Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Almost Christmas

2 days til Christmas.....and all I can think about is my family. 
Yes, I have a family here...Handsome loving husband and 3 beautiful fickle children. But my family, my siblings and parents. It always hits me around the holidays. Family is plastered everywhere...in commercials, social media, sappy Christmas cards, etc. I can't help but watch the sappy family Christmas movies. They always choke me up. It makes me thankful for the family I have here. My immediate family and my husband's family that lives nearby. 

So...enough about me. 
The kiddos are more than ready for Christmas day. They ask every day if they can open a present. My older kids ask "can we open just one small present?" While my youngest tells me "I want to open that BIG present, Mommy." Haha!  Yes, the countdown is on...2 more days.

 I have a great many thoughts of things to post on the blog. But then a child comes along and my train of thought is derailed. So, for now...this is the time I have to post...and these are the thoughts that are few and far between. 
I'm off to see what damage has been done to bathroom after a visit from the youngest kiddo...she's been in there a bit longer than needed. *hoping for the best*
Until we chat again....Merry Christmas


Friday, December 5, 2014

The day I compare time to a dessert vs the treadmill

It's been 2 weeks, Folks. 2 weeks since my last blog entry here. Time is incredibly sneaking around the holidays. 
In the last 2 weeks, we've dealt with up and down weather....frigid (for East Texans) a few days, and then humid and warm the next few days. We're at the humid stage again today. Not just the weather (but that is usually a perfect conversation starter) but also Thanksgiving break. Wowza! the test of mommy's patience was a vigorous one. I don't know who was more excited for school to resume...myself or the kids. Oy vey! 

Thanksgiving happened. Jed tried his hand at frying a turkey. It was delicious and looked picture perfect (coming from a picture buff).

 Thanksgiving weekend consisted of hitting some Black Friday sales and celebrating Lily's 7th Birthday. 
Yes, Lily turned 7!!! I can't believe our sweet baby girl is growing up so fast. It seemed like just yesterday we were dealing with all the medical stuff with Lily (she's our heart baby. Congenital Heart Defect repair at 4.5 months old) and now, she making the Honor Roll and Student of the Month in P.E. Pretty awesome work from Miss Lily.

YES!! 2 weeks flew by.
At times, it felt as if a "Treadmill minute"...at other times, it felt as if eating a piece of cheesecake. You know, that's fast. Dessert always disappears quickly!

It's the last month of the year. 2015 is quickly approaching. Which means, Jed and I are almost (Late February) at our 1 year milestone of our lifestyle change. Together, we've lost 80 lbs! I'm so proud of the hard work my husband is putting into this change. It was hard in the beginning. But now, it's like "the norm". And it's trickling on down to ours kids. This is one trait, I'd love to pass on to my children.
So, until I post again...which is hopefully sooner than 2 weeks from now. Be Kind....and work hard! Someone somewhere is being inspired.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mom's actions from the turkey's point of view

Dakota has a pine cone turkey this year. And his English teacher is having them keep a "turkey journal" of this week. They have to write it from the Turkey's perspective. It's actually pretty neat. Dakota named his turkey, Ezura (named after a character from Star Wars Rebel). Dakota is doing well with it.....

I read his recent entry. Apparently, "Dakota's mom was to lazy and watched her shows in her room. So my house wasn't remodeled with a red roof."
OMG!!! embarrassing!! I told Dakota that was not appropriate to write. I am NOT lazy....who made dinner, who helped you with your homework, who made sure you had clean clothes, etc. He got grumpy with me and I left to check on the girls. Later, I found his turkey journal on the table; so, I decided to see if he changed what he wrote. He did. He changed it to "Dakota's mom was not in the mood so she watched her TV shows in her room while Dakota and his dad watched Star Wars Rebel." 

Lovely...."not in the mood"....But I guess it's better than the previous entry.

To add my disclaimer (so I don't come across as the worst mother in the world)...This was the same evening that my middle child was a bit trying. She tested everyone's patience that afternoon/evening. After dinner, I let Jed take over and I went to my room. Sometimes during trying situations, it's easiest to hand the reins over to the other parent and take a moment.

But it was super frustrating to read from my child's point of view, that Mom was lazy. :( Yeah, I'll admit...It hurt my feelings. It made me want to just throw in the towel with the whole situation. Today,  I was talking about this with some of my close mommy friends and one made a profound statement: "They always focus on the rare moments when mom takes a break, and not EVERY single other moment when mom is super mom!" Yes, that made me feel better. Sometimes talking about your parenting moments with other moms provides you the encouragement that 1) you're not alone. 2) it happens to the best of us.

