Monday, December 30, 2013

Thankful for 2013...Eager for 2014

 Oh, the Drama!! 
This was taken last year as we celebrated the coming year. Leia wasn't a fan of our saying, "No!" and after a year, she still isn't a fan. 
Christmas break has been a bit of drama. Sibling drama in our house. Let me tell ya, I'm ready for school to start back.
But for now....
Let's talk about the upcoming new year. And thinking back over the happenings of 2013, I'm reminded that God is Good. 

It seems as if this was the year for loss. 
Numerous friends lost their dads this year. All I could think was we're getting older and life happens. We will never live forever even if I feel my dad is stubborn enough to be around til Jesus comes back. It makes me sad to think that soon it will be my dad going home to Heaven.  I see the diligence of my friends still pressing on even when their favorite person isn't here. It's an inspiration to me and others around them. It teaches me to be thankful for dad (and mom) and to cherish every moment. 
Our family had a loss this year. My cousin, her husband, and unborn baby were in killed in a tragic bus accident. I never understand why bad things happen to good people. But my aunt and her family showed us that "God is good ALL the time." 

Heaven gained so many of our loved ones this year. It's incredible to try to imagine the reunion when we all see each other again. What a day that will be.

Yes, it's been a rough year. But without the unpleasant times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times. I'm reminded this every time I see my mommy friend's little boy. He is my reminder that God is Good. She suffered the loss of a child just as I was finding out that I was pregnant with Miss Leia. My heart hurt for her. It was hard to be excited about my pregnancy when I knew she had just lost her sweet baby boy. God and lots of prayer brought her a sweet miracle this year...a bouncy baby boy. I keep their Christmas card on the fridge as a reminder that God is Good ALL the time. Oh, life gets rough, but just think of the awesome things that are about to happen. 
I'm reminded of this little funny from Momma Price. She was busy changing diapers in the nursery one Sunday morning (and it was a day for stinky diapers). Next thing I hear "With all this poop, there's bound to be roses somewhere."  

Happy New Year from The Smiths!!
-enJoy ♥

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I love Christmas

I love Christmas!!
I love seeing the smiles on my children's faces over the sheer delight of Christmas lights, hot chocolate, and candy canes. Just a few little things that make the season for my kiddos.

Sometimes, I miss not spending the holidays with my parents and siblings...but I do enjoy creating new memories with my family (hubby and kiddos). Starting traditions and passing down traditions.

I can't help but be thankful for family during this holiday season. It's been a year of losses for my friends and family. Some are celebrating first Christmases without their loved ones. I pray they find peace and comfort.

Love the ones you're with and be sure to let them know that they are loved.

I love Christmas! and I ♥ my family.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Laid up, but festive...kinda ;)

A joint injury is positively dreadful.

I've given birth to 3 children. The recoup time for that is pretty quick; but this knee injury feels like it will never recoup. (yes, I'm complaining a bit...I'm sure the chilly temps aren't helping it either).

The day before Thanksgiving, Jed and I took the kids to the football field to run off some energy. Of course, we brought the soccer balls and kicked them around for a bit. We all got into the action. Halfway through our time there, I went in for a kick. I connected with the ball and then came back down on my knee and heard what I would describe as popping an enormous amount of bubble wrap all at the same time. I fell to the ground thinking "fabulous! I'll just lie here for a second and then get up and it should be fine." Well, I was able to walk on it; but once we were home, the swelling started. :(
ER trip for me during the middle of the night. My sister took me because Jed needed to be here with the kids and he was already getting things ready to bake a yummy turkey.

No breaks or dislocations...but lots of swelling. I was put in a leg stabilizer and told R.I.C.E (rest, Ice, compression, and elevation)

It's doing tons better than the first 24 hours, but I still don't feel 100%. 

My sister from Florida was with us last week. A family friend is in the ICU here locally and she brought his sister to come visit with him for a bit. Please pray for Ben. He's critical and can use any and ALL prayers right now. 

