Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Way Back When-esday: Howdy!

Dakota with Grandpa and Grandma Popow in Daytona Beach, Florida
August 5th, 2006
Dakota was 6 months old in this photo.

These pictures were taken on our 1st family vacation to Florida to see my side of the family. This was Dakota's 1st time to meet the rest of my brothers and sisters. I come from a big, not as big as the Duggars...there are 10 in all for our you can imagine now what our family reunions were like and will be like.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a little Commercial for Annie

With the holidays coming up, I just wanted to let you all know about my friend's website. She does embroidery on cloth diapers, towels, onsies, skirts, etc. You can check out her Etsy site HERE and their blog PALSTI Embroidery .

I came across her family blog (there is a link on their blog) through another friend. And I am so glad I did. She has beautiful twin girls...and I love reading about all the fun things they do.

I entered one of her blog giveaways........ and I WON!!! A Hello Kitty Towel...and it is the cutest ever!!

So, if you are looking for anything embroidered, check out Annie's sites.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Makes My Monday: Creating new memories

Wow!! we had quite the long weekend...I guess that is what you would call it. Jed took a few vacation days starting Wednesday, we were Westward Ho! Thankfully, we road in a caravan and didn't have to rough it like they did back in the wagon train days...but it was neat seeing further west. This was my first time going further west than Fort Worth, Texas. Seeing all the trees and landscape that we have here in East Texas and then moving west....the trees get shorter and sparse. I found that most trees are Mesquite trees or bushes as they looked compared to our East Texas trees...and they have needles on them.

The view was amazing...since there weren't lot of trees, you could see for miles. Truly amazing. It is awesome seeing God's artist hand at work.

The weather was nice...and windy. I didn't realize how windy it was west of here.

We spent the first day just checking out the ranch. Jed's Great Uncle Wayne took us on his run to feed the cows and check on the heifers. We saw two baby calves. Kota petted one that was born the night before( you can see in the picture collage) and we saw another one that was born just a few hours before...You could see the cord still hanging off the calf. Kota road on the back of the feed truck with Jed...he was in awe once Uncle Wayne turned on the siren to call the cows to eat. And then he flipped a switch and started driving and the feeder let out food for the cows. It was pretty cool. We saw deer there waiting to have some of the cow feed as well. You could see for miles...and cows coming from everywhere. So cool.

The next day, we went to see the Witchita Mountains in Oklahoma. It was so pretty. I saw Wind farms...the wind turbines were quite a sight. We drove to the top of Mount Scott and took pictures up there. Mount Scott is in a Wildlife refuge...where there are free range Longhorns and Buffalo. We saw a few buffalo..they wouldn't pay us much mind. And we saw lots of Longhorns grazing on the side of the road. The prairie dogs were the cutest ever...and when you would drive closer, they would was too funny. As you drove away, they would run away. It was almost as if they thought, as long as we stand still , they can't see us.

It was fun, fun, FUN!!!

We saw lots and enjoyed seeing it all. That evening followed up with a trip fishing at one of the ponds on the ranch. Kota caught 2 catfish and a bass. And I caught a few weighing 5 lbs!!! I thought for sure that one of those fish would have broke my as I reeled them closer to shore, I would drop my pole and pull them in hand over hand. Kota would reel his in until he saw them jumping around and then drop his pole and run...saying "Another fish ate my bait...silly fish!"

Kota's bass

Thanks to Great Aunt Gloria and Great Uncle Wayne...we had a wonderful time on our Westward Ho trip! For those of you who have Facebook, I loaded lots more pictures there. You can view them HERE. They are supposed to be viewable by even those without Facebook go take a look see!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

Last Fall~~2008

Today is the first day of Fall or Autumn...whichever you would like to call it.

I Love Fall!!

I love the smells of fall, the sounds of fall, the activities of fall, and the list goes on. Fall is like the fan fare to bring in the holidays.

The colors changing...which doesn't really happen on the first day of Fall here...but you see decorations change. The summer decor goes on clearance...flip flops are half price now, if not cheaper. The decor colors change to warm comfy browns, oranges, reds, and rustic yellows. Fall is the season of comfy. High school Football games are in full swing. College and Professional football games are the hit of the weekend.