I know we all have times like this...and I'm not the first mother to find out my actions came across as "lazy/not in the mood". While I may chuckle at this now, I'm hoping it will provide another mommy with the encouragement to continue on. You are doing a fantastic job. Yes, you deserve a break every once in a while....and your kiddos will realize this when they are parents themselves. But for now, press on. Have that extra cup of coffee/tea/caffeine. Smile through the crazy times. And always remember, You are not alone. 


Monday, November 10, 2014

Choose Joy

I usually try to post funny antics from the children. There's a great amount with these kiddos. But today, I've had this thought all morning.
 "Choose Joy"
I know, it sounds a bit conceited coming from someone named Joy. But I think my parents selected the perfect name for me (disclaimer: sometimes, I'm not all that excited to live up to my name..lol) 

found via Pinterest/Etsy

Today, I decide to choose joy. I choose to make the best of my day...first off, by having a happy home. Oh, it only takes a split second to turn the whole day upside down. It could be a sharp remark, choosing to yell back at the grumpy child on Monday morning, or most times, not showing the child you did hear what they said and what they say matters. Just showing them the attention they crave makes a world of difference in their lives/mornings. 
If you've followed my blog from the beginning of the year, my resolution was "patience". This morning, I was patient (I know, one day out of 313 days...winning!!). I didn't yell, I didn't raise my voice. We were out the door and in the van...yes, it WAS after the alarm to leave went off...but I did it without raising my voice.  Being a parent and keeping calm is the toughest task in my book of parenting. With 3 different personalities flying at you at once, and trying to maintain your own....whew!! emotional marathon.... haha.

So, today....Choose Joy. You decide how your day will be. We are bombarded daily with utter chaos, but how we react is what makes the difference. 


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kids...uniquely different

Each and every child thinks in their own special way. And yes, that's probably not rocket science there. 

Here's a little excerpt from my 2 big kids this morning....
We attended the Bible study at church last night. During announcements, our pastor shared 2 funny videos that he made using an app. It sort of distorts his face (bugs his eyes) and changes his voice. Super funny. I love when we laugh in church. And the Bible Study was about The importance of a spending time in the Word of God. 
So, on to the kids...... I go into Dakota's room checking to see if he's ready for school. He's lying on his bed playing a game. I start out with "Dakota, you're not dressed yet. Why are you playing a game....." He cuts in with, "Well, I already read my Proverbs for today, Mom."  Well, I guess I can't be too displeased with him. :) He's listening and applying with he's hearing during Bible Study.  
Later, Lily in the kitchen...."Mom, those videos with Bro. Bob's head all big...and his eyes super big....those were so funny last night." Me: "Yes, Lily, they were pretty funny."

Yes, both kids were in the same service. Both kids remembered 2 different things from that service. While one could be classified as more spiritual, etc., I love that both kids learned and laughed in a positive environment. ♥
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." --Proverbs 22:6 


Monday, October 27, 2014


As I was logging my exercise and food information into myfitnesspal (an app to track calories in and out), I realized it's been 200 days in a row of logging info on myfitnesspal. (I started this change in February of this year...but really got with the consistency, a month or so after) Thinking back, I was proud when I hit the 21 days mark. They say "it takes 21 days to create a habit/break a habit". Well, I think I've created a pretty good habit.

So, here's some results from started out with this healthy lifestyle change...
I've lost 6 inches in my waist, 3 inches in my neck, 7 inches in my hips (sweetness), and 3 inches in my chest. These are the few measurements I've kept up with since starting. Around Labor day, I started tracking my steps with a Fitbit. And in almost 2 months time, I've walked 250 miles!!! One day at a time....and it all adds up. I'm currently 43 lbs down from my starting weight!

All I can say is consistency with eating right and working hard ...it's paying off.  I really never thought I'd get this weight off. I remember when I was pregnant with my first, my mom was telling me to stay active. Once you start having kids, it's harder to get it off. Well, she was exactly right!!! I'm about 10 lbs away from "before kids" weight. I love that I can run with my kiddos (when my silly knee allows). I love that our eating habits have changed. Oh, we still eat what we want. And yes, we sometimes eat junk. But all in moderation (that's something that my dad would say while growing up...moderation). Now, I finally understand it. 

It's funny how the things your parents said while you were growing up....they never made sense. But now, that I'm in the same position as them, the wisdom is INCREDIBLE!!

 Me with the girls... February 2014

And Me with Leia at the pumpkin patch....October 2014

It's amazing to see and feel the difference of 8 months!! I feel healthier and happier :)


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin, Prayers, & Patience

That morning when the not-so-happy-about-mornings child is smiling :) I'm thinking it had to do with the muffins for breakfast (easy pumpkin muffins), but I'm positive it had to do with prayers from family members that we'd have a successful morning. 

