Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Way Back When-esday

April 17, 2006....Dakota's 1st Easter

I thought this picture was my 1st Mother's Day...but then I went back to check the date as to when the picture was taken..and it was taken at Easter Time.
Dakota's 1st Easter.

It seems so long ago since Dakota was that tiny, but it was just a few years. Handsome little Texan!
~taken April 24, 2010

Playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatuation for Way Back When-esday

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mondays don't HAVE to be "Mondays"

I can't believe I missed the Makes My Monday post again...It's been a few weeks now...sorry, Cheryl..I do enjoy playing along when I can make it there on the right day.

Yesterday was a Monday for sure....even the fun weekend didn't get me ready for the Monday that I had yesterday. Now, It wasn't all bad...just the morning part. I think for most moms, I can give you 2 words to sum up my day...WIC appointment!! AHHHHHH!!

Now, don't get me wrong, the benefits from WIC helps out our grocery bill tremendously...especially since they added whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetable benefits. But the appointments...oh-me-oh-my...Make me question saving money. You usually have to set aside a whole morning or afternoon for their appointments (depending on the time of day they schedule you)...we were there for 1 1/2 hours before they saw us...and after being there 2 hours, we were finally leaving. It was a recertification appointment for Lilyann (Dakota's re-cert is in June...2 months to get myself syked up for another appointment) we got a weight and height check. Lily is now 25.8 lbs and standing at 33 inches (3 inches shy of a yard stick) tall. Finally for the first time-in a long time-we didn't get hounded for being underweight, overweight, or low iron. So, that made for a wonderful end to a long visit.

We stopped for much needed Happy Meals on the way home. It's amazing how some cheeseburgers make everything all right in the world again.

As we made it home, my sister called and asked if I could watch her son, Cash, while she went to a Dr's appointment. I said, "sure!"

We had quite the fun afternoon....We pulled out the kiddie pool...the kids had fun. And Since it was nice and sunny, I pulled out the slip n slide to see if it would last another year...yes! we can use the slip n slide at least one more summer!! woohoo!! that saves me some money...and now, I get to look for an awesome after summer deal on slip n slides for next year (I love having a good excuse to find super deals!!)

Dakota and Cash...jumping on the trampoline.

And they are off...running to the kiddie pool

It's Slip n Slide Time!!

Dakota and Cash (and Lily) had a great time playing outside, and then I get a call that Alexis is coming over..sweet!! Dakota and Cash were both excited, too. Having fun in the backyard made up for a wonderfully fantastic ( note the sarcasm) morning at the WIC office.

Alexis...sliding on down..Dakota is at the top of the slide

So...I'm going to try my hardest to play along with Way Back When...tomorrow...I am already trying to think of a theme for a way back when photo. Hopefully, I'll "see" you all tomorrow!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our newest additions

**excuse Lily's messy face...we just finished ice cream cones**

We have kittens!!

Funny thing is....we DON'T have a cat. I's that possible? Well, it is a community cat...She just roams the neighborhood and has kinda claimed the "castle" on the swing set as her spot (when the kids will allow). Well, this cat was pregnant...we didn't even know.
Lily likes to follow any animal around and she followed "Peaches" (what my kids and the neighborhood kids have named her) into the bush under our bedroom window...and found Peaches' babies. There are 3 in all. A calico kitty, a gray kitty, and a "tiger" kitty (as Kota calls it). The kids are loving taking care of Peaches and her babies. I am teaching Lily how to hold the kitties. She likes to just grab them and hold them around the neck....which starts some yowling from the kitties. Lily now pats the kitties and says, "Baby"....meaning that she is holding the kitty like a baby and being gentle.

Oh! the fun that comes with kitties.

Enjoy the pictures of our newest additions.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Safety Locks

Miss Lilyann...blanket in one hand and cramming grapes in her mouth with other hand

I really need to get on the ball and stay on the ball of keeping up with the blog. I have been taking lots of pictures( I have an overflow amount of pictures)...something I love to do. But I can't seem to find the time to post or finish an update. I get one started and then I am off.

It's not so much that the kids are demanding my attention, it is more that I am trying to prevent messes and the fighting. I sit down to the computer and I start something and all gets quiet. Now, Most mommies know...quiet IS NOT good. (unless, of course, they are sleeping...and even then, you still need to check in on them) Lily's new thing is opening the refrigerator...and open it, she does. A few weeks back, I found a bag of apples....and each apple had one tiny bite taken out of it. The string cheese has bite marks on it. The juice boxes chilling in the fridge no longer have their straws. know what I did today? I went and bought a lock and put it on the fridge. It's a child safety lock...I spent a bit more and got a good hopefully, this will help. But Miss Lily was none too happy about the lock. She still hasn't figured out why the fridge won't open for herself, but it will open for mommy. But at least, she isn't standing with the fridge door open....she's just hanging on the handle, now.