It has started raining here again...but this rain is supposed to bring a cold front...the first cold front of the Fall season. YAY!!! cooler weather!!

When the cooler weather is expected, we will not be here. We are going for a visit to Jed's Great Aunt Gloria's house. We are excited...and I know Kota should love it. Don't worry, I will post all about when we get back (we leave tomorrow) and I'm sure I will have lots of pictures!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ponytail Lily

Lily sporting her ponytail~ reminds me of my sister, Cathie, here.

Up on the table trying to get to the case of popsicles even though she already has one in her hand..silly girl!

Miss Lilyann

Here are the pictures I was talking about, Tammie. Make sure you show Cathie.

Week in review

Miss Lily...on the front porch in her rocker

Today's random post...Since Lily is FINALLY napping and now Kota is playing the infamous Lego Star Wars, I have a few minutes to myself and my now cold cup of coffee.
I have lots of different things on my mind today...first and foremost...I am ready for the rain to stop!! and just as I typed started raining harder...ugh!! Is that a sign or what???!

We have been outside at almost every time it isn't raining...It misted (is that the right word) most of yesterday, I figured..the kids will get wet outside from the grass and whatnot..just let them go out and run off some energy before it starts pouring again. We get out there and silly me takes a magazine to read while the kids are playing...and the Karma gets me. The downpour starts...ugh!!

Don't get me wrong, now. It has been a good rain, a slow and steady rain (even with the karma downpours) for a week now...our grass is greener, the air smells cleaner, etc. I guess Mother Nature is getting East Texas all nice and clean before Fall makes it's appearance. Tuesday is the First Day of Fall/ favorite season, I might add.

Kota...trying to fit in the diaper box..they don't make them like they used to

We have been inside a lot this week. And we have had our outside time..when the weather would allow. The kids have become attached to the neighbor's kitty. And the kitty seems to like them as well. Kota now knows to just sit in our front yard and rub the grass and the kitty will come a pouncing. Lily charges the we are trying to teach her to be gentle with kitty.

Playing with Kitty

Lily is looking for kitty..but kitty has found Lily

Lily at the football field..she's almost 2!!

Kota kicking the balls around

Let see...when we had a few hours of no rain on Wednesday, we went to the nearby football field and I let the kids play some running, jumping, just getting energy out!! It was a fun walk..and on the way back, it started sprinkling. Thankfully, I had the jogging stroller on this adventure...Kota in the seat and Lily in the step seat. Kota and Lily thought it was fun to ride fast down the hill to our house..and I got a good jog in!! Nothing like FREE entertainment for the kids (and all those

Getting ready for our walk home...

And is doing better. It has been a week since I found out that mom broke her hip...and she is recovering nicely.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mom update

Just wanted to update about my mom. She seems to be doing better. They moved her from the hospital to a rehabilitation home for my mom to continue her physical therapy and get the care that she needs. There isn't a phone in her room, so if Tammie (my sister) sent you a number for mom's room, you don't need it. Which is fine...Mom can get more rest this way. Last I heard, mom is having physical therapy 3 times a day while there. Hopefully soon, I will get the news that mom is going home. She has done so well for it being a week from tonight that she broke her hip.

God is good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Way Back When-esday: Ear plugs

I was thinking yesterday that I haven't linked up in awhile to any of the blogs I Here I go...linking up to Cheryl's blog, Twinfatuation to play along with Way back When-esday!

What memorable image makes your mid-week wonderful? Dive into those digital photos or scan a scrapbook find and play along with Way Back When-esday.

Dakota~January 8, 2007~ 11 months old

Here is my handsome little guy. He was 11 months old. See his ear plugs for bath time...those didn't stay in long. Kota had tubes put in a little more than a week before. He still loved his bath time back then...wish bath time was that much fun for him now. He seems to have gone on strike.
Wanna know what he keeps telling me?

"Mom, Grandma just cut my hair, I don't need a bath."

