Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Steps (video)

Lilyann is finally starting to get some walking courage. Many a time, you will see her take a quick step between furniture or toys. But if you put her in front of you and try to get her to walk to you..she just plops down and crawls to you. Well, we have a few steps of success!! Lilyann is now taking 3 consecutive steps--given the last one is her falling-stepping toward you...but what a success. As you can see from the video.

Adding to the steps, Lilyann has also learned to clap her hands. She is so proud of herself when she claps her hands. Earlier this week, Lilyann woke up in the middle of the night crying. So, I went in to check on her and see what she needed and she saw me and she started clapping her was too cute (well, as cute as it can be at 2 in the Tomorrow, Lilyann turns 14 months old..and she truly is learning new things everyday.

Dakota had his 3 yr checkup today. He is a healthy little man...weighing 30 lbs. (32%) He is 38.5 inches tall (76%) Doing quite well. We are working on changing Dakota's diet and adding in more fiber rich foods. Dakota seems to have chronic constipation. The culprit is more than likely dairy, but if we took away dairy, it would be like cutting off Dakota's leg. So, we are going to compromise by letting him still have milk and adding in more juices. Today was fairly successful. He finished a cup of apple juice so that he could have his cup of milk. Hopefully, we can stay on the successful road with both children.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dakota's 3rd Birthday

Click to play Pirate Dakota
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Dakota turns 3 yrs old on January 28th. So, we celebrated his birthday on Sunday at Boo's house. We had been planning on a Thomas the train theme party, but he started talking about his Captain Hook cake that Grandma was going to make we went with the Captain Hook Pirate Ship theme. It turned out pretty good.

At first Dakota was shy...he wouldn't even blow out his candles. But after he got to tasting the cake, he started having a better time. Dakota and Alexis started getting bites of the cake, so we just handed them forks and let them dig in...definitely a birthday memory. At the end you will see that the ship was "shipwrecked".

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Looking back and seeing all the blessings

Lilyann and Dakota--January 2008--right before her diagnosis
Lilyann and Dakota--January 2009

My sweet Lilyann..all heart healthy

Thinking about a year ago tomorrow..... Lilyann was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. January 22ND is the day that we thought our lives had changed forever, and indeed it did. Lilyann was 7 weeks old when her VSD was found. And now she is 13 months and 3 weeks old (1 yr old..he he) It is amazing to see all the improvements in Lilyann; the milestones she reaches; and to see her and Dakota playing together. They are quite the pair of buddies now....except when they find that one specific toy, then the real fun begins--who can squeal louder!!
Lilyann is now a heart healthy little girl. It's been almost a year since her diagnosis, and 9 months since her open heart surgery....Looking at the last picture, you would never be able to tell all that she has been through....just don't lift her shirt, then you will see her little "zipper".
It is amazing to see God work!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gotta love it!!

Messy Lily Lu
It was in her hair and everywhere

She loved her bath...even though, we had to pry her from the highchair

Just a quick post to share my Lilyann...She loves anything with noodles. Well, for lunch one day, I gave her baked ziti. And she decided to enjoy them no matter what or where they ended up. She painted her body with the sauce. She had tomato stained hair and eyebrows. It was so funny. But she loved it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Lily Lu standing up--Kota ready to take her hand
On Kota's jump...I thought she was too quiet, then I walked into their room to see this..Kota is actually sleeping in his bed while Lily was doing this.

Lily~New Year's Eve..trying to work the Wii remote

Lily with Uncle Jerry and Brooke wanted to be in the picture, too.

Happy Birthday, Jed

Happy 2009 to all!!

The beginning of the year has me thinking of New Year resolutions. I am constantly reminded of new year resolutions as soon as I walk into the gym. Last night, we all went to the gym and it was packed...There were people waiting for a machine to work out on and lots of people walking the track. I overheard a couple of older men talking while waiting for a machine about how busy it was tonight. The other guy quickly tells his friend..."give it 2 weeks, and it won't be so busy."

We are creatures of habit. Making a decision to better ourselves and then not sticking with it. I can't judge anyone, because I am the same way. This year, My decision is to GO to the gym. I have the availability of it, and the free childcare while, in other words, NO EXCUSE!!

This month is Dakota's 3rd birthday. Which means, that as of January 28Th, Dakota will be sitting in big church with mommy, daddy, and Grandma. We did a trial run this past Sunday, and Dakota lasted almost the whole service with only 3 exits. I say that was pretty good for Dakota. He did better than I expected. Pray for patience for Mommy and Daddy, and stillness for Dakota.

The New Year was started out at Aunt Samantha and Uncle Jerry's house. We played Wii games, had dinner, and celebrated Jed's 25Th birthday (he is a new years baby~ Jan 1st) It was a fun night.

Miss Lilyann has learned to climb! I thought she would be walking before climbing, but no, Lily has other plans. She can climb onto Dakota's jump (trampoline) and then she stands up and shakes her bottom like she is jumping. Lily is getting more independant, but also more that possible? At night, she thinks that she can only sleep if mommy and daddy are holding her. And if we put her in her bed, she is quite vocal letting us know that she is not happy.