Tuesday, May 9, 2017

To all the Mommas out there

Life with 3 active kiddos is finally leveling out...I probably just jinxed myself, but I guess that's what keeps it interesting.
As I look towards the holiday that celebrates mothers, I can't help but think of my mom. She is by far the strongest person I know. She's been through alot to say the least. Raising a family, running a business, active in the church ministries, and the list goes on....
I remember my senior year of high school. My mom was out soul winning/knocking doors on a Thursday evening and suffered a stroke. Much thanks to the ladies she was out with, she made it to the hospital in time to off set the side effects of a stroke. She later regained her strength, Praise God. But that one incident put it into perspective...all that my mom did for others, for us. I think that's when I learned to really cook, lol. I can cook spaghetti to feed the multitudes, just saying. Haaa!

I love my mom and all that she has taught me through all her ailments. Her determination and tenacity to stick with it. Inspiring. My mom has had numerous surgeries; so much so, we joke about her being the bionic woman. :) And every time, she gets back up and puts in the hard work at physical therapy. She truly is amazing!

I'd like to think I get my "don't quit" qualities from my mom. Some days, motherhood is rough. I want to lock myself in my room and never come out. I want my kids to "Just listen for once" or to "Stop fighting...one day you will want to have a sister/brother around you...tell them you love them" (of course, all of this is said in the sweetest *eye roll* voice ever) Oh me, Oh my!!
How did our mothers ever cope with the craziness of raising kids?
How did they not want to ship us off to boarding school? (I actually asked my husband if that was a possibility the other day)

I know that times have changed from when I was growing up. I'm reminded that every time my kids are asking for anything technology based. I was content with finding a stick in a Y shape and a rubber band. And running through our grove to the tree forts my brothers built. Oh, so much fun. 
These days, it's bottle flipping, fidget spinners, and new apps. 
So, yeah, I get ya mommas who are up to their ears in whining/fighting kids. Take them outside if you can. Try a little old school outdoors with them. You'd be surprised how it will help their moods (burn off energy) and yours. 

The bar for being a mom is set high these days. Sometimes it looks like you're failing especially if you compare yourself to other moms...don't do that! They just hide their crazy better; that is all. If your kids are fed, clothed, and alive, you are kicking motherhood booty. --Just saying--
Take it easy on yourself, Mommas. And just think...this Sunday, you get to put your feet up. Not worry about the dishes, laundry, the house, the kids....it'll all be there on Monday. Take some time for yourself. Just breathe. If you have to go buy paper plates, then do it. If you have to greet folks on the front porch because your house is dirty aka "lived in", then do it. I'll not judge you. We're all in this journey together. Trying to raise kids that turn out to be somewhat decent humans.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends out there. Love y'all.