Friday, May 28, 2010

Events of May

whew! what a week it's been....nothing like a spider bite to help you value the use of your arm...and I never knew that my elbow would become so sensitive...It's as if I have a million nerve endings there, and when the kids come close, I just cringe....waiting for the casual brush against my elbow or slap at my elbow to get my attention. I think by now, the kids just point and say "owie, Momma!"

I had what I thought was an ant bite come up on my left elbow....after a few days, it was so swollen that I made a trip to Dr's office thinking that it might be infected and be staph. Well, the Dr took a look and said that it was a spider bite...oh, yay! literally...I am so happy that it was not staph...but since Jed gets staph, I was put on a wonderful antibiotic for the spot....just in case. So, that is what has been happening with me this week.

The weather has warmed up quite a bit....almost steamy. With the humidity running high, it makes for mornings out and afternoons spent inside. The kids and I ventured to the zoo this week...even in the humid weather, it was nice. We got to see a few animals that would usually be sleeping...The kids enjoyed the feeding the birds...that was the exhibit where we stayed the longest.

Though the week has been long, it has been enjoyable and eventful. Being indoors for the afternoons, Lily has been wearing big girl panties...Well, this evening, she went peepee in the potty....we all did the happy dance for Miss Lily...she was so proud...she kept telling Daddy there was "water in the potty"!! yay!! We are one step closer.

Due to Wednesday's afternoon/evening storm, I found out that Lily does not care the least bit for thunder. She calls it "waining"....she likes the rain, but not the noise.

Dakota is recognizing more and more letters and putting them together. I can't take all the credit, though. He has been learning this all on his Leapster....I never realized how educational they are. He can even play the 1st grade Leapfrog game....he was learning the basis of fractions the other day...nothing major...just pointing to 1 part of 3 parts that make up the whole. Dakota's counting is getting better, too...he is doing great with counting down from 10-0. And his new number he made up today....twenty zero!

We are at the impressionable age....our kids are picking up on anything and everything...which means it is keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes.

It was a crazy week....but as I said...Eventful.

Today...May our anniversary. Jed and I have been married 6 years....somedays, it seems like just yesterday we said, I do...and then there are the days that seems as if it has been a lifetime together. It's been a great 6 years, Jed....let's go for many, many more.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jedi play

Dakota playing "Jedi" with Lily...who in his mind was Darth Vader...EnJoy

Monday, May 17, 2010

another catch up post.... we are again...trying to catch up on blog posts for the last week. I sounds like the story of my life.

~our new pool~

Lily hasn't been sleeping well, so it makes for very long days...especially on the days that she refuses to nap. Playing outside has been our goal each day....Sunshine does a world of good for everybody. We got a new blow up pool (thanks to the recommendation from a fellow blogger mom) and the kids LOVED it!! they even tried to play with it when it didn't have water in it....which in turn caused it to get a hole. It is slowly leaking air...I need to find the leak we are back to the kiddie pools until I find the hole. ♫There's a hole in our pool, there's hole in our pool...There's a hole, there's a hole...There's a hole in our pool!!♫ Thank you, Thank you! I'll be here all week!!


and more goggles

Trying to spray me

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just a peek at our week....

Blue Jay withstanding the breeze

Upside down fun

She was happy until I put her on the stump!

I find picture, should I say photography?!...either way, I find it calming. When I have had a rough day with the kids, I usually head outside and snap some pictures. The kids, then, start acting out for the camera and I get a few kids pictures taken as well.

This was a peek at our week...I will post more when I can get the pictures to load. The uploader informed me that there was an *internal error and the following pictures would skipped and not loaded. Go figure! The one evening I have time to update and share and an internal error occurs.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Makes My Monday: quiet and relaxing

It was a quiet Mother's Day weekend here....and one that I enjoyed. Relaxing and having fun...2 of my favorite things, next to family and coffee.
Jed and his mom went fishing on Saturday morning and took Dakota along...which made for a quiet morning here for Lily and I. We took advantage and went to a few yard sales. I found some more summer clothes for Miss Lily and children's books. I love finding books at yard sales. You pay about 1/100th of the price as you would have to pay brand new in-store.

Jed and Dakota came home and I was able to catch a few winks before we headed off to Jed's grandmother's house. Where the kids played and Jed and his mom finished up the flower beds for Boo. Then Boo fried up some fish and hushpuppies and we had dinner. I love fried fish and hushpuppies! We had a good time sitting around the table eating and Lily giggling...she was quite the giggle box Saturday evening.

After our yummy meal, we loaded up and went out to Lake Gilmer (where we fly kites this time, but we did have Dakota's bike in the van) for an evening walk.
It was a peaceful walk....the breeze, the birds, the smell of sweet honeysuckle....everything pretty.

Sunday was filled with Church and dinner at Jed's sister's house. Wonderful food and excellent company.

I love the quiet, relaxing weekends...makes for a good start to another week.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little about Mother's Day

Miss Lilyann~My Texas Cutie!

