Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Way Back When-esday: The girls

Me with my mom and Sisters...January 1987

It's Wednesday...which means way back when in the blog world...and for me, it last minute things before our trip.

Tomorrow, the kids and I are going to Dallas to pick up my older sister, Tammie, from the airport. She flies in and then on Friday evening, we leave out for our summer vacation!! It seems like I couldn't wait for Friday to get here and now that it is almost upon us, I would like some longer days to get the rest of what I need to do done....can you tell that I have lots on my mind? run on sentences and all.

I can't wait to see my this way back when photo is nostalgic for me...It is truly a way back when.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Makes My Monday: What a Catch!!

Lily loves playing in the water

....a quiet relaxing weekend are always inspiration for Makes My Monday postings.

The quiet weekends are usually few and far between...which makes them priceless in my book.

Dakota in between playing in the water...he played with his army men on the trampoline

This weekend, we pumped up the pool and let the kids play all morning in the water. I was able to get some more sun (in preparation for our upcoming vacation) and the water fun wore the kids out...while Jed worked on the van. He was giving it the once over before we head out in a few days.

Jed has been doing night fishing every weekend...and coming home with a cooler full of fish. This is his biggest one yet!

And he was quite proud of it, too!! A nice size catfish....He got some filets off of that one...enough to feed the whole family dinner.

What Makes My Monday, you ask? spending time with family.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's so close, I can smell it!

Vacation is Friday...and yes! I have already started packing...well, I did a trial run of packing the kids' stuff...I tend to be an over packer sometimes...I just want to make sure that I have EVERYTHING!!!

So, right now, it kinda looks like we are living out of suitcases, but we aren't...I am slowing packing this and that...making lists of what to still pick up before we leave on our trip....and getting everything in order for while we are gone.

Busy, busy, busy here.

The kids are getting more excited. A Box arrived for Aunt Tammie this past Wednesday...Dakota is ready for Aunt Tammie to be here. She is flying here and then helping me drive to our destinations...since Jed still has to work one more week...and then he will fly to Florida after he is off work the following Friday. Vacation is so close...I can smell it!! hahaha....the sandy beaches, the forever smell of sunscreen...seeing the Spanish moss hanging from the trees...real palm trees!! Can you tell that this momma is excited to go to Florida??!!?? I lived there for 15 years before moving away to attend college in Texas...and then I fell in LOVE...and I've been here ever since.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Makes My Monday: Fun-Filled Father's Day


This weekend was so much fun!!! I enjoy family-fun-filled weekends. Saturday, we took the kids to see Toy Story 3...Wonderful movie. A bit scary at times...and a bit least for this momma. I guess it's because I see it happening as my kids grow up. But none the less, GREAT MOVIE!! I give it 5 Stars.

Saturday night, Jed went fishing with a friend....this night fishing is really paying off. My freezer is once again stocked with fish!

2 of the bigger fish that he caught!

Sunday was just a relaxing day with family. We went to church and Jed and Lily were in the baby parade. This is Jed's last year, because Lily will move out of the nursery in November (her 3rd birthday...can't believe she's gonna be 3) just spectating for the baby parade for now.

Jed introducing Lily for the Baby Parade

After church...while Jed cleaned the fish, the kids and I played in the pool and soaked up some sun. Fun times!! Dakota found out that he could jump from the trampoline into the my shocking surprise...but I guess I should be more surprised that it took Daredevil Kota this long to figure that out.

Right before the water action starts

Daredevil Kota

After our outdoor fun, we came inside to rest...and rest we did. For the 1st time in a LONG time, the entire family took afternoon naps...which turned into Evening naps. We slept through Evening service at church...which made for a late night for the kids....after sleeping so late, they didn't want to go to bed at their regular bedtime. But it's okay...every once in a while....we were making memories.

