Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swinging around

Lily loves playing with Dakota...she enjoys her time with mommy, too. But when I asked her today if she wanted to go get Kota from school, she said "kota at playground?" We usually make it to the pick up line just as Dakota and his class is finishing up their playground time. Lily sits in her carseat with her little binoculars on and looks for her Kota. She usually finds him, too.

After we picked up Dakota today, we came home and went outside to play...swinging is always fun...and that is just what Dakota and Lily did. They got on their bellies and twisted their swings and then spun around...surprisingly no one kicked another or bonked heads.

Dakota didn't just limit his fun to the regular swings, he ventured to the tire swing and climbed on for a great time. It amazes me each day to see the change in both children. They both act like little adults (sometimes) but then there are those sweet moments like when Kota crawls up into my lap and says "I love you, Mommy"...or when Lily says "hold me" and you pick her up and she gives you a duck kiss.

It makes the long days worthwhile....gives me that little bit of gumption to stay at it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

1 week down...468+ to go

Dakota and Lily...Day #4

Dakota and Lily...day #5

Miss Lily..she's ready for school...too bad, she has 2 more years before she can go!

Dakota has finished his 1st week of school. I have to admit, today was hard for us all. He told me he didn't want to go to school and he crawled back under his covers...Lily on the other hand was ready to go to "kool". After a bit of pleading and then finally just "commanding", he was dressed and in the van. He didn't really stop for a picture for day #5, but Lily sure did. My sister gave Lily one of her daughter's old backpacks...and Lily LOVES it!!

showing off her backpack

Thursday, August 26, 2010

He's Lovin' It!

Day #3 of school

We are at day #4 of school for Dakota...yesterday, I fell asleep after I turned off my alarm...and who woke me up? Dakota!! saying "Mommy, are you going to take me to school?" thankfully, it was still 45 minutes til he had to be at school, but to see that he was actually wanting to go to school...that is awesome!

Dakota walking into school

Lily now looks forward to getting "Kota at cool"....yesterday, as we were sitting in line to get Kota, she could see him playing on the playground. She was so happy to see her brother.

Dakota got a yellow card yesterday...for Super Student! yay! he was so distraught when he couldn't find the yellow card in his bag...he was searching through every pocket...finally he found it and proudly shared it with me.

Lily is doing better on the potty...still not fulled potty trained..but Tuesday, Lily was in panties ALL day and no accidents...unless you count going potty behind the tree in the backyard (only because she squatted but didn't take her panties off)

Needless to say, this has been an eventful week for us all.Align Center
Lily having some evening fun....Her and Kota were jumping on the trampoline and I snapped this picture of her...now, if I could only snap a clear jumping picture...is that possible?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st day of school

Dakota and Lily..in our front for a picture before we left to go to school

When you are holding your little one in your arms for the very 1st time, it doesn't even cross your mind that in a short 4-5 years, you will handing off your precious one to someone else. You will say "see you at 1-1-o-o, right here, I love you."

I thought for sure that I would be in tears the 1st day, but I think that I was more nervous to even think about tears. We pulled up to the Pre-K drop off lane...and we were the only ones there...everyone else decided to just walk their kids in...but since the administration preferred our just dropping off and driving away...I stuck with the plan we already had set. I pulled up, the teacher's helped opened Kota's door...he got out...and put his backpack on....and then looked up at me in bewilderment "What? you aren't coming with me, Mommy?" oh wow!! way to lay it on thick, Kota!! Thankfully, the teacher's helpers have experience...she started talking with Kota and walking away at the same time. He did look a bit sad...especially when the helper had him turn around for a picture for Mommy. I thought he might bolt to the van and tell me to "DRIVE!" but he stayed strong and turned and walked hand-in-hand with the helper to his class.

He was a bit uncertain at first

Walking into school like a Big Boy

I don't remember the emotions that I went through when I went to Pre-K...but maybe I just wanted to be like my older brothers and sisters...maybe that made it easier...you think?!

The pick up was a happy occasion...Dakota was standing waiting for me..and he was all Smiles. He had a great time...He told me about a girl in his class named A-lesh-e-a (that is what he said)..and that he ate 2 pancakes and had milk and juice at breakfast. He told me that it was a LONG walk to eat breakfast, but they all walked in a straight line like Mrs. Wright told them to do. He said that there was a scary boy on the playground....that the boy was being scary in the tree house. So I told him, "If the boy is being mean, then you need to tell Mrs. Wright or her helper" And he replies "I'm not scared of that boy! I just slid down the slide really fast and ran to the other playground!" I love it!!

He was so happy after his 1st day at school

Dakota talking to Grandma about his 1st day at school

It was quite a fun first day...for us all.