I have tried getting up early, making a cup of coffee, and working on the blog in peace and quiet....this never happens. I set my alarm and the kids are ALWAYS up at least an hour before the alarm is scheduled to go off. It's craziness, I tell ya.

So.....I guess that I will do smaller posts when I get the stay tuned for more tales from our house.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Way Back When-esday: Zoo trips

~Dakota, Lily, Trevor, Alexis~

We made our annual trip to the zoo. This year, We went with Grandma, Aunt Brittiany, Alexis, Sunshine and Trevor (friends of Brittiany and Alexis). And Grandma got us season passes!!! So, we can turn the zoo into a monthly (or more than once a month) trip instead of an annual trip.

I find that each time we have been to the zoo over the years, that our stay is longer each time.

When we first took Dakota...back in 2007...the trip was short and sweet...going from exhibit to exhibit and then to the sand box area to play.


And then when we went in 2008..this time with Lilyann...we were there for a bit...I think Lily slept the entire time. (this was back when she was pre-feeding tube and sleeping alot)


And then last year (2009), we went with Alexis and Aunt Brittiany...we had a good time...this time, we lingered a bit at each exhibit. The kids were more on foot than in strollers...which gives them more of a chance to explore.


And just this week...Tuesday, to be exact....we made our trip to the zoo. Including driving time, we were gone for 4 hours!!! I was shocked at the time we spent...but we had a blast. This was Trevor's (friend of the family) 1st time to the Zoo! It was neat seeing it all again through the eager eyes of a toddler.

Lilyann petting the goats...she wasn't even scared. (Trevor is in the yellow)

Dakota...he was so proud to have the birdie eating off his seed stick.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rodeo 2010

~My favorite picture of the night~

Ye haw! We went to the Rodeo last night...even with a few scattered sprinkles of rain...we had fun.

Lily had fun watching the animals and rain, drinking Cherry Limeade, and swinging her lanyard...She might do well with a lasso...because that's how well she was doing with her lanyard.

Dakota enjoyed seeing the horses, the cowboy doing lasso tricks, the bulls, and eating corn on the cob.

Most of the pictures turned out pretty blurry, but here are a few that help you get the idea of what we saw.

It was neat seeing the barrel racing...As the riders started the homestretch, and the cheering started from the crowds, it was invigorating! You couldn't help but cheer. I didn't even know the riders, but you feel like part of the team cheering them on. Team spirit is contagious.

Friday, April 16, 2010

2 years later.....

I can't believe it's been 2 years....on April 15, 2008, Lilyann had open heart surgery. She was only 4 1/2 months old. Her congenital heart defect wasn't a crucial was the CHD that is considered one of the best to have. Hers was one that could be monitored and most times didn't require surgery to repair. Lilyann had a Ventricular Septal Defect.

"A ventricular septal defect (VSD) is a defect in the septum between the right and left ventricle. The septum is a wall that separates the heart’s left and right sides. Septal defects are sometimes called a “hole” in the heart. It’s the most common congenital heart defect in the newborn; it’s less common in older children and adults because some VSDs close on their own.
It’s a very common type of heart defect. " ~taken from American Heart Association

Lily's condition worsened...which made surgery imminent. She was failure to thrive (which is the reason for the feeding tube in the picture below). If she could have maintained her weight and growth, we could have waited to see if the hole would close on it's own. We did find out later that the hole in Lily's heart was the size of a nickel. Quite large for someone with a tiny heart.

Lily and Mommy...this was taken a week before her surgery. She was still sporting her feeding tube. (I'm so glad that the feeding tube days are over)

Here is a little view of how our day went...over 2 years ago...

Here we are...a few minutes before we get to see Lily leaving the Operating Room and heading up to the PICU. The surgeon is telling all the transpired in the last 5 hours...the size of the hole in her heart and how she is doing fantastic already.

Then Lily is wheeled by....she is covered in plastic and there are cords/wires/ tubes everywhere. She looks so tiny and helpless here...the nurses are taking her up to the PICU to get her settled...we will get to see her soon.

...and here is my Sweet Lily....a few hours post surgery...still groggy...but doing great.

Lily...back home....2 weeks after her surgery. She was only in the hospital for 7 days...a much shorter stay than anticipated.

Little Miss Lily...almost a year later (April 2009)...walking like a big girl at the park

And Lilyann....2 years later (April 2010)
It's amazing to see the growth and transformation. She has hair now...but still has a love for the outdoors.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picture Heavy Update...EnJoy!

Dakota...learning to play horseshoes

Finally, I am getting around to updating the blog. Usually when I sign in, the kids pull me away or I get side tracked by something else going on.

Allergies have really been taking their toll on me this season. I think (no, I know) that I could be the perfect candidate for an allergy medicine commercial. I come complete with itchy watery eyes, sneezing, sore throat, the whole 9 yards. And one of the side effects of the itchy watery eyes is that my hands won't stay away from eyes...I tend to rub them alot...the eye drops help..but I find comfort in rubbing my eyes. And rubbing allergy eyes results in (at least this is always the result for me) styes. The dreaded stye. I have come to this conclusion....Allergies are of the devil!

