Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where is my energy?

Here's all about our week...well, since the last time I a glance.
Dakota is enjoying school. He was sent home the 2nd day of school due to an accident during P.E. He ran into another kid and busted his top lip. It bled for quite some time and he knocked one of his front teeth loose. It's still dangling, though....not quite ready to come out. He has done great the other days, so far!

Lily is enjoying having time with just mommy. She gets full access to Dakota's DS while he is at school and LOVES this privilege. She has been a good helper for mommy, too. But also a sneaky one. The above picture is Lily after she was sneaky and ate my last sugar free chocolate pudding!! :)

And Mommy...Here I am at 34 weeks 3 days! I'm getting to the miserable stage. Energy is zapped. Even coffee isn't helping. I could lie down all day if I was able.
We did get some news last week...Baby is weighing in at an estimated 5 lbs already....but baby is breech. She is sitting up in my lap. Bottom down, head up, and arms and legs facing my left if you could see through my belly with your x-ray would be looking right at you!! Baby definitely needs to turn head down. There is still time, though. The doctor said there will be another sonogram at 36 weeks to see if baby cooperated. I think she might have....I was feeling hiccups tonight...and it was all below my belly button! *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Dakota with Lily before we said goodbye

After school....with DS in hand

Today was Dakota's 1st day of Kindergarten.

He was so excited to be off to school. Lily really wanted to go to school, too. She keeps telling me "when I turn four at my birthday, I'm going to school, too."

Dakota walked in just fine...holding my hand and his sister's hand. I took him to the Star room (where the kids wait for their teacher to come and walk them to their classroom) and he went right in. He sort of looked at the kids who were crying like they were weird for crying. Only my son. I'm glad he did so well on his 1st day of all day school!

Lily did miss her brother today, but Mommy enjoyed just having 1 child to look after all day. Lily and I went shopping and found some pretty neat Kitty cat rain boots. Since I had credit at the consignment store, I only paid $.93 for these boots and a pair of Dora Sneakers!! AWESOME!

Wearing her new boots!

Close up of the boots...she wore them ALL afternoon!

Relaxing in the van while we waited in line to pick up Dakota from school.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer is coming to an end..but not the heat!

We had some fun in the sun and water today!

It was nice to have the use of water.

Sunday morning started with no water...we thought something had happened with the city's side of the water...but no! it was on our side. We had pipes bust under the house. So, minimal water on Sunday..then we turned it off, so it wouldn't just be running out under the house. And no water on Monday.
Jed's friend heard him talking about it at work..and he offered to come look at it for us...And he knew exactly what to do to fix it!! Woohoo!! He saved us another evening without water and a huge plumbing bill!

So, it was a carefree day...catching up on laundry and just enjoying each other.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just us...

Lilyann...she'll say cheese and stop for a picture..but more often than not, she turns her head at the last minute. Most times, Lily "talks" with her eyes

Dakota having fun swinging at the park one evening.

31 weeks pregnant with Baby Leia...We ventured to the park one evening before bedtime...It was still 100 degrees out, but the kids needed to run off some energy. I'm counting down the days til Leia makes her debut and the cooler weather debuts as well.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life is everchanging

Dakota's newest Lego Creation...we followed instructions with this one :)

I'm slowly adjusting to this new, should I say food-style?!

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes with this pregnancy...and let me tell you, It's the pits! I feel like this "I'm pregnant, I should be able to indulge" but no, I have to count every carb, pair with good proteins, watch my sugar intake, and test 3-4 times a day...just to make sure I'm not having sugar spikes that can potentially hurt the baby. It's absolutely frustrating!!
I have found that if I DO eat a high protein item (hard boiled eggs, tuna, grilled chicken, etc.) that I can pair with some veggies and have a carb with it as well. It just takes some adjusting...meaning, it's ofttimes harder to remember to grab a hard boiled egg than it is to just grab a juicy peach (a big no no for me, now)

With GD, you live and learn...and eagerly count down til baby's arrival when you can eat WHATEVER you want! I'm slowly compiling of list of all the yummy foods I want to eat after Leia arrives.

The countdown is on...I am 30 weeks along..and the Braxton Hicks contractions are starting to become more body is getting ready for the real thing. :)

On, a different note, the heat in Texas is Severe...currently 105 on my weather desktop. Sizzle!
So, we've inside alot this week. We get out early in the mornings and run errands...and then lunchtime is at home, followed by quiet time--> Lego's, movies, coloring, etc.

Lily's "kitty house"