Today went so well, it had me in tears. Why is that, you ask? Well, because, Dakota acted so needy at home...crying about how he wanted to stay home and play and then go to "stomp time" and NOT go to school. Well, I got him in the car...all the while thinking...wow! it's gonna be rough at drop off. But as soon as we got in line for drop off, Dakota starting talking about his friends at school and how that was probably them getting dropped off in front of us. So, I ran with this conversation. I asked if he thought I could play on the playground today...he quickly tells me, "No, mom, that is just for kids!" Then we pull up, the helper opens the van door, Kota gets his backpack on...kisses me and says "Bye, Mom"...and walks into class all by himself. Yes, this is where it brought tears....My little guy seemed to grow up in 24 hours....in the blink of an eye.

Pre-K is our new adventure...and Dakota is taking it on wonderfully.

Here is a picture of the "ready" confetti under his pillow

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Ready" Confetti

Dakota getting his "ready" confetti from his teacher

Tomorrow is Dakota's 1st day of Pre-K.
My emotions are going crazy...part of me is super excited--> thinking of all the stuff I will be able to get done with only 1 child in tow...I might actually be able to fold laundry during daylight hours...OoOoO!! and the other part of me is nervous--> My little boy is going to school. He will be leaving me for 3 hours (yes, that's all) and be under the care of someone else. I am nervous...because on Meet the Teacher day, Dakota balked as soon as he hit the classroom door. He would not enter. I had to pick him up and carry him in. He hid under the table while I finished filling out paperwork. I am nervous that he will cry...but you know, I guess this is a learning experience for Kota and Mommy. With having another child to tend to, I won't be as easy drop everything and ensure that he walks in happy. Now, to some this may sound harsh...but it will HAVE to work. I know Dakota will do fine...it's just the first few days....he will have to get into a schedule or a rhythm, you might say. Because, you know, he does fine going to "Stomp Time" (the daycare at the gym) given it's less than 2 hours there...but still, he used to cry and refuse to enter, but he now loves the "teachers" there. So....it will just take time. I must be patient. This is a big step, a new adventure.

Dakota on Meet the Teacher Day

Dakota's teacher, Mrs. Wright, is quite the smart one...in my book, so far. :) She made the kids little baggies of "ready" confetti and added a poem/letter from her to the kids on what to do with the confetti. Super thoughtful. I did this all tonight...almost had me all choked up while reading....like I said...these emotions are going crazy.

Mrs. Wright

I thought I would share with you all.....given most readers are mothers and dealing with their children starting school, too.

Ready Confetti

The night before school is exciting and fun
There are always so many things to be done

Your clothes are ready, your backpack is too
Your classroom is full of fun things you will do

But sometimes we all get the jitters down deep
And that makes it hard to fall fast asleep

So I've Made you some magic confetti, it's really quite cool
It will help you be rested and ready for school

Just sprinkle the confetti under your pillow in bed
On the night before school starts when you lay down your head

The confetti will help you sleep through the night
And you will wake up in the morning fresh and bright

I'll sprinkle the confetti under my pillow too
And remember I can't wait for school so I can see you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Way Back When-esday: Blink of an Eye

And here is Brooke with Dakota...this was before he came home from the hospital...January 2006

Dakota--Just under 2 weeks old....Here he is with Jed's (little then) cousin, Brooke. It's neat to see this picture...both participants are starting new things next week...Dakota is starting school (Pre-K)...and Brooke is starting at a new school (High school) I can't believe how fast time flies...in the blink of an eye, our little ones grow up.

Dakota now calls Brooke, Brookie...she always plays with Kota...and has sparked his interest for a Nintendo DS for Christmas this year. He has seen Brooke's and then played with his other cousins DS' and he is hooked....He wants Myself and Daddy to talk with Santa about getting him one...oh wow!! remember when he was on the Thomas the Train kick..and Buzz Lightyear....he has really moved up the ladder in the "toy" department this year.

~Playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatuation for Way Back When-esday~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Makes My Monday: counting down

we are on the countdown....1 week from today, Dakota will be in school...well, he will actually be home from school already. Last Thursday, we got the letter that tells us which classroom, time slot, and teacher he will have. He gets the morning class time slot...He will attend school from 8-11 am. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I guess you could say that I am eager, but not really anxious (I did a whole project on correct diction way back in highschool...so now is where that comes in handy)

Dakota was ever so thrilled to get a personal letter from his new teacher on Saturday reminding him to come to the "Meet the Teacher" on Thursday.

Dakota has all his school supplies purchased and ready...Grandma took Dakota and his cousin, Alexis (she is going to Pre-K this year, too) out school shopping. She made picture lists for the kids..they had so much fun making sure they got each item on the list...and making sure it matched the picture.

It sad to think about...but my baby will be going to school...He's not really a baby anymore, though. He has grown up so fast...and I know that it is time for him to go off to school and learn more. His going to school will give me time to work on the potty training with Lily. She is doing better...Saturday, Lily got 3 treats for going potty 3 times in the potty!! yay!! And this morning, she took off her pull up from the night time and asked for help to put panties on. Wow!! I can't have both kids growing up in the same week, can I?!

~playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatuation for Makes My Monday

Friday, August 13, 2010

Let's hear it for Lily!!