Wonderful Father's Day Weekend makes My Monday...what makes yours?
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sun kissed

Tomorrow (Saturday), we are taking the kids to see Toy Story 3. Dakota is so excited. He woke up this morning and kept pestering me about getting his backpack out of the van. So, I let him venture out (still in his pjs) to get the backpack...which he emptied out and packed with 2 pairs of underwear, 2 shirts, some shorts, and his cars. I asked him what he was packing for and he told me that he was packing to go to Buzz's house! (so matter-of-factly).
So, then I tried to tell him that we were going to the "movie house" to see the new Toy Story movie..and we would see Buzz on the movie screen. Nope, he still thinks we are going to Buzz's house. I'm eager to see what he thinks. It will be in 3D, but I'm not sure if he will keep his glasses on the whole time. Lily, should. She seems to always want to wear glasses...given what she usually wears are sunglasses.

We will see...tomorrow should be quite the exciting day.

Today we had fun at my sister's house....she pumped up their new pool and we had a great time swimming in it. We all got kissed by the sun a bit. Lily and Dakota each took control over the water hose...Lily won most of the time. And the kids (Samantha, Dakota, and Lily) got into a fit of giggles when I acted like Sebastiaan the crab from The Little Mermaid. Spinning around in the pool trying to reach out and tickle "Arial (Samantha), Flounder (Dakota), and Lily (she was water hose It was some much needed fun for us all.

Lily dominating with the water hose

And lastly, my PICTURE of the DAY!! Samantha and Dakota were jumping the tube and Lily found the perfect moment to show Kota who is boss! She sprayed him right in the face during his decent into the water.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

random thoughts from a tired Mommy

I have come to the realization that my headaches are due to sinuses. Today, the headache came on fast and painful. And every time I would move in anyway that jostle my head, pain was intense. My sinuses were swollen. Since then and some rest, the headache is gone.

The one bad thing about these headaches is I tend to lay around (as the kids will allow) through out the day, and then at night, I am wide awake. Which I guess is okay for now. I have been making lists of what to pack and what not to pack for our upcoming trip. And in between the lists, I am playing games on Facebook...while the house is quiet...all I hear is some random snoring.

I am currently thinking of taking pictures...and what kind of new pictures can I take...I can't wait for the 4th of July holiday...I am so looking forward to the Lily experiencing Fireworks and all the patriotic festivities...and I would love to capture some outstanding firework shots. Most times, when adventures are planned, I sit and think ahead of the type of pictures that I would like to take. This vacation..almost everything will be new...for Lily. She was 6 months old the last time. And Dakota was 2 1/2 yrs old. It will be neat seeing the "same ole" through the eyes of my 4 and 2 yr old. The beach is an experience that I am eager to take on. The kids loved the lake over Memorial Day Weekend, so I am hoping that the beach will be as much fun, too. This time, we will encourage them to play in the sand and build sand castles...which is somewhat hard at the lake.

So...just some random thoughts from a mommy who's up late (when she should be sleeping) thanks to these terrific headaches that have my schedule all out of whack. I'm sure that vacation will be a welcome sight for's getting closer...15 days now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's not even officially summer yet...but the temperature sure thinks it is. WOW!! it's hot! Today, the temperature was 93 but the feel-like-temp was 100. And it was even hotter in Florida.

I had recently set up a play date with all my friends from homeschooling when I am in Florida. It was going to be at an outside park....It's huge!!! But one friend called today at 10 am Florida time, and asked if we could change to an indoor location. It was already 94 degrees that early in the morning. We had just come back inside and I was glistening I readily agreed. I can't wait to see all my friends. The last time I saw them all was 2 years ago. Now, more friends have's going to be so much fun. I hope I can sneak in some pictures of the kids and ourselves together.

With this heat comes headaches for me...I don't know what it is...but I have had 1 every day this week. Sometimes, they go away throughout the day, but still they return with a vengeance. I am trying to drink more fluids...hoping that's the cause. Currently, my headache is gone...but also the kids are at Grandma's house with, could they be kid induced??? hmmmm...makes me

Mid flip for Dakota


Before the heat got too intense, we played outside today....Jumping, splashing, running, know...the whole nine yards of fun in the sun!

Dakota said that he was surfing!

And to let you all know...remember the talk about Sit ups? Well, I am half way through the month...I have completed 1520 Sit ups/crunches, so far, for the month of June. Only 1480 left to go....meaning 15 days left.

Monday, June 14, 2010

counting down to Vacation

It's 17 days until our summer vacation starts...I am so excited. I had to stop myself from packing this morning.