It's been a doozy of a time here in the morning. Getting kids up and out the door by the time the alarm go off. It's like a "minute to win it" marathon. Some mornings, I just tend to give up and say "I'm in the van. Get in when you're FINALLY ready." I know, it's not the best of attitudes. But wowza!! my patience is spread thin lately. 
The girls are in this "let's see how fast we can make Mommy look CrAZy" competition. Separately, the girls are perfect little angels. But as soon as they are together, it's everything you can imagine between a good knock-down sibling squabble. Oy Vey! 

That hour before school and those 2 hours after school make or break me. I almost feel as if I shouldn't let this affect me so much. But I guess it's the joys of motherhood. If anything, it's strengthening my patience (I hope) and teaching me something I surely need when "the girls" are teenagers. 

Patience .....one that I'm still working on. I think this was a new year's resolution. :}


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Peace, Love, and......look at that squirrel !!!

Do you ever have those days were you'd love the world to be happy? For everything to go just right for everyone. Just one day for smiles on everyone's face, money in everyone's pockets, green lights and red lights when they're needed, the milk jug always full.....oh, you get the idea. 

I'd love for one of those days to happen.
Can imagine all the happiness and smiles? 

Just one day....in a perfect world.

It's a nice thought.

Currently, I'm dealing with short attention span. Here's a smidgen....

Hmmm...I really need to wash dishes so I have utensils for dinner tonight. I start on that only to realize that something needs to be set out for dinner causing me to open the freezer door. This in turn makes a noise triggering my youngest to come running into the kitchen acting as if she hasn't eaten all day. But she really only wants to hold the fridge door open and talk about what might be in there to eat. Seeing the fridge open makes realize that we're almost out of milk and something in there needs to be tossed. I toss it only to realize that the trash is super full and needs to be emptied. Off to empty the trash...not just in the kitchen but throughout the house (might as well do it all at once). 

Are you getting the idea??? Maybe it's Child Induced Attention Deficit Disorder for me...but any who, I finally finished the dishes, made the youngest lunch, and had my lunch. After all that running around just to originally wash dishes, I'm flat wore out. But is the child exhausted?? absolutely not! let's play games, Mommy!!! While I'm thinking, let's just lie on the couch and watch a movie instead. For now, my ploy is working...but my mind is wandering to the full hamper in the girls' room that needs to be washed. 

It's a never ending day of work for my happiness. Those few moments when all is right in the world....is the result of the times when you question your own sanity.

Off to get a load of clothes in the washer....and who knows when I'll be back because I'm walking into the garage where I'm sure there's a gazillion things to do with a door to the outside that Leia will surely want to open just to check if the swings are still outside :) Yes, she's a smart child with ploys of her own to get what she wants. 


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Children change your perspective

Remember the good ole' days when life was so incredibly busy? You were rushing from one job to the other just trying to make ends meet. I used to think that life was crazy...so busy. I would look forward to my days off. Now.........I look forward to the weekend. My husband is home and we can tag team responsibilities with the children.

I don't know how I had the energy and gumption to take a full load of college courses, work a 40 hour job and still cope with reality. Times have changed. Now, I'd love to clock in and clock out. Oh, don't get me wrong. I love my current job...stay at home Mommy. The good stuff outweighs the bad stuff. Yeah, I have days where I want to run away and never come back which is usually stifled with a piece of dark chocolate or a quick run to the coffee shop for a few moments of peace. But I wouldn't trade it. (just don't ask me that after school while the kids are fighting, working on homework, and I'm trying not to burn dinner....lol)
Some days I'm pushing myself just to make it to the kids' bedtime. How'd I do it back in the days when I was living off Mountain Dew and ramen noodles?????

It's amazing how a child changes things. It changes your perspective on almost EVERYTHING. I remember when washes dishes wasn't such a chore. But thanks to some absent minded humans in my house, I have to wash dishes almost daily (sometimes more often than that) just because we're short on spoons (I swear someone is throwing them away). Back in the day, I'd just use a tablespoon or do a quick eating job with fork...lol Yeah, I can't really make the kids do that. Today, I accomplished the job of cleaning the kitchen in 24 minutes. Why 24 minutes?? that's the exact time of the mermaid episode of Dora the Explorer...lol Crazy how it gave me a thrill to finish just in time. Yes, times have changed.