My Texas Cuties

Dakota...enjoying the new tire swing

My kids are the reason for my Mother's Day. If it weren't for them, then I wouldn't be one of the honorees of this special day. I Love my kids. Oh! yes, I have my good days and bad days....but each day is fresh and new.
I received an email from my Mother-in-law last week...a devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries...talking all about the Dailyness. About the daily cleaning, the daily this, the daily that. very helpful and encouraging. I know that day in and day's the same ole' thing...but this is part we should cherish. Soon we won't have the sticky hand smudges on the glass door, or the dollops of yogurt through the hallway...and better yet, the piles of dirty clothes from the kids. Because they will grow up and move away....our daily will be no longer. Cherish your "daily".

And the real reason I am here to celebrate Mother's Day is because of my Mom.
I Love You, Mom.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Proud to be a mommy

Dakota (left) with his cousin, Cash...then

Cash (left) and

My little boy is growing up...and quickly, I might add. It seems like just yesterday we were practicing tummy time, and saying "dada and mama", he is 4 yrs old and quite the independent little man. I just can't get over how quickly time flew by.

Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some things I've learned.....

My handsome excuse for not blogging more this week!! I think it's a legit excuse!

...and here I's almost the end to another week and not a post on the blog...I think I am getting stuck in the rut of doing weekly posts as to doing daily or every other day post.

I really need to get with it. I have taken a tremendous amount of pictures since the month of May started....Pictures from the birthday parties celebrated this past weekend, the kids playing outside, our walk at my sister's house where we saw horses and goats, and our trip to the splash park with new friends.

Pam, Aunt Samantha, and myself...having fun at our party

Dakota with his bouquet of flowers for Mommy (that's me!)

Miss Lily...she got close and the horse tried to nibble her hair..I'm thinking that the horse thought her hair looked like fresh hay....

Having fun at the splash park

We have had quite the busy week already (as you can tell from the pictures above).... Just enjoying the sunshine and having fun outside.

Some things that I have learned this week:

~There is never a dull moment with family
~Sometimes things get funnier when said the 10th time
~If you get the least bit of notion to give, GIVE...seeing the surprise on the recipient's face is priceless
~It just takes a Hello! to make new friends
~McDonald's *NEW* Frappes come with FREE intense Brain Freezes!
~Taking a bandaid off is as easy as 1-2-3-4 (according to Dakota)
~Fun in the Sun used to wear my kiddos, it just wears Momma out!
~My neighbor's hospitality still floors me....and I need to definitely take cooking lessons from her!
~Always put up the new wind chime the evening of the windiest night in May (so far)
~Laughter is the song of a smile! So shine and let the world hear your song and be dazzled by its notes

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I complete forgot about this on Wednesday...but my Way Back When-esday post was my 300th post!! Can you believe it?! I didn't know that I was that "verbal"
I started the blogspot account so that I could comment on my cousin's blog and then I just stuck with it. This blog has been an outlet for me. If you can't tell from my blog...It's all about family, the ups and downs, the cool pictures I enjoy taking, and just life! I feel like a post isn't complete without a, this blog is picture heavy. As I learned in college, Visual Aids help (now, that sounds redundant!!)

So...congrats to all my readers and my family...for helping me get to 300 posts.

Me...taken in 1983...I think, this is the earliest picture that I have of myself...not sure, if my mom has an earlier one. This was back before digital cameras and I was baby #7.

Now...on a different note...yes...somewhat different. I have thought up another excuse for why I have slacked yet again on my blogging daily or at least every other day. (It's hard!) <---- no, that's not my excuse. Here is my excuse---> I am getting old...haha!!! Yesterday, I congratulated my parents on their birth to me!! Yesterday makes it 28 years since my parents gave birth to me. Dakota says that I am 2-8..."Daddy is still 2-6, but he is older, mommy" gotta love the way kids think!!

So, I will blame my forgetfulness and lack of blogging on getting older....That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Last night, Jed took me out for my birthday. We went to Sho-gun's.. A Japanese Steakhouse where they cook your food on a Teppanyaki grill. It was quite an entertaining show. I found out that Jed had never been there. I had only been there once before with some friends. So, it was neat seeing it through Jed's eyes (as he is one to have a knack for creative cooking...especially grilling) Our chef was Jay. He was going on 20 years as a chef. He did fantastic. There were 2 others at our table that were celebrating birthdays...It was quite fun! I even got to toss the egg to Jay's spatula and the shell cracked perfectly!! woohoo!! The food was amazing! Quite the experience of dinner and show. You should all least, once in your lifetime!

I found this picture of Miss Lily while I was going through old pictures...and my hope and prayer is to raise Miss Lily to be the best little lady. Something I feel my parents did with me. I want to raise Lily to make me proud one day. I would hate it if my parents were ever ashamed of me.
Lily shows such a nurturing side for those around her...whether it be a live animal, stuffed animal, or even her brother. She has her moments, but usually ends up sharing kisses to make you feel better. Now, if I can just get her to keep this nurturing side as she grows up.