All that being said, Tammie was here. So, she helped me get the house festive for Christmas, and the kiddos rooms cleaned. She's a fabulous organizer and exactly what I needed during this recoup time. I'm SO glad she was here to help me for a week. 

The children are super excited for Christmas...especially Christmas break. We still have some Christmas shopping to do, but for now, we'll enjoy the ambiance of the Christmas tree and decorations. 

That's life in our neck of the woods. Sorry for the blog hiatus. Hopefully, many more to come before this year comes to an end.

We celebrated Lilyann's 6th Birthday on Thanksgiving Weekend. I can't believe she's 6 already. Crazy how fast time flies. She wanted a "bow and arrow" that's exactly what we did. She helped me make her decorations with construction paper and glitter.  Lots of fun for my pretty Lilyann. I started this blog just shortly before Lily's heart diagnosis. It seems like just yesterday we were dealing with doctors, feeding tubes, and surgery recoup. Look at her now!! 6 years old and proud of her zipper :) I hope and pray that her story  has helped other heart families going through the same issues. It's incredible how amazing our God is.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tooth Fairy

Guess who visited our house last night???

Lily was so excited. She's not a fan of the camera right now but she wanted us to see her dollars. I asked her what she wanted to do with her money. She said "Can we put it in the money jar for Michigan?" Yep! she really wants to go visit her cousins.

Today, the kids were arguing about how to spell the word "obey". They are both learning special sounds right now and were a bit baffled with it being "ey" and not "ay". Anywho, this opened the avenue for me to sing them the O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E song. (no, it doesn't explain the special sounds but it was a teaching opportunity) I start singing and oddly, I forgot the words *embarrassed* So, added to the my list of things to do today is to find the lyrics.

♪♫♪ ♪♫♪
Obedience is the very best way,
To show that you believe.
Doing exactly what the Lord commands,
Doing it happily.
Action is the key - do it immediately,
Joy you will receive.
Obedience is the very best way to show that you believe.
Obedience is the very best way to show that you believe. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nothing but the tooth ;)

Today was the big dental procedure.
We got to the hospital around 6am...checked in...and then went to do stats and such to prep for surgery. Lily was going to do work that would take 5 office visits...doing it all at once under anesthesia would be the easiest for all involved. She's not the fondest of dentists, doctors, etc. It could be from constantly seeing them growing up, but I'll accommodate. 

It was almost 2 1/2 hours after I said my goodbyes in holding before I saw her again. The anesthesia made her incredibly grumpy. oh boy, she was super grumpy. Given all she had been through that morning, I let her grump and groan. Finally, I was able to get her to drink something and then we were released. Heading home for cartoons and cuddling on the couch.

She's a real trooper. 
The tooth fairy will make a visit tonight. The dentist pulled her super loose tooth and the one beside it during her procedure. These were the 2 center bottom teeth. She's excited about the tooth fairy coming.

Now, you may ask...why did she need so much work done that it required anesthesia? Well, she has what the dentist referred to as "soft teeth". Since she was a toddler, her teeth have been bad. They chipped super easy. And would constantly get cavities. At 2 years old, she had some of them fixed/capped. And then a few months later, she was running through the house and slipped. This slip knocked her 2 front teeth loose. I took her in and they were just barely hanging on. They had to be pulled :(   Good news about her 2 front teeth, they should be making an appearance soon...yippeee!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Frost, teeth, and life

Oh, what a crazy life we live. 
It seems to get crazier as time goes by. But it's a good acquired crazy.
 We had our 1st frost of the season. The kiddos were super excited squealing about how Jack Frost visited last night!! And Dakota was excited about being able to see his breath. He said "Mom, I never knew my breath was white." as he blows out his breath to show me. This quick witted mother replied back with "It's only white when you're teeth are brushed. If you tried this before you brushed your teeth, it would be green." I hope he doesn't hold me to was before coffee for

