Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun at the lake

Dakota trying out the water

Getting their feet wet

Today, we headed out to the lake. I was going to take the kids for a walk through the woods to this pond where the kids could climb on the rocks and wade across the little creek, but as we pulled up to the lake, we saw some shady characters making their way down the path..So I opted to stay away from that area and just let the kids play right there at the lake bank.

It took Lily a little while to get used to the water...she sat in about 2 inches of water for the longest time...but after a few times of my carrying her further out, she enjoyed it a bit more. Dakota was ready to go as soon as he got his sunscreen on!

It was fun and carefree....just chilling at the lake. Next time, I'll have to remember to bring some swim clothes....but I still did a bit of wading in the lake. I even felt a nibble from a little fishy :) Lily said we should have brought our fishing poles...you can tell she is her Daddy's girl ♥

He thought this was cool...making bubbles in the lake.

Lily cautiously trying out the water....by the time we left, she was drenched from head to toe...and smiling :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Growing up....

Sweet Lilyann scored a great find on Friday. We were hitting some garage sales looking for stuff for Baby Leia, and anything else we might need (like kids' furniture..since they will have their own rooms by the end of this year). And Lily came across a brand new Pretty Pretty Princess game! She asked the rest of time while we were in the car to play her game...so when we got home, we sat down and played...and Much to my surprise...Lily WON!! Too bad, Mommy didn't win..but I was sporting a single earring for a few rounds. I remember playing this game way back when with friends. It was always a fun time :)

And I just had to share this picture. It's Lilyann....showing off her belly! She was lying in the recliner beside me and asked me to take a picture of her belly. She keeps saying there's a baby in her belly, too. I told her, "No, not til you are a mommy. When you are a mommy (like me), then you will have a baby in your belly." She was okay with that response for now. But she does love to listen to the baby in my belly....she'll put her ear right by my belly button and then sit up and say, "The baby is ready to come out NOW!" I asked her, "where is the baby coming out?" and she replies with no hesitation, "out your nose, Mommy!!" I guess we will stick with that for now, too. :)

We are 25 weeks along....I weighed myself at the gym this past week, and it looks like I've gained 5 lbs from since the last time I weighed (back before vacation). I started gaining weight with Lily at the 6 month mark..I figure it's the same with Leia. I am still going to the gym a few times a week as energy allows. One plus, the gym now offers Prenatal Yoga free to members (that's ME!!) every Friday. So, I'm continuing with the class for now. I'm still in shock that I have the flexibility and balance as I did before pregnancy. I'm sure it won't last much longer...at least, the balance part.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Day of Summer Fun

This should have been posted yesterday...since yesterday was the 1st day of Summer....but better late than never, I say.

The heat is tremendous here lately....super dee duper HOT! So, I have taken to getting up when the kids get up (which can be somewhat early) and getting them outside to play...so that by the time the intense 100 degree weather hits, we are inside for quiet time, naps, or movies. We are 2 days into this change in schedule..and so far, doing good. Nap time actually happened yesterday which made this momma HAPPY!

Enjoying some yummy popsicles!

fun on the trampoline

Look at how high Dakota can jump!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Passive Leia?!

Could it be? That this baby will be my passive child?

I have noticed a pattern already...she only kicks and moves all around when she is just with mommy. When the kids are fussing and running crazy, she is calm and quiet. The only problem is that she moves all around when I am sitting still and it's late evening. It's like she waits her turn for my attention.

I hope this isn't just an "in-the-belly" characteristic. I would be absolutely happy to experience the same one-on-one time when she is out of my belly.

We have reached the 6 month mark...and this momma is starting to feel pregnant! I am sporting quite the bump (I heard it's "in" this season)

Here's a belly shot from our vacation....23 weeks along...It was taken last week this time.

at Laurel Falls in the Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home is where you rest your feet!

Dakota braving Adventure Mountain at Dollywood...he was so proud of himself, as was I. :)

We are home from vacation...we actually returned yesterday...super early in the morning. I think I am starting to feel my age and driving all night and still participating in vacation activities is tiring...at least to this momma.