July will be our busiest month yet....mainly because we will be on the road. I will get to see my cousins, Aunts, and Uncles that I haven't seen in a quite sometime. Most since my cousin's wedding...oh so many years ago. It is very exciting. This year, we will get to see Fireworks on the East Coast...yay! I wonder how different it will be.

Friday, June 11, 2010


The rain has stopped...for here in East Texas. It wasn't too severe...just a nice steady rain with a few thunderstorms. Lily can now say, "thunder".

Today was our first time out....we attempted to get to the park on Wednesday, but the rain beat us there. It was incredibly humid...but the sun was out!

We explored the area around the park...we saw bugs, ants, flowers, birds, and butterflies. It was neat hearing all the birds chirping back and forth to each other.

My perceptive young man, Dakota, informed me of this last week. That there is no flag at our gym. Our gym is on the same road as a high school, some banks, apartment complexes, hotels, etc. So, on the way to the gym one day, Dakota spouts out, "there is not a flag at the gym." I was thinking...what? He starts pointing out flags as we go down the road.."There's one!" "you see that one, Mommy?" And then we pull up...and I realize...Dakota is flag. So we called Grandma and "informed" her. I's not that big of a deal..but for a 4 year old to realize that? wow!! Very perceptive.
So...on the way home from the park today, I saw this flag waving in the breeze and I had to take a picture!

~That's MY flag...Waving in the breeze!~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Way back When...tiny photos

My computer is acting weird...It isn't recognizing the portable hard drive when I plug it in...and it's not reading I have been searching all morning for a way back when photo.

Jed is still out of town....apparently there was some mix up...and the Jackson Office thought he was there for the whole week...and Jed's office agreed to 2 to 3 days is working on finishing up all the work today and heading home this afternoon/evening. I hope he comes home tonight. The 1st day was easy..the kids just thought Daddy was still at work (which he was)...but yesterday was trying. Hoping today is a better day.

These are 2 pictures that I found on this computer's hard drive..these are from way back when...About a month before I had Lily. I think the date says...October 25, 2007.
Dakota playing at the park with his cousin, Cash...they are 5 weeks apart.

So...I will leave you with these for now....until Jed comes home with his laptop. We are off to the park play with the now, I can get some updated pictures!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Guess what Miss Lily did??

She finally participated in all activities at Mom and Tot class today!! woohoo!!

When we first started taking Lily to Mom and Tot class, it was in April...while school was still in session for most kids. So, it was usually one-on-one with Lily and the trainer, Miss Emily. We called her Lily's personal trainer.
Now, since School is out, Mother's Day out is finished til the Fall...More kids have been attending. At first, Lily wasn't too fond of "sharing her personal trainer"...but she was slowly warming up to the new kids. Today, Lily ran from star to star, hopped through the hula hoops, and actually crawled through the tunnel!! and she had a good time doing it!

Her favorite activity is playing popcorn with the big parachute....see picture above.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 7...with weekend fun added

On the way to Waxahachie...beautiful day!

It is Day 7 of the Sit ups far, I am doing pretty good. I missed Saturday for doing my sit ups, but made up for it by doing 200 Sit ups in small increments all day Sunday. 700 Sit ups down....2,300 Sit ups to go. That means 23 days left of this Challenge...woohoo! It might just be in my mind, but my abs feel a bit tighter...underneath the fluffy exterior. :)

This past Friday, we spent the day at the pool of my SIL's family. The kids had a good time...swimming, jumping, know, all that pool kind of stuff.

Lily...double UV protection..can't be too safe :)
~She was wearing hers and Dakota's glasses~

Dakota jumping in the pool to Aunt Brittiany

Saturday, we left bright and early for Waxahachie, see Great Grandma GG. She is Jed's great grandmother and the kids' great great grandmother. Saturday was her 91st birthday. She is looking fantastic for 91. I hope and pray that I look as good as she does when I am that age. After spending the morning and lunch at GG's, we headed into Dallas and hit the malls. I ♥ shopping!! I found a few deals for myself and the kids. It's always fun spending time with family.

Happy Birthday to GG!