 Moving to our middle child...
She is doing great in school. Great report for Miss Lily from the 1st 9 weeks of school. YAY! 
Lately, she was complaining about her tooth hurting, so I took her to see the dentist. We recently found out that we have somewhat fabulous dental insurance (for preventive procedures and some other things). Well, I knew the visit wouldn't be great news. Lily has always had terrible teeth. We brush, she brushes...still the same issues...soft brittle teeth. And cavities seem to build colonies in her teeth no matter what we do. She had almost all of her teeth fixed just after she turned 2 years old. Since then, she's lost her 2 front teeth when she slipped and fell shortly after that dental procedure. Good news!! they should make their grand appearance around Christmas time. 
All that to say, we are having her teeth fixed this Wednesday. In order to get it done the easiest/quickest way, they are doing it all at once at the hospital (again). I hope this will help. But after researching it, she could have to do this all over again when she's older. I hope I'm wrong. But if anyone has any insight, I'm all ears.

 Our oldest is getting back into Legos. A friend gave me this super comfy rug for Dakota's room and it gives him the perfect place to play. ♥ He is doing fabulously in school. Loves to go to school. Lately, he's taking up drawing. He likes to watch the extras on animated movies...just to see how to draw that specific character. He did a pretty good drawing of Turbo (the snail). I'll have to post a pic of that soon.

And this adorable cutie, the youngest child, has hit the terrible 2's stage. It's almost as if she's bi-polar. Happy one minute, and furious the next. We are working on expressing emotions...boy! it gets to be trying at times. Potty training is kinda hit or miss with her as well. It will all happen in time. I'll take the smiles and "rock a baby's" for now. She's already growing up so fast as it is.

That's a little peek into our crazy lives. 

I'm super excited for Thanksgiving and Lily's birthday. It's gonna be a fun week..once we get over this hump of the dentist stuff. Say a prayer for Lilyann next Wednesday.

-enJoy ♥

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A few thoughts over coffee ♥

When at the dentist yesterday, I was both shocked and amazed that life flies by.
I was asked when was a specific tooth last filled...shockingly, I think it was 15 or so years ago!!
It seems like just yesterday that I was in high school and the responsibility was all on my parents. Back then, I yearned for adulthood. I wanted to be out of the house and making my own path. (Boy, was I silly!) 

Crazy how a few *cough cough* years make a BIG difference on your thinking.

These days, I have one child looking to me for insight on a great 50's outfit. (50th day of school) Another child wants only mommy's attention while she gets dressed and ready for school. And the other child is just running crazy using her body as a musical instrument...and not everything was in perfect tune ;) Thanks to the oldest for teaching her these great talents.

I always saw myself as being wife and mommy. I went to Bible college and majored in education (that was what girls were doing 13 years education major would help if you didn't find someone during college. Yes! I went to college to find a man... lol)
I'm now seeing that the teaching classes are paying off. It's been YEARS since I was in kindergarten and 2nd grade. Having a refresher course in college is helping me with projects, homework, and evening reading. 

 Disguising turkey project 2013--- Holiday turkey

Disguising turkey project 2013--Chima (Lego) turkey

I did meet my husband in college....well, at a college sponsored trip. We attended the same church and ended up on a Mission's trip to New Orleans. We chatted almost the whole bus ride back from New Orleans. Then he asked me out a few weeks later. I agreed. He was, as he will tell you, a courtesy date. It wouldn't hurt me to go on at least 1 date with him...give him a shot. Well, look what happened from a courtesy date!!! Just over 9 years married with 3 adorable children. Life kinda falls into place. I knew I wanted to be a wife and mommy, but I never knew how it would all come about. 

All this rambling about life from one question at the dentist. Crazy...or maybe it's the pain meds?!?!
This impending root canal has my thoughts on rewind and fast forward...haha
I'll go back to cartoons and sipping coffee with the Little Chickie now.


Monday, November 4, 2013 I even need this reminder???