Now, I'm off to bribe a certain almost 3 yr old to cooperate while Mommy goes shopping for Jeans. Last years jeans don't fit!!! Sweetness! oh, did I tell you....I'm down 40 lbs! Yippee!! I can currently run 1/4 of mile without stopping (big accomplishment for me). I was thinking  "Wow, this working out is getting easier....NOPE!! I'm getting stronger." :)

Until we meet again....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Childhood then and now

I won't lie. My kids are very "game oriented". They love to play the Wii or the rare chance they get to play Dad's playstation (maybe because I make them stand up to play to Wii...lol) My oldest is into all things Minecraft. And Lilyann still breaks out the DSi every so often. Leia loves to snag any chance she can to play games on the kindle. Yes, they have this craving for electronic entertainment.

check out Leia's Map.
 Her idea (I kid you not) to use the toilet paper roll as a map.
 I did draw the face on it. :)

I grew up with a typewriter (no correction ribbon, just white out), a record player/stereo combo in the living room, and rabbit ears television. We rarely watched TV unless it Little House on the Prairie or the game shows after the evening news. (Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune) And we didn't have a remote. Younger siblings were told to get up and change the channel, turn up the volume, or smack the side of that big box of entertainment. Haha. Yes, I had a pretty good childhood. I can't complain. I learned how to use my imagination. I learned to make use of what I had.

So, when my children use their imagination or I find them quietly reading a book (not on a tablet) or coloring, it thrills me. I know that times have changed. But it's as if I have hope that my children will have a similar imagination filled childhood.
 Yesterday, I was walking through the house and heard this little conversation.

Leia: "You're going to the store? let me get my stuff to go, too."
Lily: "Yes"
Leia: "Where are we going? Walmart?"
Lily: "No, we're going to Super 1. Let's go."
Then they grab baby dolls and stroller and headed "off to the store". 

I giggled a little when I heard the location was Super 1. I love Super 1...I used to work there before my mommy days. My kids love going there. It's been over 8 years since I've worked outside the home. But some of my favorite people still work at Super 1...and my kids look forward to going and saying Hello. I love it!!! 

Yes, I'm rambling a little about this and that.
The blog needed a new post anyways, right?!?!  You know you love it :P

Monday, September 8, 2014

Quick Blurb

Happy Day!
Life has been a bit hectic around here. I didn't even think that was possible with 2 of the kids in school all day. But it still seems as if the day runs away.
Today, I have a few minutes to myself. Oh, I could go fold all the laundry...but Leia is finally napping and I haven't updated the blog in a over 2 weeks!! (eek! I'm slacking)

School has started. Kids are adapting well. The oldest is at a new campus. He's making friends. He even told me that there's one girl that has a crush on him (awww....grade school crushes ♥). The middle child is doing great with school. She loves it..once she gets there. She's just not the greatest waker upper.  And my youngest is starting to LOVE her one on one time with just Mommy.

My youngest has been helping me complete each day of this September Challenge I'm doing with a few other friends. She'll come up and say "Ready for push ups, Mom?" I Love my little motivator :)
I hit a big milestone. My first weight loss goal (to be under a certain number)...YAY!! I'm currently at 36 lbs lost!! Fantastic!! I'm feeling great, clothes are fitting looser, and I can see how it's changing my family. Everyone is eating healthy. My hubby is doing great with working out and eating healthy, too. YAY!!

So, that's my blurb for now. Nothing fantastically crazy happening here. Just life. But it's a grand life I tell ya.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

....always watching....

Sometimes. Well, more times than not, I learn from my children. I know, I should be teaching them. They should learn from me. But these children have a way of making Mommy learn. 

We were in Target (my favorite store). Kids were being civil due to the promise of slushies from the cafe on the way out. We were browsing the pasta aisle and the kids were trying to talk me into all different kinds of noodles. During this time, an employee came down the aisle to stock shelves. Lily turned out and asked me what's in that big thing. It was hanging block sign...but being the crazy mommy I am, I quickly said it was probably a camera in there watching us. The employee said, "yeah, we are always being watched" Lily then asked "what's his name?" I thought she was talking about the employee. He starts to tell her his name while she says quietly. "It's God... watching us all the time." 
Hmmmmm......yep! teachable moment from my child right there. 
The employee then walked off not hearing Lily. But it was definitely a moment of awe from this Momma.

God is always watching.


Thursday, August 7, 2014


Today was a full of day of activity.
It was time to mow the backyard. I usually try to visit the gym on the weekdays, but I figured I'd get enough cardio in by working on the yard. And that I did! Wowza!!
I mowed one little section so I could put up the pool for the girls. Leia enjoyed playing and splashing around while I finished up the rest. It was neat to see the delight in her eyes to have the whole pool to herself.
I strive to make sure that my kids live a fun and meaningful childhood. I hope they are making memories with each and every day. Getting out and riding scooters, feeding the fishies, going on walks....I hope these are outdoor memory makers for them.

I remember my siblings and I making our own pool. We'd get a tarp and find some sticks, gates, pieces of wood, whatever. We'd make it all work. We had a section in the grove (our house was on a few acres that used to house an orange grove way back before a big freeze) that had a dip in the ground. That area would make our "pool" just a little bit deeper. Oh! we had fun. If it wasn't a pool, we'd sneak some laundry detergent or dish soap and create a pretty awesome slip n slide on that same tarp. We'd also swim in barrels...really it was just dunking underwater. But it was FUN!! On non water days, we'd play in tree forts.
Yes, my childhood was fantastic!

