother....being is a parent is the best responsibility ever!!
And Congratulations to Alicia!! I can't forget the most important person out are such a great Sister-in-Law..Phil is lucky to have you. You are gonna be a great momma...wait!! you ARE a great momma!!

Fun Friday

Align Centerrunning around the "no running zone" at the park

Lilyann...the closest she came to the water without being in Mommy's arms
Dakota showing me his muscles!!

Friday was our fun day....I was ready to get out of the house and do something, anything fun. Lily had been sick since the last Friday..with her blessed ear infection...which did I tell you? about her wonderful rash??
Well, we started Lilyann's antibiotics and Singular last Monday...she did pretty good, still a little cranky but bearable. On Wednesday morning, she wakes up and her head is covered in this rash...splotchy...little red spots all over her head, in her hair, on her temples, behind her, I stop the antibiotic and watch other reactions, just this we go on the next day (this has been 24 hours since her last antibiotic dose) and the rash has moved down her body. So I call the Dr's office and they tell me I can bring her in around 4pm to see a different Dr since Lilyann's regular Dr is booked and only there for a half day. We see the Dr and she tells me that it isn't an allergic reaction because the spots aren't raised like the way hives would be (if you know me, you know that I know what hives are!! refer to April 08 archive). But that it is a viral rash...something like roseolla...The rash is a good sign..that means that the virus is gone..
All that to say...Lily was okay to out and about this "good rash".
So, on Friday morning, we head to the splash park. They have a regular park and a water park all fenced in with shade spots for the moms and you can just let the kids play. And that is what I did.
Dakota liked it...there were lots of kids there his age to play with...he enjoyed the playground more than the splash park...but he would come over and play for a little bit with myself and Lily.
Lily wasn't too fond of the water spraying at her, so she stayed under the picnic table most of the time...unless I went out into the water zone with her.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

And you are probably wondering what this picture is doing here...Cute story...We are headed out of the park area and getting ready to get back on the highway to head home..and Kota sees this truck...the ICE CREAM truck...and you know what he tells me? "Follow that Ice Cream truck, Mom!!!"
I thought it was too cute!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Name origins

Dakota has started correcting us that Lily is not Lily or Lulu or, she is "Pretty Girl".

Pretty girl has yet another ear the same ear...this is ear infection #3 since February. It always starts the same, running a low grade fever which we associate with teething (she is still teething..working on her canines and 2 yr molars should be coming soon, too), runny nose, and crankiness. The past weekend was spent with Lilyann whiny when we are not holding her and lots of cuddling when we are holding her. So, I took her to the doctor on Monday. The doctor said her right ear doesn't look too good...she has an ear infection. I asked for a different antibiotic than the last 2 times, and what was causing them. The doctor said the ear infections are caused from her chronic runny nose. She has had a runny nose since some time last year. It will go away for maybe a week and then it is back. So, Lilyann is now on Chewable Singulair (which she takes very well...thank God!) for an indefinite time. Her runny nose isn't as runny...and this is after 2 days of being on the medicine.

I am hoping that the medicine helps and can get these ear infections under control. Dakota had to have tubes in his ears when he was 11 months old...even though, they would help, I think that Lilyann really doesn't need them..but we will see.

Lilyann goes for her 18 month check up June 3rd...and the doctor will evaluate how she is doing compared to Monday's sick visit.

Pray for "no dirty monkeys" in her ears by then.
That is what ear infections are to us.

When Dakota was little and having all the ear infections...the doctor used to tell Dakota that she was looking for "monkeys" in his ears...and if he had an ear infection, it was dubbed a dirty monkey (in reference to Dakota's monkey that he always carried around and still does).
One morning, Dakota wakes up and tells us (this is when he is older..closer to 2 yrs old) that he needs to go to the doctor, he has "dirty monkeys" in his ears. And so the name has stuck.

I hope you enjoyed a little name origin from the Smith household.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I never read about this in any parenting book

Seriously, do all those parenting books actually prepare you for what parenting has in store? I wonder that everyday. I guess, just throw the books out...and learn from experience. Just a heads up for parents-to-be and new child is a textbook child!!

This goes for sleeping patterns, cutting teeth, reaching milestones, potty training, and the list goes on. Did I mention potty training? that reminds me of a story...a story about Mr. Dakota and potty training. If you haven't been keeping up with all that is happening...Dakota is pretty much day potty trained. We rarely have accidents anymore...hopefully talking about this will not jinx our potty victories.

Friday morning, we headed off to the post office. I had finally used all the Christmas stamps and needed to get more stamps...especially since the price of stamps went up today!!! But go buy are helping to pay my sister's salary. (shout out to you, Tammie!!)

Back to the story....
We get to the post office and there are no lines....Praise God!!! the kids are running around in the post office while I'm getting some stamps, then Dakota runs up to me and tells me, "I need to go pee pee, Mommy." So, I get the stamps, and we head out the door. (I was thinking that I would get him in the van, head down the road, and let him pee on the side of the wasn't a residential we could do that and keep up our "no potty accidents") I have Lily in hand, and Dakota runs to the soon as he gets to the tire of our van--thank God, it was our van--Dakota drops his drawers and proceeds to pee on the tire. I put Lily in the van quickly, and try to get Kota's pants pulled back up...but then I realize no such luck...I'll just stand behind him like a human wall and hope no one is staring. When Dakota was finished, he pulled his pants up, jumped in the van and buckled up...just as if it were an everyday occurrence.
So, Dakota mooned everyone at the post office on Friday, but hey!!! he didn't have an accident!!!