Today, I got this email for my 25 month old Toddler. It was titled "Independence". Sometimes these e-newsletters are a hit or miss, but this one was spot on.
Oh, Little Chickie is during into Miss Independent. We have been doing GREAT with potty training. Only a few accidents here and there. The other day she napped in panties and stayed dry!! 
Here's the excerpt from the e-newsletter:

  "Has your two-year-old started to exert her independence? Were talking about stomping, screaming, and defying and all those other frustrating (and totally normal for this age) behaviors. Two-year-olds are possibly the most stubborn, self-centered creatures on earth. They want what they want, when they want it -- usually, right now! Hang in there, mama. The good news is that your childs stubborn streak means shes going through a ton of cognitive growth. She now understands that shes a separate person who can make things happen in the world. And eventually, things will get less, um, dramatic."

 "Independent era"

This weekend was a fun relaxing one for the family. We slept in and then ventured out to the lake. It was a windy day...perfect for kite flying. The dollar store kites flew the best. The hubby had found some Star Wars 3D kites on sale way back when. We decided to try them out. The kite took a little longer to put together. It looked pretty cool but it wasn't gusty enough to get it up off the ground. We can't be accused of not trying, though. 
After our kiting experience, we got the bikes out and took off on the trail. The big kids road while Little Chickie, the hubby, and I walked. Perfect weather for a perfect day. 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Growing, growing, growing

Guess what he's doing?? He has learned how to do arm farts *eye roll* ...this mom is positively thrilled *another eye roll* He is all boy. He told me one cold morning "If I wear these gloves, it's harder to do arm farts, Mom!" Yep! he's his father's son. Our oldest is doing great in school. The work is getting harder and he doesn't understand why his hand is starting to hurt while writing his spelling words. I told him if he did a little each day it wouldn't hurt as badly...but he still slacks til the last moment. For the first 6 weeks of school, he made A/B Honor Roll....AWESOMENESS!

Our middle child is doing awesomely in school as well. She really enjoys going to school...once she gets there. Mornings are still something to be desired but she'll slowly get into these early (to her) school days.
She is writing more. She loves finding her sight words everywhere. Whether they are in the hymnal at church, on a commercial, or on a poster...she'll find them. Her zeal for learning is incredible. Psst! she recently got a shorter haircut. I'll have to share that picture in a future post :) 

I found our youngest child already perusing the Toys 'r Us ads. She loves to look at the pictures of "cool toys". Christmas is less than 2 months away....this momma better get on the shopping ball.
Each day is an experience with Little Chickie...Whew! and each day, I tend to enjoy my coffee just a tad more. :) Last week, Little Chickie realized that Momma left apples out (as a display on our table..I'm trying to spruce things up a bit). Well, Chickie became the official apple or 2 bites out of each apple...AHHHHHHH! 
And this morning, she has finally discovered the soap dispenser. She likes the pump action...oh Myyyyyy!! I'm all for clean hands, but not when it requires a full bottle of soap for each wash. 

God, grant me patience to deal with this antics.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School mornings...where's my coffee?

Sometimes, I space out while dealing with the children and wonder how'd mom and dad do it with 8 kids?  My children aren't super close in age and I only have 3. My parents had 4 in stair step order and then 3 more and 5 years later, the last child was born. I would go completely mad dealing with that many children and seeing to each and every thing they need. But my parents did it and are still kicking. And now enjoying the fruits of their labor....grandkids. 

This morning was one of those "if-I-can-just-get-them-to-school" days. 
My first alarm goes's the one labeled "get up for COFFEE!!" 15 minutes later, the next alarm goes off....SCHOOL!! I start with the oldest. He wants to snuggle in his bed. He seriously thinks if his feet don't touch the floor, then the day really never starts.  After I get him moving, I head to the girls' room. Lights on! and covers pulled off. Talking all the while. 
~off to start Kota on some breakfast~
Usually by this time, Little Chickie is running to have "fute loops" with her big brother. Then it's the task of getting the middle child up. It's a real task. The only day she actually jumped up out of bed was the 1st day of school. Since then, she drags it out longer each day. Then the last alarm goes off. Meaning 15 minutes til the neighbor girl's bus arrives (Lily's friend) and 15 minutes til "Play of the Day" on Good Morning America (That's our cue, that it's almost school time) 
In those next 15 minutes this morning, it was a busy time. Breakfast for 2 to finish, clothes (including socks n shoes) for the middle child. Getting breakfast for middle child...all the while, I realize Little Chickie is running naked through the house. I holler "get panties on or sit on the potty, Leia!!!" Well, she sat on the potty and the next thing I know (I'm doing Lily's hair now while she's brushing her teeth) "I did it, Mommy!" She went to the potty all by herself. The smile on her face made the hectic crazy morning worth it---not that I'd want to replay the adventure again. 
While I love to help my kids with different things, I look forward to the few independent moments...Well, really, I look forward to LOTS of independent moments. As long as they still give hugs and lovin', I'll be okay embracing their independence...I think. 