We had a fantastic time. My brother and his family drove down from Michigan and then my 2 older sisters from Florida drove up from Florida, and we drove over from Texas...and all met in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee. We stayed in a hotel for the weekend and then moved to the BIG house (as Kota called it) for the next 3 days. I highly recommend to everyone to rent a house while vacationing...It's relaxing...your kids can run around and scream...jump on the furniture, you can wash your clothes (which helps prevent over packing), and cook your own food (which helps you not get burned out on fast food...and saves money, too!)

The picture count from our week of vacation is over 500!! can you believe it?!

Our vacation activities were swimming in the hotel pool, meeting up with friends, hiking some trails (Laurel Falls and Ijams Nature Trail), driving through the Smokey Mountains, wading in the creek in Cherokee, NC, visiting Dollywood, and seeing the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola. A well rounded vacation!
I will upload pictures as I get time...for now, you can enJoy these!

Lily with her new bunny...Disney Store had a SALE!!

the view from the loft at our Cabin

Dakota and his cousin, Mason

Lily chilling at the pool

Being home from vacation is a Monday Maker....linking up with Cheryl from Twinfatuation for Makes My Monday

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wall art

Lily loves to color, let me tell you.

And guess what she did today while I was folding clothes....she colored all over her wall in her room. Great big circles..and she was quite proud. I did let her to the cleaning up of the wall...and she did pretty good. I had to go behind her and clean the rest up. But she DID attempt to clean the wall.

After that, she scattered Dakota's entire tub of Lego's all over the floor...kicking them across the room and the whining because when she walked on them, they made her feet owie!
Yes! that's my Lily....making her own life difficult.

I was too exhausted to worry about pictures of the scattered Lego's...but I did get her "fancy artwork" captured...and she actually had the nerve to turn around and say CHEESE! for the camera...Go figure!

Lily sporting her vacation bag...thinking she is all ready to go...of course, her idea of packing is a few pair of panties, a couple shirts, her stuffed kitty cat, and a blanket!

Wearing her rolling bag

3 more day...according to Kota

Pulling things together for our upcoming trip.

I tend to be a late packer...which in turn makes me a speedy packer :)

So, trying to get a head start on the packing. I have myself and hubby somewhat packed...gonna work on some of the kids packing today. Still making my lists of goodies to pick up for the car ride.

The kids are counting down to Tennessee!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

let the countdown commence


And the countdown is on!! I am making lists, checking them twice...trying to keep everyone nice (and not naughty)
I need to get clothes all packed, snacks and drinks bought for the trip, etc.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beating the heat

Yummy, Ice cold Watermelon

The kiddos enjoying their watermelon

Lily loves water guns!

She loves Watermelon, too ♥

We are beating the heat...or should I say, we are surviving the heat. I know it is HOT in Texas...but this is extreme, and it's not even officially Summer.

Dakota enjoys reading the temperature in the van. Lately, in the afternoons, it's been over 100 degrees. I know it's just a heat index reading but still...It's HOT!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Little Summer Job

Dakota is doing his part the 1st week off of school. He is feeding Grandma's cat everyday. Really...Mommy and Daddy are doing it...but He gets to go along for the ride!

These pictures were taken after a much needed trip to the splash park earlier this week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Princess Leia

This was such a neat experience for Dakota

Baby #3....It's a blurry picture...I need to figure out my scanner and I should have some better pictures for y'all.

We had our confirmation today...Princess Leia is indeed a Princess.
I was able to take the kids with me today and Jed was able to make it as well. It was neat having all the family in the room for the sonogram. Dakota was in awe of seeing the baby on the big screen. He was a bit disappointed that his sister didn't turn into a brother...but he is okay with it. The baby had her hand by her face...just as Dakota and Lily did for almost every sonogram. Dakota's take on this: "She was sucking her thumb because she was lonely in there all by herself." It was neat experiencing the sonogram through his eyes. Lily just wanted to know if the lady was going to make my belly feel better. :)

I am at 21 wks and 4 days. And finally starting to feel normal while pregnant. I think morning sickness has left for the time being. I still have my moments, but they are few and far between.
The baby is starting to be more active...well, where I can feel her. So far, watermelon and Mexican food make her happy. Another plus...I've started gaining back some of the weight I lost during the 1st trimester...I am still below pre-pregnancy weight...but baby is growing beautifully. ♥