Life is never dull with a witty 3 1/2 yr old.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bread for the duckies

Dakota watching the ducks

Lily trying to see the ducks..and holding onto her bread tight

I know that Daylight savings time is coming soon because it is getting darker earlier. But this past week, the days have seemed so long. Jed is now working as a route driver for that means a new schedule. He still goes to work before the kids get up, but not as early. And now he gets home around 5 (if not later) in the evening. The pay is better than his warehouse just takes some getting used to the new schedule.


Our poor van has been messing up...leaking power steering, I have been without a vehicle this week (another thing to get used to). We have been inside most of this week thanks to the, don't get me wrong..we needed the rain...It is just cabin fever sets in fast with toddlers. So, anytime it wasn't raining, we have been running outside to play for a few minutes.
Finally, the rain stopped this afternoon (for how long, I don't know...but we enjoyed the nice weather while we had it)

My sweet Lily

So, I decided to take the kids to the pond again...a good walk before bedtime would surely help them sleep better!! This time, we go on foot...meaning no bikes. I still had Lily in the stroller since we were crossing a busy off we see the duckies...with bread, I might add.

Eating away on her bread

Lily wanted to hold the bread on the way there..and she smushed it all up. I give her a glob of bread which she proceeds to eat..and I give Kota some. He throws his glob in right away..and the fish (and probably a turtle or two) devoured it! I showed Dakota how to make little bread balls and throw them to the duckies to get them to come near us. And it worked. Kota had the duckies so close. He was talking to them and quacking away...all the while Lily is standing there eating her bread.

Kota throwing some bread to the duckies

It was a fun walk...exactly what we needed after being inside for the past few days. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

And here is a little update on my mom:
She is doing good...took a few steps on Monday. The drs are trying to regulate her that she is not in pain, but is still coherent. And they have put her back on her daily coumadin. The pain is tremendous right now as they are trying to regulate it. So, continue to pray for comfort for my mom and for a painless recovery.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Downhill adventure

Dakota..just before he took off on his down hill adventure

Friday...I decided to get the kids out early. Well, we didn't end up outside early, but we did get out before lunch. I thought...I can push Lily in the stroller and Kota can ride his bike. We can make a trek around the block, maybe venture to the duck pond, and end up at the consignment store near us...and then head on home. All in hopes of the kids actually napping!

swimming away

Kota checking out the pond

So, off we go...Kota has his helmet on..riding his bike like a pro...we trek out through the neighborhood heading to the duck pond. What an adventure it was just to get Dakota off his bike to cross the main street before we got to the pond. Then we head uphill...the going is slow...but at least Dakota decided to get off his bike and push it uphill. Very smart kid.

We see the ducks...well, they saw us and swam off pretty fast..Kota says because we didn't have any bread for the duckies. We saw a few fish in the pond (since the water was so low) and then I decided...let's head back and attempt to go to the consignment store ( I was hoping to find Dakota a new PlayStation 2 he could have something fun to do in case he didn't nap). So, off we go. Me pushing Lily in the stroller and Kota riding off on ahead. As he nears the downhill part of our trek.

Me: "Kota, you should probably get off your bike and push it down the hill"
Kota: "I will ride slow, mommy"
Me: "I don't think you can, Kota, you will go too fast."
Kota: "I will ride slow, mommy"

Next thing you know, he is going down the hill...FAST!!! He is calling, " me stop!" ...I am running now, pushing the stroller and running as fast as I can to catch Dakota (all I can think is he is not going to get control of his bike and run right through the busy cross street ahead)...but I make it..and get him pushed off the road onto the grass. Kota gets off his bike and says through tears, "Mommy, I didn't want to ride fast, that is why I was crying. I don't want to ride no more, mommy...that was too fast"

So, Kota is saved...I am now dragging a bike behind me while pushing the unphased Lily in the stroller. We get across the street and Kota decides he can ride his bike the rest of the way home. We never did make it to the consignment store...but after that downhill adventure. I think we all needed to rest.

Grandma update

My mom had her surgery yesterday morning. It was a successful surgery. She is doing better...just in a lot of pain now. She should be starting her physical therapy today. They wanted to start it yesterday, but because of the time of her surgery and she had some internal bleeding that they needed to stop, they postponed the PT until today. I haven't talked with her today..just talked with my sister, Tammie.
Keep my mom in your prayers...Today is supposed to be the hardest the meds start wearing off, and she starts her PT. But mom is strong and very independent. So, we will see how it goes. I will keep you all updated as I am updated from my sisters.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grandma from Florida

The sole purpose of this post is for prayers.