We made it to school...a few minutes later than our usual time, but they weren't late. 

All the while, my coffee sat at the Keurig. I did hit the brew button, but forgot about it after that. ♥

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Parenting...learning from those before us

In more ways than one, I find myself acting like my parents.
Some might find this as a "curse", but I find this as a compliment to my wonderful parents. It shows that I paid attention at least a little growing up. :)

The sing-songy-make-up-your-own-tune-and-lyrics is a hereditary characteristic for me. My dad was always making up little ditties....for cleaning, learning, obeying, bible verses, and just plain fun. I find myself doing this more often with the youngest. She's at the independent stage and my saying "No" opens all every can of worms with her. She detests that word...and I detest the reaction to that word. So, I've taken to "singing" my words as opposed to "screaming" them. 

As for the characteristics of my mom....Hello, I'm Dr. Joy. Tell me your symptoms. I don't always know the best remedy, but more times than not upping your acidolphilus or just drinking water is my go-to remedy. I can even prescribed chocolate for those crazy times *wink wink* Yep! I'm at your service with my knowledge.

When I realize the different nuggets of characteristics I've taken from my parents over the years, it makes me thankful for them. I never understood their reasoning for different situations when I lived at home. But since I've married and had kids, wow!! my parents are geniuses. They should write a book on "Just because everyone's jumping off a bridge...." oh, you get the idea ♥ 

All I can do--for now--is say Thank you. I hope and pray that they are proud of their youngest daughter. Dad taught us this way back during family devotions...he even put it a tune ♪♫
 "Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right."
 ~Proverbs 20:11 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fear of the unknown: sleepwalking

Do you ever have those moments when you think Why can't I fall asleep? I'm thoroughly exhausted. Why am I still awake? 
Last night/early this morning was my moment. Oh, I was thoroughly exhausted. I couldn't even stay awake through the TV shows that I usually watch. I just couldn't figure it out. Finally, I thought...I'll just lie here, sleep will eventually come. Just as I was beginning to doze off, I hear the pitter patter of feet walking through the house. It was the oldest child. So, I lie there and listen. He's walking through the living room and I'm hoping headed to the bathroom (he's been known to be still so asleep to think the living room is the bathroom). The footsteps continue...he's in the kitchen now. I'm waiting to hear the fridge open and hearing him pour tea or grab a water bottle. Nope! I then hear the door to the garage open...Panic sets in. I jump out of bed and run. The garage door is standing open and the door to the outside is open as well. My hearts racing...I scream for Jed. He comes running as I'm saying "He went outside!!!! go find him" 
Why I didn't run right out the door after him, I have no idea.

Yes, we have a sleep walker. This is the first time his sleep walking adventures have escalated to outside.
We got him back in the house, did a potty break, and headed back to his bed. He was still sound asleep.

This momma didn't sleep very well for the remainder of the night. Every little sound woke me. 

I'm thinking this was the reason that sleep eluded me earlier in the night.

Now, we are working to get top locks on our doors that lead to outside. If anything, it will help this momma sleep better knowing my children are safe. 
I think it's the fear of the unknown that scares me the most. 
Sharing this to hopefully help someone else dealing with the same situation and/or to seek advice in the situation. The oldest child remembers nothing of this last night. But I think it will forever be ingrained in my memory.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Mondays

Dakota's logic is probably everyone's logic for a Monday morning.
"But Mooooom, if I don't get out of bed, THEN I don't have to go to school. So....I'll just stay in my bed."