Sorry for that little rabbit trail. But yes, I hope and pray my children are having a similar childhood. Leia did help me pick up sticks and empty the grass clippings from the lawn mower. She earned her pool time. :)

Just a little bit of rambling from this tired Momma.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Even as little children

 Today my mind is in Florida. My mom is having knee replacement surgery this morning. 
So, while I was washing dishes and the kids were eating breakfast, I told the kids about Grandma and what was happening. I suggested we say a prayer for Grandma that everything would go well and she would heal quickly.
No sooner had the words come out of my mouth when I heard..... "Thank ya for my mum and daa....some mumbling...Grandma heals fast."

yeah, my heart melted then and there. 
I've heard people say that is does their heart good to hear that their children walk in truth...it did my heart good to hear that sweet little prayer from my youngest.

....even as little children. (Matt.19:14)


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Words over coffee...

Rain in July.....in TEXAS?!?!?
yes, I'm just as shocked as you are. Usually at this time of summer, the landscape has a nice earthy tone aka variations of brown. But we are still green and sporting nice size puddles. Our backyard might finally recover from the drought of 2011.
Rainy days make me want to sip hot coffee while reading a good book or watching a good movie. But my schedule calls for a few hot sips in between refereeing the children at breakfast. And later enjoying cold coffee while you dress up Minnie Mouse while watching a re-run of Sofia the First. Usually it's easier to just give in to the children and let them play the Wii while I "supervise" on the couch (my secret's out!!)

Yes, that's my kind of morning. :) don't worry, I slipped in a bit of housework between cartoons and coffee sips.

Since I last posted, we've accomplished our vacation. 10 days away from home with 3 children....that will try your patience. Thankfully, my wonderful sisters (and Debbie, gotta give her a shout out) helped carry the load of the children. They watched our 3 darlings so Jed and I could take a much needed weekend off. We ventured to Fort Myers Beach area. It's beautiful there. The sunsets are perfect. The sunrises so magical. Just walking the beach with my husband, tip toeing over shells and seaweed. Perfect. I even found a sand dollar during one of evening strolls. Too bad, one of the kiddos stepped on the container of shells and it broke. But just finding it was fun. Jed and I went fishing one morning. I caught 4 fish. Jed caught 1. Another guy on the boat caught a black tip shark...that was rather awesome!

We rounded out our time there with a Sunset Dolphin cruise. It was lovely. The weather was nice. Sunset beautiful. We only saw a fin from the dolphin, but it was super relaxing.
Kudos to the Pink Shell Beach Resort. Perfect place to stay. We'll definitely go back...and take the kids (I know, that says a lot if we're willing the take the kiddos with us, haha)
After our stay in Fort Myers, we headed back up to Central Florida to visit with my family. We spent of week of catching up with family and friends. Trips to the beach. A morning trip to Downtown Disney and more. I do have to say, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts maybe every other day while in Florida. You see, in our area of Texas, we just have Starbucks. I ♥ Dunkin Donuts...and not just the coffee ;) Those little munchkins are pretty yummy.

It was a wonderful vacation, but I'm glad to be home.
Oh, while on vacation...that weekend away with the hubby, I hit my 30lbs lost mark!! Woot!! Now, the donuts and coffee didn't help me stay there. But hey! 30 lbs gone...that's like a small toddler :) 1 big milestone on my weight loss journey. By the way, my husband is almost there, too. I love that we are doing this together.
And get ready for picture overload. Our family had a professional photo session with Frame It Photography. I can't wait to share the pictures. We had a rainbow in our background during the beach photo session :) absolutely perfect!!

Until time allows again....

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankfulness in July

I know it's not the month of November...but I thought I'd share a few thoughts on being thankful.
I strive to find some sort of good in everything. I know, life can be tough for all of us. But there is good all around us. Whether is comes as a flower, or a kind neighbor just chatting with you. Good is there. 

While I'd love to kick and scream when things don't go my way, I have to remind myself that I have little ones watching (now, reminding doesn't always stop the tantrum, I still have one every once in a while...I'm sure my husband is rolling his eyes right now.) Oh, it's tough, but how will my kids learn except by example.