Moral of the story: Look for the good in everything...and hope you don't have to look too hard.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Happy Mudder's Day"

Nothing is more pleasant than hearing your child tell you, " I Love you, Mommy." But today, it was simply sweet to hear Dakota say, "Happy Mudder's Day, Mommy." No, there is no spelling error, that is exactly what he said.

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~Irish Proverb

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sidewalk chalk

My absolute favorite picture so far of Miss Lilyann. I know, you can't see her face...but this picture is one of childhood fun..pure innocence. You see the pink heart beside her, the piece of chalk, and the chalk powder all over her little foot...covering her tiny toes. The Colors are perfect.

The picture says it all...Mr. Dakota...He loves his chalk, but he isn't always too happy to share his stuff with his sister.

And the kids coloring some more...they did all this on front porch (with the help of mommy)...and today, the rain washed it all away...So they will have a fresh clean slate for tomorrow and all their drawings.

These pictures were taken on Tuesday....the weather was nice...a little cloudy, but not rainy. Lilyann took to that bucket of chalk like a bee takes a flower. She carried it around and even tasted it...That is why her lips look a little like she might have lipstick on, It is the least she selected a hot pink chalk...gotta match it with her outfit.

Rainy Day Blog

"pretty girl"


Can you guess from the title? Yes! today is a rainy day. We have all been outside for a bit. I was trying to cover Jed's boat (a new project-->he got it for free, he just needs to fix some things on it) And as the rain starts coming down faster, I look back on the front porch and Lilyann and Dakota are both standing there getting all wet. Fun!!
Now the kids are in the garage playing...Lily is "na" ing at Dakota (this is her new favorite "word") I often wonder what she is actually thinking when she says that. She still isn't talking...but she is saying new syllables. Grandma did say that while we were gone to Beaver's Bend that Lilyann said, "stop" and we could have swore that she said "hey" the other day.

We took some silly pictures with our Dora handkerchief...Enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nature Trails and Flip Flops

"Our Humble Abode"

Jed and I took a trip to get away from it all, spend time together and celebrate our anniversary (with it being on a holiday weekend, we opted to celebrate a month early to save money) Our destination was Beaver's Bend, OK. We headed out early Friday morning...through many rural cities to our destination. We arrived early...a little early for check we took a drive around the park...seeing all that there was...and taking pictures. I saw a lot of places from home videos when Jed and his family came to Beaver's Bend...over 10 years ago. The field where Uncle Jerry flew the infamous Little Mermaid kite....and playground where Little Jerilyn climbed to the top and slid down the slide all by herself....and the wonderful hike that they walked through the woods...and you can't forget out the nature center.
Once our cabin was ready, we headed there to unload and decide what to do. We decided on lunch and then a "nature trail". I say it like that because it started out as a nature trail and turned into a hike...I'm all for nature, but I wasn't ready for that type of hike. My heart was practically beating out of my chest...but I did it!! It was a 1 mile "walk" that didn't loop it became a 2 mile "walk". I was never so happy to see our van in a long time...I guess I'm not that much of a country girl...or maybe I just need to work on my stamina for hikes...that way, I'm ready for the next one.

I walked in the creek for yet my second time. The first time was in a creek in the Smoky Mountains for our honeymoon. So, of course we needed pictures. The picture above is of me trying to figure out how to get back down into the creek and off the rock. Earlier I found out that you don't step on a smooth rock in a creek...can I just say? I think I still have the potential to do a split (in a creek)!!! After I became aware of this tidbit of knowledge, I took a step and off my flip flop went...floating down the off I go running through the creek after the wayward flip flop. I got it!!! Sorry, no running through the creek pic..but just imagine Laura Ingalls in jeans rolled up hopping from one rough rock to another as to not do a split in the creek again....crazy mental picture.

Here is Jed at the top of the dam...on the land side...It was a truly spectacular side. All of the trees and hills on one side...with the little creek going through the valley....and on the other side the lake. God is quite the artist!

yes! you are probably thinking...what is Jed doing? He is doing a crossword puzzle. What do two people do in the middle of nowhere when the sun goes down? that is exactly what we asking ourselves. So, we made a quick trip back into town for some magazines, munchies, and whatnot. He had told me that there was a TV in the we didn't bring much to entertain ourselves...counting on that we would have a TV to relax to after our trek through the woods and all over the park. I haven't heard that kind of silence in a long time. You don't hear the hum of a television or the hum of a ceiling fan or the whines of your children...even the creaking of the house settling at night. I almost feel like I had taken advantage of the peace and quietness surrounding us day in day out. Take time to unplug everything so you are one with your thoughts.
Here is Jed and I on the first leg of "nature trail"...We weren't worn out yet...well, let me correct that...I wasn't worn out yet...Jed seemed to endure the trail pretty well...must be all that cycling at the gym that had him ready for an uphill trek.
We followed the river through the woods...stopping every once in a while to take pictures for Jed to check out the area near the bank...that is the fisherman in him.
Sorry for you only seeing half of Jed...we were attempting to get a picture of ourselves together..and he got us both in the frame but then he couldn't push the button....and I have short arms so I couldn't reach the button. So, I decided to take a picture...this is our favorite..even though half of Jed is missing.

Beaver's Bend, OK is a great area to spend with family..I have a feeling that in the near future we will be going back with the kids.