Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life gets in the way, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Life totally gets in the way of this blog. Well, that and my computer always wanting to run a virus scan when I need to use it. Resulting in a very slow computer session that ends in my just walking away from the computer. My patience expires quickly when it comes to technology. 

As for life getting in the way....yes! that's happening, too. We've had a wedding since the last update. My hubby's cousin got married. It was a beautiful ceremony. I wish her and husband the best life ever. 
Leia was a flower girl in this wedding and she LOVED every moment of it. The getting all pretty including having her hair curled. She felt like a princess. 

Leia's the blonde ♥

This weekend is Leia's birthday as well. It seems that when October arrives, life gets incredibly busy. And this year, I foresee a busy schedule. Lots to do. Birthdays to celebrate and it's the start of the holiday season....Yamboree, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Lily's Birthday, Christmas, Hubby's birthday, and then Dakota's birthday. Not to mention all the birthdays and happenings in our extended families.

Oh..I will gladly allow life to get in the way.

If you've read this far of the posting, continue reading this next little blurb. It's about my friend's son, Zane. During all the jovial festivities of this weekend, my friend received news I'd never wish on anyone. Her son has Leukemia. He's 4 years old. A vivacious active little boy. He has a long road ahead of him with testings and treatments, but he's still smiling. The strength of my friend is encouraging. I've never been in the situation of receiving a cancer diagnosis. But I remember the day we found out my daughter's heart diagnosis. You kinda feel as if you're watching a tv show and thinking this isn't about my child. But it is. And then to hand over your child to doctors, surgeons, anethesiologists....praying that all will be okay. Knowing you are doing this to help your child. It literally takes everything in you to be strong for your child and others around you. 
Please pray for Zane and his family. Here is a link to their Facebook community page if you'd like to stay up to date on the journey of fighting Leukemia.
pic credit to Zane's mom

Until the next post.... #prayforZane

Monday, September 14, 2015

Soccer has started!!

School has started here in the Smith household. Actually, they are starting week 4 of school....the big kids, that is.
They are loving their teachers and really enjoying making friends with their classmates. Lily (the middle child) is excited about getting to eat a snack in class each day...haha!! Oh, the fun of being a 2nd grader. That's what she thinks 2nd grade is all about. Really, it's because her class has an early lunch time, so they need that "snack time" to get through the day. :) Yes, I'm the practical thinker. Dakota has a friend from last soccer season in his class..and a friend from church (who also rides home with us each day...yay!!).
Leia is loving the big kids being at school all day. She's getting mommy to herself. She also LOVES going to her "class". It's the time at the gym daycare while I get my exercising completed. Woot! She's made lots of friends, too. My little social butterfly.
In addition to school starting, the Fall Soccer season has started. I'm loving the team this year. We have a full team and a great coach...not to mention the cute assistant coach ;) (don't worry, it's my husband..haha) The first game was on Saturday and They WON!!! Dakota was super excited about that....as was I.

The season is starting to slowly change. We are getting little teases of Fall.....my favorite season.

Kids are doing great in school...so far, it's all reviewing. So no bumps in the road.....yet.

I thought the blog needed a little update. I always have so many thoughts of things to share...when I'm not near the computer. (isn't that how it usually goes?!) Now, I'm here and my thoughts/ideas have gone to that part of my brain to be thought about probably around midnight tonight when I need to be sleeping. That's how the Mommy brain works.

Until we meet again...