I've started having the kids pray at meal times...especially dinner time. They tend to spout off the same prayer every time...which is great, they are praying. I asked them one evening to add something to "thank God" for. I gave them examples like: "thanks for letting us go to park today...for riding our bikes...for playing in the pool...for milkshakes...for playing Zumba, etc." I hoped it would catch on to help the kids find something that they could thank God for each evening at dinner. Low and behold, Miss Chickie listened. Her prayer tonight "Thank you for my mom n dad...and thank you for letting us go to the park and see Baby Eli." Talk about having a moment....yeah, I had one. *tears of joy*

A few things that came to mind of what I'm thankful for...
*my health. The ability to walk. While I walked my laps today at the gym, I was kinda annoyed they weren't happening fast enough. This momma was tired. But I turned up the tunes, and started out. On my first lap, I had to move around a group of people in the track. One was pushing a wheelchair, two others were holding onto a young man's waist, and the last one was striving with every fiber in his body to take that next step. He was clad in leg braces from hip to foot. I wanted to cheer him on with every step. He was determined to make it around. And you know, he did!!! It took him over an hour, but SUCCESS!! 
*my sisters. They help me out when I need someone to talk, vent, laugh, and cry to. They probably don't realize it (until now..I let the cat out of the bag..oopsy) but each one has that special nugget of wisdom I need when I call. I'm blessed with 4 sisters and 4 sister-in-laws.
*crazy, funny, and sometimes disagreeable kiddos. They keep me busy. Running from one thing to the other. Cleaning the floors in one room only to come back to a previous room to find a fabulous mess on the floor. Hey! I can add up some of this cleaning time as cardio burning calories ;) See...it's a WIN WIN, lol

*technology/social networking. It provides me an outlet for me. It lets me see that everyone is on a journey...not just me. Whether it's a silly post about my kiddos, or a random Joy thought...I'm hoping it was a blessing (or laugh) to someone. It lets me connect with others on similar journeys. Whether it be weight loss, motherhood, long lost friends, or just keeping the positivity going. I love it.
I snagged this from a friend's posting today

So....these were just a few randoms from me today. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday happenings

Well, it's Monday again.
And the kiddos (girls, mainly) are acting as if Monday defines their attitudes. It's one of those "how many days til vacation" types of day. I'm counting down now....10 days to go. Vacation to visit my family. The best part, Jed and I are taking a little time for ourselves. We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary. And when we get to Florida, the kids are staying with family and we're heading out on our getaway!!! 
I think I'm more excited to be kid free than anything!!! 

Knowing it was our 10 year anniversary coming up (this was back around the first of the year), we decided to take some of our income tax return and use it for improvement. Usually, we use it to improve something on the house. But this year, we purchased a gym membership for the family (1 year worth). We were ready to improve ourselves. Working out and eating healthy. Guess what?!?! in the last 5 months, Jed's dropped 20 lbs!!! (super excited and proud of my husband) and I've dropped 25 lbs!!! I love that we are doing this together...it definitely makes it easier. Another reason for vacation, we get to splurge just a little. Eat some yummy food (still healthy, though). I've seen a bit of change in the kids as well. Oh, we still eat fun kid foods. But more water and healthier snacks have been added. Kids are more active and they love going to the gym with me. I'm so glad the gym has offered classes for just the kids. It makes them feel important...especially when they can do push ups along with us. :)

I had a few moments while the youngest is napping ...so, thanks for listening to my ramblings. Off to make dinner and wake up the youngest. 

Happy Monday. (this is the coffee talking, lol)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Reminding myself of the Good

What makes me smile?

...my children waking up smiling.
...fresh, hot coffee.
...realizing my husband put the trash cans at the road on trash day.
...seeing my youngest feed herself.
...finding matching socks. :) yeah, I'm a weird one.
...singing along with kids to the music in the car.
...seeing a decrease on the scale (knowing you splurged over the weekend)!! Hallelujah!
...watching my oldest having a deep conversation with his friend.
...nap time.
...hearing my youngest sing her ABC's in whatever order she wants.
...listening to my middle child speed sing her ABC's
...random giggles
...talks over dinner.
...trips to Target all.by.myself. ♥
...hugs from my kiddos even after a positively stressful day...with them.
...knowing my family is happy, healthy, and loved.

It was a stressful day today. 2 girls with clashing personalities. One trying to outdo the other..vying for my attention. I felt pulled in all different directions. Physically and emotionally drained. I didn't know whether I needed sleep, prayer, or more coffee. But I know that I needed something.
Each day is fresh and new. More often than not, I'm waking up as Mary Poppins and closing out the day as Cruelle DeVille. It's crazy how that happens. But know this...tomorrow, I'll wake up as Mommy/Mom/MOOOOOOOM! and end my day the same. I'll strive to instill at least one good thing in my children. Whether it's to find the good in the sibling that seems to constantly get under their skin or to actually pick up their stuff. 
I may feel stressed. But I am truly blessed. God gave me these 3 adorably crazy children. Wow! I'm honored. One day they'll realize that it's a day by day, breath by breath action. We are learning together. 

Now...I'm off to refresh and recharge. I've got 3 little minds to mold tomorrow. With God's help, it will be successful!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


That was the topic on the radio this morning. Those things your father would say that were sometimes silly, or would make you go Whaaaaaaaaa?! My dad had a few. But most of his were little quotes or phrases that I now look back on as nuggets of wisdom.