If only we could all do that.
Cool weather has arrived in East Texas. I'm not sure how long it will stick around but for now I'll enjoy it. First off, it makes me want to snuggle up in a blanket with the TV remote and a nice warm cup of coffee. And one I get all the cuddle time finished, I want to go out and do something. Like visit a pumpkin patch or trek through the woods on a hike with the kids and the camera. I'm ready for the changing of the leaves. I know, it's just "dead leaves" but I love that part of fall. I love the smells of fall. Pumpkin coffee, crisp apples, and yummy caramel candies. Mmmmmm! 

So for now, I'll enjoy the day with my yummy coffee and the windows open. 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

*Happy Dance*

Craziness, but I'll take it!!
Little Chickie finally went pee pee in the potty. It's been a few months since we humored the idea of potty training her, and finally our first success!! Usually it would go like this ...
Chickie: "I pee pee" 
*ripping off ALL her clothes and running around the house, never to the potty. But she'd pee...somewhere.

This time, she's crouching in front of the TV and says "I gotta poopoo" I run her to the big potty, take her diaper off, and SUCCESS!!  To see her face when she saw the pee pee come out (I'm thinking she only learns by visual was priceless!! 
After, she looks at me and says "Wipe butt"  

Fabulous child I have, huh! 

She's not one for praise or the happy dance...probably because Mommy is a terrible dancer. She just wanted the candy. We called Grandma and Daddy. All Leia could talk about was "candy". 

Hoping for more potty success for Little Chickie ♥ 

Little of this, little of that, what's been happening in our lives since my last posting??
It's been just over a week and I feel as if it's been FOREVER. The oldest was taken to the doctor due to a fever that continued to stick around. Our first z-pak of the season for the family was in order.
Middle child was on the mend from her potty issues at school. Come to find out, she's terrified of using the potty with the automatic flushers at school. I agree, their overzealous flushing can be somewhat intimidating. With the promise of going to the park or doing something fun, she has started using the potty at school (and not holding it all day!!) 
Our youngest is finding that she can be independent and she wants the whole world to know that. Lots of screeching and pure frustration coming from little Chickie lately. She's mastering lots of different things/actions/milestones, but not yet the milestone of using the potty. Oh, she loves the idea of running naked through the house; but she still hasn't gone tinkle in the potty. She'll get it soon *I hope*

I am currently preparing for her 2nd Birthday!! Can you believe she's about to 2 years old?? It seems like just yesterday, she was my screaming infant that wouldn't sleep through the night unless someone was holding her (I kinda felt like that was last night, 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Behind the picture scene .... CHEESE!

Pictures snap that sweet "split second" memory.

Oft times, pictures portray life as Fabulous. Nobody is crying, clothes look superb, everyone loves get the idea. But remember it's just a split second captured forever.

I love taking pictures (in case you didn't
Now, take the pictures above...  Leia had snatched Lily's boots and was clomping through the house. I asked her "What are you doing?" She squeals and runs off. I grab the camera and caught this a few seconds before she was took a head over heels spill. Boots 4 sizes too big make for LOTS of (no followup pictures of this session)

The hammock picture...well, that took about 12 shots to get everyone cooperating, everyone smiling in the right direction, and everyone looking civil. The Sibling love is flowing here. But the next pictures are proof enough....

 Leia's about to kick Lily in the face 

well, this photo session is over!!  hahaha

Not everyone's life is sunshine and roses. There's rainy days--usually super stormy days--and days with thorns and plant fertilizer. Capture the good times, but make memories during the trying times.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday afternoon naps

Remember those Sundays when it seems as if the world stops?
Everyone gets up and dresses in their Sunday best, then off to church, followed by home for a sit down dinner, and then afternoon naps. 
Why I never took advantage of those when I was younger, I'll never know. I can't get my kiddos to realize these are tiny gifts from God. They'll make you happier, which makes Mommy and Daddy happier. But they still don't get it.
I love nap time for me....hahaha!!
One day, I'm positive that the gratitude will kick in with the day.

