Sunday, March 30, 2014

Visit with the sisters ♥

I'm coming off the high from a family visit. Three of older sisters came west to visit their two little sisters (Marg and myself). It was perfect!!
The big kids still went to school. So, I had each day to spend with my sisters. We went window shopping, browsing through Target, cruising the Loop, took a trip to the zoo, introduced one sister to the infamous Louisiana Boardwalk, posed with Duck Dynasty cut outs, unsuccessfully caught a trolley (hahahaha!!), and just enjoyed life. It was fun to give my sisters a little Texas time.

I don't know which time I enjoyed more...I think the whole week was wonderful! I did enjoy having sisters here to pass on the responsibilities. One afternoon, I partook in a glorious nap during the pick up time for my big kids (thanks to 2 teacher sisters who wanted to "surprise" the big kids). I love that my older sister is so versatile. She'll jump on the trampoline with the kiddos or fold all my laundry. What What!!! 

I'm hoping the high of a family visit will linger til summer vacation.....when I get to visit them!! YAY!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What makes you special??

I walk into the living room. A commercial for Minnie rella is on. I asked Leia if Minnie is acting like Cinderella. She promptly responds with "No, Minnie's a Princess, Momma!" 
Well, I guess that settles that!

So many funny things from my children the last few days...I wish I could record it all.

Just this morning, my oldest asked "Mom, what makes you a special person? I'm special." I thought for a quick second and then said "Well, I get to be Mommy to you and your sisters. Does that count? and tell me what makes you so special!" He gets all smiley and says "Well, I'm named after an Indian (?!?! not my intention when naming him, but I'll go with it) and a cowboy. And that makes me special. His name is Dakota, the Dakota Indians and Wyatt Earp. Sounds like he's put a lot of thought into why he's special :) And that's exactly why I love him even more. ♥

The Big kids are arguing in the back seat. 
Lily: "I'm not your friend anymore!" Dakota: "well, you kinda have to!"

*eye roll* oh children!!!

My healthy lifestyle is going okay. Okay meaning I stepped on the scale yesterday and didn't see results (Boo!) But my energy level is better. My clothes aren't as snug. And I know I'm benefiting from the 1 hour of just me and my music (and sometimes the smelly guy beside I'll classify it as my "Me time" for now. It's almost that great :) even if I am sweating and breathing heavy.

I guess that's all for now...
Thanks for stopping by and....Be good! 


Friday, March 14, 2014

Just laugh

I really enjoy spending time with family. While I love just having time to chill all by myself, spending time with those you love is almost equal. It's almost just as refreshing/rejuvenating. You get to sharing about all that's happening in your lives, then the giggles start....which are soon followed by the belly laughs. If anything, it's the healthiest thing that families can do together. Just laugh.

I love to laugh. I use this reason for burns calories :) Win Win!
I love how laughing makes me feel. 
Laughing helps me appreciate life.
I know I haven't laughed enough when I start picking at this or that. 

One of my favorite things is to laugh. It's right up there with drinking coffee, reading, and taking short walks with the kiddos (and you thought I was going to say "taking long walks on the beach"..Haaahaa!).
If you want to do something that benefits you and all those you come in contact with...just laugh! Laugh with them..preferably not at them. Laugh over the silly things that happen. Laugh when life gets tough. Laugh when life is easy. And if you want to, you can laugh about this silly blog post. My feelings won't be hurt.


Thursday, March 6, 2014


Random thoughts would fly in for a bit.....and zoom right back out. Sometimes, I feel like my mind is on fast forward. Then when I finally get a chance to sit down sans children, I try to rewind...but as you can imagine, I have nothing.

I do remember the few moments stamped into my memory of today.
*Being completely amazed that Leia ate all her toast and some of her eggs...only to find the toast ripped into pieces and floating in the potty. Glorious! The entire roll of toilet paper was conveniently unrolled and lying in a haphazard pile.
*Leia's sweet voice while singing along with Veggie Tales
*Lily's eyes when she saw me sitting in the crowd of parents at her Music Program
*Dakota's smile when his teacher said he was doing great in school. "A kind, truthful boy." I have to admit...that part made me smile just as big. ♥

It's crazy all the things that fly through my head throughout the day. I'm always thinking "wow, that's a good one. I need to write that down." Well, I usually get sidetracked and they slip my mind. But for the ones that become stamped in my memories, I'll take the bouts of  "sometimers". I guess the ones that really matter are the ones you can remember. ♥