My dad is a very private man. But he rarely ever met a stranger. Yes, he was cautious around others, but he would always try to make them feel a part...especially at church or the drive thru, lol.
I remember a time when he shook a young man's hand and asked "don't I know you from somewhere?" The young man was puzzled and shook his head no. Dad piped up with "Yes!!! that's it! you were in the cell next to me...remember?!" Haha. Now, it wasn't true, but it was definitely an ice breaker. 

I remember when people would ask the famous question.... "How are you today? or How are you doing?" Dad would almost always reply with ..."terrible! but I love the variety." smiling all the while.

Another famous one was "pull up a chair and sit on the floor." 

This one was for us kids....
"I don't care if so-n-so jumps off a building, you ARE NOT jumping off with them. We are not the Smiths, Joneses, whatever....we are *insert our family name*."  Funny thing...I'm a Smith now. How ironic!

My dad is a man of few words, but some very powerful. This one still sticks with me. "Blessed are the peacemakers"  I strive to be a peacemaker. It's hard work.

Now, my siblings may read this and think seriously Dad said that?!?!? I've been told that myself and Lydia (an older sister) seem to remember a lot of our childhood. Sometimes stuff that didn't even happen. Well.....I remember this (lol) and if not, what a glorious imagination I have. 


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dakota's baptism

 Tonight was a pretty incredible night for our oldest. He finally decided it was time to get baptized. He asked Jesus into his heart probably a year or so ago. And he knew he needed to be baptized, but fear won. I'm proud of his decision to finally step out and get baptized.
I remember a conversation from a few weeks back.

Dakota: "Mom, you know... *giving me time to probably guess what he was saying* ....people don't know that I am saved."
Me: "Well, you can tell them that you are saved. you can tell them about Jesus."
Dakota: "If I got baptized, then everyone would know." *smiling big*
Me: "Yes, you can do that, too."

 Dakota and our Pastor are the best of friends. I love that Dakota has a close bond with his Pastor at such an early age. This assures me that in his time of need, he has someone (besides his daddy) to look to for guidance. 
I can't say that we are the best of Christians, but we strive to make sure our children know about God.

We saw the sky on the way home this evening. It was neat to see a beautiful reminder from God. God is Good. Things happen in His time.

My baby boy is growing up and making decisions. Right decisions. I hope and pray that he will continue to lead him on the path that God has for him. Join me and pray for Dakota. 

 February 2006

 June 2009

 June 2014

God is Good!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Parenthood moments

"There are times when parenthood seems nothing but feeding the mouth that bites you." 
 (Peter De Vries)

yes, I have those days as a parent. Thankfully, they aren't as often. Today, the child didn't bite my hand...but the nurse's. Oooooohh, it was a stressful trip to the Doctor for the middle child. Let me tell you, she may have had a rough start in life; but I'm positive that rough start gave her the stamina to fight us all off today. She did NOT want anything to do with that strep swab. Now, we tried the easy way..bribery. She was closed mouth. Then it took 2 nurses and Mommy before we succeeded. This process resulted in one swab being bit in half (yes!) and her biting a nurse's finger (eek!). Finally..we get the results. She tested positive for Strep. Bummer! And we only have 1 week of school left. Double bummer. Hopefully, she won't share with her siblings...hopefully.

She's feeling a bit better after some medicine and a milkshake. I think it's the opportunity to play Mario all by herself that has her smiling.

A big success in the potty training world. The littlest went #2 today IN THE POTTY!!! yay!! definitely celebrated with high fives and the happy dance :) 

As I long for nap time (since I have an extra kiddo home today), remember to smile and don't share drinks with others ;)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 years and counting....

It's been 10 years. 
I'm in shock and awe. Sometimes, it doesn't seem like it's been that long. But other times (adjust your halos, I'm not the only one) ....well, you know.

10 years ago, I was still on the high from rehearsal. I loved getting together with everyone that evening. We were all a bit sun kissed (who am I kidding?!?! we were sun burnt) from an afternoon at the beach. The next day was going to be fabulous!!
I was up early the day of my wedding...hoping to see Jed before all the craziness started. No, we didn't care that it's "bad luck" to see the bride/groom before the wedding. We were in Love...we needed to see each other. I stepped out of the house and he was outside getting something from his car. YES! a few moments alone. YAY!! but then his grandma called out...lol  BUSTED!! hahaha :) She needed a ride to Walmart to pick up some biscuits for breakfast or something. Yep, so his grandmother was our sweet chaperone. It was still a perfect day.
.......Oh,there were usual worries... I thought the guys wouldn't get there on time.  My MIL got a flat tire...yeah...it was that kind of day. But ya know, I married the one I loved.
My sister timed our wedding ceremony...17 minutes!! crazy, but it seemed to take forever to get to that special part where we say "I do" and then the KISS! yay! (that's why people go to weddings, right?!).

