Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our trip to Brittiany's

What a weekend we all had. We (Jed, myself, Grandma~Jed's mom, Dakota, and Lily) all went to see Brittiany and her family in Temple, TX from Friday evening thru Sunday evening. Grandma planned a trip to Sea World on Saturday and we all had a blast!! You can see from all the pictures on the slide show.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An update on the Smiths

It has been awhile since i last sat down and posted a new blog about the family..so here it goes:

Dakota playing in the rain...Thanks to Aunt Lydia and Uncle Tracy..he stayed dry!!
Dakota and Lilyann...Lily likes to be with Dakota~~here they are in Dakota's bed Lilyann--eating her green beans~~doesn't really like them, but she did pretty good with them
Dakota fishing at the park..he had so much fun fishing with Daddy!!


Dakota is 2 yrs old...and full of energy. Dakota LOVES to be outside..and really enjoys taking walks. We are starting over on the potty training with Dakota (our being gone and all that was going on with Lily kind of messed up the success that we were having) So it is "try, try again". Dakota is doing good-He loves to "pish" with his "pish pole" (fish with his fishing pole) and his new infatuation is Trains. (Grandma found a 3 train set at a garage sale this past weekend..and Dakota loves to play with it.

Lilyann is 5 1/2 months old...and getting her energy back...Now that her heart is fixed, she has enough energy to show her temper (don't know if that comes from my side of the family--she does have some red hair, it looks like) Lily is doing great! She is up to 11 lbs and 8 oz. Taking her bottles as well as can be expected and eating 2 meals of day off the spoon (she really likes eating like a big girl!) She is trying to talk now...and will talk Daddy's ear off. She likes to play on the floor on the play mat, and she is actually rolling a little now..and reaching for toys.

Jed and Joy (aka: mommy and daddy):
We are doing good...Jed is still working at Foremost Dairy (Dean Foods) delivering milk...his work days will get shorter as schools start getting out for the summer (he is excited about that) Just as Dakota loves fishing, Jed is enjoying having the weekends to go fishing...He and Matt (Jed's friend) caught some nice size fish last Saturday. We are going to have a fish fry one of these days!! yummy!!
I'm staying busy...taking care of the kids (trying to find new things for Dakota to do~~especially on rainy days like today) I'm also working on losing this post baby weight (from both kids)...definitely harder than just talking about it...lol!! My allergies are horrific this time of season--usually they are almost over by now...but with all the weird weather, the allergies have decided to stick around and reek havoc.

Well, I guess that is all that is going on with the Smiths!! We are looking forward to our mini-vacation with Grandma (Jed's mom) to Temple, TX to visit Brittiany (Jed's sister) and family.. Dakota is excited about going to see Alexis soon.

And in a little over a month, we will be going to Florida..my youngest brother (Phillip) is getting married. My mom and dad will finally have an empty nest!! All 8 kids are finally out of the house!! The trip to FL will be a good one for mom and dad and all the brothers and sisters. All 8 kids will be there with their husbands or wives and the grandchildren will all be there. Last time, we were all together it was for my mom's 60th birthday (March 2007) and there were 6 grand kids...now there will be 8 grand kids. What a big family!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Hello again!! Today was Lilyann's followup appointment with the cardiologist..and Lilyann got an EXCELLENT from the cardiologist!! they are super impressed with her recovery. The echo of her heart showed that her heart is all back to normal, no enlargement like before--the heart is doing what it is supposed to be doing...no fluid around the heart!! (which means Lilyann is officially off all heart meds!! YAY!!) Lily's weight was 10 lbs 8 oz...which is exactly what it was the day before surgery--now when i took her to the pediatrician a day after discharge, she weighed 11.4 lbs, but she was weighed with her clothes on (the weigh in at the cardiologists was just in a clean diaper) and she still had some puffiness from the surgery and extra fluid around her heart. So they aren't worried about her "weight loss"

I'm just so overJOYed...lol!! and we don't have to go back for 3months!! and then if she gets a good report again at the next appointment then we will only have to go back once a year!! That is awesome news!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and warm wishes. Lilyann is truly of gift from God--with alot of fight in her! She is going to do something great--you just wait and see. It was so nice to see Lilyann actually smile at the Dr. today...He even said something about seeing Lilyann's smile for the 1st time.