Thankfully, the hubby enjoys playing video games on Sundays or watching football. So, he has free reign of the television while the children participate in "rest time". I think only the youngest takes an actual nap...and that's like pulling teeth to get her to go to sleep. I'm so grateful for the hubby. He lets me take a nap on Sundays (hallelujah!!) 

I ♥ naptime.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"these days"

My oldest is a thoughtful one. And he doesn't just stop at thinking about himself. He thinks of others as well. 
Today's conversation on the way home from school was about how he has received greens (good behavior color) every Tuesday since school has started. Then he proceeds to ask about the colors I got when I was in 2nd grade. His astonishment while I told him that we didn't go by colors was priceless. When mommy was growing up, the teacher would send a note home with our parents and we would most definitely receive a spanking for our misbehavior. And if we were really bad, the teacher or principal would call our parents and we would get a spanking at school. He thought this was rather absurd. Quietly he states: "I wish you were able to go to school during "these days"....not those days WAY back when. But did you get lots of spankings at school???" 
Haaahaha! "No, Dakota, I didn't. I was a good girl at school most of the time." 
The way he thinks things through is incredible. I love that little man. 

Monday, September 9, 2013


*beep beep beep, beep Beep BEEP*  
Alarm is going off reminding me that Life goes on. Sleep is put on hold until night fall (unless I can catch a quick nap while the baby is sleeping). I jump up to turn on the coffee maker, and grab a quick shower before the next alarm sounds. Success!! 

I then go in to wake up Dakota for school. He rolls over when the light is turned..normal reaction from him. Then he sits up and says "Wow, that was a weird dream. I was trying to escape from jail..." I reply, "Oh, really?! did you escape?" He says, " Of course, mom! I escaped the jail and then I was sitting on the moon and I farted *snickering* .... but don't worry, my dream before that was about Star Wars!" 

He cracks me up. What would life be without my typical little man. ♥ 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Conglomeration of Rabbit Trails

It's been a few weeks since I last posted here. Starting a new schedule takes time, but we are thriving.

I'm trying to think of all the new things happening here. Leia is in a big girl bed full time now. We are working on potty training. She isn't showing much interest with it. We still haven't had any success with action on the usually ends up all over the house in different areas. I'm praying it will click SOON. Leia is enjoying having mommy all to herself during the school days. She gets to play, color, make trips to Target (our FAV), and swing. This past week, she helped paint. That was a chore. 

Lily is loving kindergarten. She is doing great. All greens for the last 2 weeks (all good days). She loves P.E., computer labs, and centers.  

Dakota is enjoying 2nd grade. His new favorite thing to do is experiments. He's learning how to tell you about them. He just sometimes gives away the answer as he starts presenting the experiment. To see his desire to learn more is awesome!! I love that he loves to learn about EVERYTHING. 

They say it's almost Fall. Just because there's pumpkin flavored lattes out, doesn't mean it's Fall. (but this doesn't stop me from drinking them)  For us, it's still the dog days of summer. Last week, only a couple of days with double digits; the rest were triple digit days...whew, HOT! It will be Fall in my book when A/C doesn't run all day. I'm ready for that first day of cool weather. The windows will be opened. It will be perfect. 
On a different note, my kids have started saving money towards their next vacation. They want to go to Michigan by way of Colorado and then through Indiana (the place Mommy went a month or two ago for the funeral) and then on to Michigan to see their cousins. Dakota held up a ten dollar bill. How far will this get us, Mom? 

I know, this posting is a conglomeration of rabbit trails. But I finally had the time just not all the witty inspiration. Don't worry, maybe something witty and jovial will hit me during those light night/early morning hours. Let's just hope I remember to type it all out :) Until then...enJoy!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School

Pictures explain it all! The 1st day of school for the kiddos went GREAT!!