A little potty training update:
This big potty success comes on the heels of Lily actually peeing in the potty, but still wearing her panties while doing it...I mean, what can I say? No, don't go pee on the potty wearing your panties...she is getting the part to go potty, but not the part to get her panties off...so...here is what happened yesterday.

I had Lily in panties most of the day yesterday...she REFUSED to wear a pull up when we went to the gym, but the ladies at the daycare were understanding. Lily stayed dry the entire time...woohoo!!

Anywho, we came home and Lily went pee pee a little in her panties...so we had her take them off and get a new pair....she did, but not before she went pee pee all by herself on the potty...She was so proud. She came running into the living room, "I made water in the potty".

yay!! just had to share

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Way Back When-esday: My babies

It seems like just yesterday that Lily was born...Kota was the proud big brother of his baby sister. The picture above was taken Dec 7th, 2007...Dakota was 22 months old and Lily was 1 week old. I can't believe my babies are growing up....Of course, I knew it was bound to happen one day, but it seems to have happened in the blink of an eye.
In a less than 2 weeks, Dakota is starting school..given it's pre-K and all, but still...He is hitting another milestone.
And Lily..she is peeing in the potty...given she is still wearing her panties while doing it..but hey!! we are actually making it to the potty now...woohoo!!

Dakota (4 1/2) and Lilyann (2 1/2)...today...August 10th, 2010.

Playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatuation for Way Back When-esday

Monday, August 9, 2010

Spontaneous weekend fun

Lily holding a bird on her seed stick with Grandma's help

Alexis, Dakota, and Lily

our photo rock...at the zoo
we usually get at least 1 picture of the kid(s) on this rock when we go

This weekend, we went to the zoo....it was a spur of the moment trip. But thanks to Grandma who got us all season passes to the zoo back in April, we can now go whenever we want. We went with Grandma, Aunt Brittiany, Lexi, and Jed was even able to go this time. It was nice and hot and after awhile a bit humid...but it was better than the weather we were having in our hometown at the time. We left heavy rain at home and headed out to the sunshine about 45 minutes away.

Lily was tired but thankful for the wagon

And do you know what we found out this trip??? that our zoo is getting a Black Bear exhibit!! Dakota was so excited when I read the sign to him about the new animals coming to the zoo. He really enjoyed seeing the black bear cubs when we were in Georgia with my Aunt Glory..now, we will have some here, too.
Myself and my sister in law with our birdies

My accessories...the birds love my shoe laces..and were at one time congregated around...this did not set too well with Lily. She was completely overwhelmed by this..she thought the birds were hurting me

finishing out our day with lunch

and of course, a sleeping picture...I think this is a ritual for us...but I didn't get one of Kota

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How you Live

Great song...heard it this evening and had to share...you might need to pause my music on down the right hand column. EnJoy!

He got accepted...school here we come!

showing off his muscles..July 2010

so...you wanna know something?

Dakota got accepted for Pre-K...He starts August 23rd. He is super excited. Now, just to wait and see what class he is in. They have morning classes and afternoon classes. I am hoping he gets the morning class schedule...but if not, we will survive.

Just had to share the good news.

And the pictures below...just a little reminiscing...My little boy is growing up.

Kota's 1st Easter...2006

Kota's 1st trip to the Zoo...early 2007

it's been a HOT one

This week has been so super hot....the heat is just draining...It makes me so sleepy, all of the time. We have scattered thunderstorms for the next 2 days...hopefully, they might help to cool it off a bit...but tomorrow's forecast is still high with a heat index of 115! ouch!

Here are some pictures of the kids having some outside time...Yes, in the above picture...Dakota DID jump off the trampoline into the pool...but thankfully, Lily did not.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Heat Advisory

I'm melting over here!!

It's so freaking hot...let's see, the temperature from the weather channel said 99 degrees with 28 % humidity...and then by the time I got home, it was 100 degrees, but feels like 108. I agree. The heat outside puts me in no mood to cook or listen to the kids bicker. But cook I must and be the go between for the kids...all the while washing dishes and telling myself that one day...yes, one day...I will have a dishwasher and the kids will load it for me...while I can sit and have a cold of ice cold sweet tea! Awwww....just thinking about it calms me.

~~the above was started yesterday afternoon...when I had a few moments~~

And now, today, I just got an email from our local news station for today weather alert....We are under Heat Advisories for today and the rest of the week...It doesn't look like it will be below 100 this week unless it's after the sun goes down.

So, lots of early morning running around and afternoon activities indoors.

On another note, I am registering Dakota for Pre-K tomorrow...I hope he gets accepted. It will be so beneficial to him and myself (seriously, I think he is too bored here at home all the time) ...so we will see. I will let you all know what transpires tomorrow.

As for Vacation Post #3...I will get around to it...sometime soon. I am working on a photobook of our vacation through Picaboo..they are offering a free hardback photobook ($39.99 value) through August 31st. I think I have to pay shipping, but that's not too bad.

goggled faced Lily

and Dakota as well...they seem to be quite fashionable on him, though.