Sunday was a down day for me...I woke up feeling lousy...sore throat, headache, muscle aches....I believe it was sinus crud that just knocked me off my feet....I still feel a bit lousy, but not as bad as Sunday.

Lily ♥'s boots...These are both Dakota's...wears them at any chance she can sneak them on
Today, the kids and I started our 1st day by ourselves. Jed had to go to Jackson, MS to help suck out vats at different job locations. Due to this Oil Spill in the Gulf....most of the Vat trucks from his company are down off the coast of New Orleans helping with the clean up of the he is inland, doing work. He is only supposed to be gone for a few days....but you never realize how much someone does until they are not there. I talk with him via Facebook Chat and earlier on the phone. He misses us...I miss him, too. The kids just think Daddy hasn't come home from work yet...I think it might hit them tomorrow afternoon. We'll see. So far...the kids have been pretty good....bedtime was a struggle (Jed usually does this part) but I have one asleep and one almost asleep...I say...pretty good!

Today...we met my sister and her kids at the splash park...and they all had fun playing together...from left to right--> Dakota, Cash, Samantha, and Lily.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 days into the challenge

I am 2 days into the Sit ups Challenge...and whew! I have sore abs. I didn't think it would hurt like this...but no pain, no gain.

I am 2 for 2....I've done 100 Sit ups each day. 28 days left of the challenge!

Dakota sat and helped me keep track of how many I did today...and since he can't count higher than 25...we did 25 increments to 100. Dakota even handed me my bottle of water and told me to take a break and have a drink. What a handsome little trainer I have.

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

picture of the weekend

Lily getting ready to be the dealer

Dakota found this shell and told me, "look, it has 2 eyes!"

This was our 2nd time to go camping as a family...though the kids and I stayed in the camper with Jed's grandmother, Boo...I still call it camping. Jed stayed in the tent with his mom...because he was doing some night fishing and would be getting in late anyway.

Last Memorial Day, we went camping in Oklahoma. This year, we stayed close and camped in East Texas right off the lake. The kids were a bit more used to water...thanks to going to the gym pool with Grandma. Dakota can "swim" with his life jacket on...Lily just floats when you put her life jacket on.

Wanna hear about something else pretty amazing? Jed has been working on this boat that was given to him over a year ago. There was a hole in the floor of the boat and the people who owned it before let it sit out in the rain and all. Jed replaced the floor, fixed the trailer tires, hooked up lights, took apart the engine and fixed it...and was able to take it out on it's 1st fishing adventure this past weekend. What a proud moment that was for Jed!! it resulted in 27 fish caught!! (he had his Uncle's help in catching the fish) I didn't get any pictures of the boat on the lake....because we were all asleep....but that cooler full of fish is more than proof enough.

Dakota spying on Brooke in her tent

Brooke and Lily...Cool girls!

Lily's favorite words of the weekend were--> "Mommy, boat, water, and swimming."

It was a relaxing time even with the kids fighting for my attention and lap....I think I've heard "no, it's MY mommy" too much lately. The kids had such an enjoyable time at the lake that I can't wait til we go to Florida...they will have a blast at the beach. And I can't wait to try out this new camera at the beach.....Lots of Kodak memories will be can count on that.

I had to get up early to capture this picture...Thanks to Boo!

And the sun is up...time to start the day

Lily with Jerilyn on the island float..Dakota there on the side

Dakota swimming out to Daddy and Lily

Me and the kids in the lake

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3,000 Sit ups Challenge

Whew!! what an awesome weekend...We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...I will post about that soon. is the 1st day of June..which means the start of something new!
I am taking part in the 3,000 Sit ups Challenge. That is 3,000 sit ups/crunches for the month of June. The plan is to do 100 sit ups/crunches a day. I have a few mommy friends joining me in this challenge which will help with accountability. This challenge comes at the perfect time....the month before vacation!! I am also hoping that posting this here might help me stay on top of blogging as well...that way, I can share my progress. But if I am not around nearly as often...then you know what I am doing...catching up on my sit ups.

So who want's to join me?? I can "try" to remember each day to check with you and see if you are doing your sit ups as well. It will be neat to see the transformation after 1 month of sit ups every day.