And won't believe how draining they are. I can't seem to find the energy to do anything...and then throw a stye into the whole mix and Bam!! it knocks you off your feet.

So....that is my excuse...I love the Spring Season, though. Just not all the pollen and stuff that makes me feel so blah!

I have still be taking pictures during this allergy hiatus. The weather has warmed up we have pulled out the sprinkler, and the kiddie pool. We have been keeping our days busy by playing outside, going on walks, taking evening walks as a family, going to the gym, running errands, etc.
I recently started attending the Mom and Tot class at the gym. It is in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lily is doing great with this class. She likes to play and do the stretches...she is catching on pretty quick.

Well, that's about all for now...I will update more as I get the time...but enjoy the pictures until then.
This was taken last week...on an unusually warm day.

Mr. Dakota...finally got him to pose for a picture the other day...His pictures have been turning out blurry as he is always on the go!

Lilyann...playing at the park

Dakota climbing

Align Center
Me, trying to see if I still had it...I used to be able to swing across these with ease...not so much now...this was right before I dropped to the ground. Thanks to my wonderful husband for capturing this moment.

On our way home from our walk to the park

Lily loves to play outside in the water

One of my new favorite shots of Dakota

And lastly, her is Miss Lily....after a long day. I feel this way some days.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On your marks...get set....GO!!!!


Like last year, we did our Easter egg hunt at Grandma's house. This year, we let the kids help stuff the eggs (jelly beans) and then Grandma and Jed went out and hid the eggs. For Dakota and Alexis (cousin), it was a race to the finish to collect the eggs. For Lily, she just took her sweet ole' time and collected the eggs that the others left behind in their haste.

Lily finding a blue egg

The statement of the day that still cracks me up was made by Alexis.... "This chocolate tastes like chocolate." She was eating her chocolate eggs from her Easter basket.

Lexi eating her chocolate

Easter dinner was delicious. Jed's grandmother, Boo made it!! Deviled eggs were a hit by the girls. Lexi like the white part and Lily liked the yellow part

Grandma with Dakota and Alexis

We had to take pictures in Alexis was the only one to respond

Grandma with Lily and Alexis

Already chowing down on the candy

This post is still a bit short on words....but you kind of get the idea of our Easter. We had a wonderful time and now our candy stash is full again. Ziploc bag of chocolates and a Tupperware container of Jelly beans.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blogger's block

I, yes me, have blogger's block. I have a gazillion pictures from the weekend...but no words. How shocking is that?!
Maybe at naptime (kids are eating lunch and watching Curious George 2, right now) after I finish folding and putting away the laundry, I can sit down and tell you all about our Easter weekend.

Hope to see you all back soon.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

My goal this Easter was to take Easter portraits of the kids. With a new camera (that has a bunch of different options and buttons), I figured my goal was something achievable. Well, I guess I should have thought about the kids and not so much about the camera. First off, Dakota didn't want to change from his play clothes into his "church clothes" (as he calls them). I told him we were going to take Easter pictures and that he could wear his new purple Easter tie. He says, "NO, Mommy...Easter isn't until Lexi gets I can't wear my Easter tie yet." I didn't want to put Lily's Easter clothes on and not have Dakota matching. (Psst! the color for Easter for them this year is purple) So, I decided to let Dakota stay dressed the way he was..and having Lily match him.
Finally dressed and at our picture location and for the first few pictures...neither child would even look at me! And then I would get one looking at me and the other looking elsewhere...check out the picture in the collage on the upper right hand side...they are both looking opposite directions. Go figure!! What a day...but hey! I did get a few good ones of them individually.

Thursday, Dakota went with Grandma to go help his cousin, Lexi, pack and move. So, it's just been Myself and Lily here during the day. Lily is loving the one-on-one attention.

Lily excited to be playing Dakota's Plug-N-Play game

The last two mornings, Lily and I have gone to yard sales in the area...just "dinking" around (our word for window shopping...not really buying anything, just looking...but we did find a few sales!) We have had fun...but miss our Kota man. Lily was walking through the house saying Kota the last few days. And I finally heard Lily talk unprompted (is that a word?!) We had gone to K-mart to look for sandals and when we were checking out, Lily asked for candy. I gave in and got her a Hello Kitty Easter egg...she was so excited. Once we got back in the car and buckled, I opened it up for her and started in on her candy. A few blocks down the road and I hear, "tank you", from the backseat. It was the sweetest little thank you ever.

Dakota comes home tonight!! woohoo!!
This afternoon, I dressed up Lily in her Easter dress and sandals and we went out to the backyard to pick flowers and take pictures. The grass and flowers are getting high in the backyard and I see the yard being mowed soon...very soon..but for now, It makes for a beautiful natural background for pictures.

Happy Easter from our family to yours.