Jed and I looked through pictures from that special day. Lots of friends and family were there to congratulate us and witness our big commitment. 

10 years is a big deal! I'm proud of Jed and I for sticking with it. The last 10 years have been quite the ride. We've bought a house, he got a boat, we had 3 kiddos, and still love each other...crazy, I know. ;)

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we will be taking some time away from the kiddos when we vacation in Florida. I'm looking forward to that time. Just Jed and I ♥ 

counting down the days.....


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'll make up my own words

Totally love my kiddos. They drive me batty at times, but they remind me that life CAN be fun. I get so serious at times and that seriousness influences the kiddos. Laughing makes you happier.

This morning, I had a little spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye. And no! it wasn't my tripping over a toy or an eyelash in my eye. hahahaha! The kiddos didn't argue as much this morning while getting ready for school. I made my eggs and the yolks didn't break (what what!!). For some reason I had this crazy song in my head ... "You gotta go go go..." (I googled it later. It's from Backyardigans. Man, I need a night out.) Well, I was singing it the best I could and it was getting the kiddos out the door. I started making up my own words while I was buckling Leia. These lyrics included: "listen to mommy, she doesn't know all the words. But the tune is catchy, so it's ooooookay. Mommy's the smartest person in the world.....you gotta go go go go." You get the idea. I won't include a video of my glorious singing. Then I hear this quiet "No, you aren't the smartest." I was a bit taken back so I played along "Well, who is?" The oldest kiddo states: "God is the smartest, Mom." Well, I can't argue with that. But I did enjoy having the singing session with my kiddos this morning. I get my song skills from my dad. He's great at making up a little diddy on short notice. Jed just laughs and shakes his head.

On to other fantastic news....I finally got around to measuring myself. In the last 2 weeks, I've lost 2.5 inches overall. Super exciting!! Today I met my friend at the gym. We did our "let's step on the scale just for the fun of it" and Finally!!!! I've hit the 10 lbs lost mark. I'm so excited. It's been 3 months since I started at the gym. It's nice to see how it's changing me. Inches and pounds lost. It's also changing how we eat and do things at home. The kiddos are drinking more water, becoming more active. (secret here...they love to try and beat Mom on Zumba Wii game for kids...usually they do beat me). 

Well, enough about the family and I. Until the next posting...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It seems like just yesterday, but it's been....

It's been 8 days...yes, 8 days...since I last posted on the ye olde blog. I know that life is hectic. Believe me, I'm living in a hectic life. 3 kids pulling you different directions and a husband just telling you "Relax, take a deep breath." I want to go in all directions at once. Please each person. 

The big kid wants Mommy to listen to his latest adventure in Minecraft. I'm oblivious to all this...even after 2 months, I still have no clue as to what he is talking about. But I do know that spiders can get into your houses and kill you...hey!! I think that in real life, too. hahahahah! :) 

Then I have the middle child wanting to spell every.single.word to me. She's doing great with spelling. 1st grade should be so much fun for her. And then throw in the random addition facts.... "2+2=4, 4+4+8, etc" Yep! I'm enjoying the educational side of the middle child. 

On to the youngest....she's taken on Mommy's bossy side. I can start correcting a child and I hear this little echo beside me. Believe me, It's no fun hearing a little one repeat every.single.word I say. lol We are also into our 3rd week of full blown potty training. We have been in panties now for 2 weeks. Fewer accidents each day. #1 is almost perfected....#2 is a different story...but we're making progress.

And the hubby...well, he's my rock. I get a bit stressed at times (yeah, that's an understatement). But he just reminds me "It's life. Just take a deep breath. They are kids. This is how they act." 
I know they are kids...I know this is life. I'm so thankful when he comes home from work. It gives me a break......a time to hand over the reins for a few seconds. I need that time. 

As for me....I'm still working out and eating right. I've "checked in" to myfitnesspal (an app that tracks calories) for 35 consecutive days. As of yesterday, I'm down 8 lbs and I plan to measure myself this afternoon. It's been 2 weeks since I took measurements. My clothes are looser, so I'm bound to see some inches lost!! It's been slow and steady but hey!! I'm losing  (YAY!!!) and it's not all coming back after a "bad weekend". A friend and I are trying out the different classes offered at our gym. We've done Zumba (great cardio session) and PiYo (awesome strength training only using your body). Wow!! 

So...that's the reason for the lack of postings. Believe me, I have lots of things to say (I can hear my husband amening right now) just not always the time to sit and share on the blog.

For now, truly live your life and it's okay to laugh at yourself (gosh! you should have seen my face when the instructor said "burpees"...it was almost the same look I got when my own kids burped on me)