My mom (as Kota calls her--Grandma from Florida or Mommy Poppers) fell on Thursday night. She thought she just bruised her hip, so she went on to bed. When she woke up, she couldn't sit up or even move. My dad called an ambulance and had her taken to the hospital. They ran some x-rays and come to find mom broke her hip. Completely separated..the ball from her hip bone (I'm not sure if that is all the right terms but it helps you to understand the severity).
Right now, my mom is flat on her back awaiting surgery for a hip replacement. They are waiting on her the coumadin levels in her body to go down. Coumadin is a blood thinner. My mom has taken a blood thinner since her stroke almost 10 years ago. She takes it everyday. So for the Doctors do the the surgery, Mom must have a low level of coumadin in her body so she doesn't free bleed. They are giving her Vit K to help with the coagulating of her blood. But is a waiting game. Too much Vit K can result in a stroke again, and not enough...well, you get the picture.

Her surgery was scheduled for 9am EST today, but her levels didn't come back good. So they bumped her to 12 noon hopes of her levels being where they should be. I will keep you all posted as I am updated from my sisters.

Prayer works. Believe me, My daughter is living proof of prayer.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playground fun

Lily's attempt to belly swing

You can do or be anything as long as you have a shred of imagination. Let me tell you..Dakota has a vivid imagination.

Today, we went to the playground and played, of course. Lily loves to swing, so we headed over to the swing set and got on the swings...and swinging they went. Kota likes to swing high...Lily does, too...but she isn't all that brave when the swing starts going fast. Lily gets the little pushes and Kota gets the underdogs (remember those from grade school days?)

Kota showing me his foot

Nothing is more carefree than swinging. Swinging is relaxing...feeling the breeze on your face...looking up into the sky. Just peaceful. A simple swing can turn you into a rocket ship shooting up into the sky...a plane flying through...or a kite flying up into the sky and back.
You can swing how ever you want...on your bottom (traditional way), on your belly (my kids' favorite way), and standing (thankfully, my kids haven't mastered that yet).

Crazy haired Lily...looking for the airplane we could hear

The simplest of things bring the greatest afternoon fun. For a while there, Kota would play with sticks...he was Peter Pan, and I was Captain Hook. Fun times. I love spending the afternoon and mornings outside...away from all the cartoons, TV, video games. Just simple fun...that wears you out! :P

Kota swinging high!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Growing up

Lilyann (Labor Day weekend)

Lilyann is growing up in some areas and then in other areas (comfort wise) she wants to stay a little forever.

Lily wants to do everything that Dakota does. She thinks she can climb up into the "castle" of the swing set and try to get onto the monkey bars like Kota does...and she actually tried!!! I had to get her down or that would have been a fall to remember. And Lily voiced her disapproval (another area of we are working on with her talking).

But Miss Lily still wants to have her bottle...we have been bottle free for almost 4 weeks now. Silly me hasn't put the bottles up out of sight...they are in the cabinet that we rarely use...but Smart Little Lily never forgot. She has been pointing to the counter every time I put her in her seat to today, I let her get up on the counter and show me what she wants (since she isn't talking much still) and she opened that cabinet...took out a bottle and handed it to me to fill up with milk!!! I was shocked. So, right then and there, we took all the bottles and put them in a bag and I put them away (when she wasn't looking). That smart little girl wanted a bottle...her 2nd favorite soothie. Her blanket is first and then it was her bottle.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thought for Today

So the carpenter encouraged the goldsmith, and he that smootheth with the hammer him that smote the anvil, saying, It is ready for the sodering: and he fastened it with nails, that it should not be moved.
~Isaiah 41:7~

This was the passage that our pastor spoke from today. A basic truth. Give Courage with Encouragement. The verse above refers to 5 men who do one job and get it all done while encouraging each other on. The Carpenter, the Goldsmith, the Anvil hammerer (as the Pastor called it), the Soderer, and the Fastener. The job started with one, who passed on to the other, encouraging; and passed on, encouraging; and passed on, encouraging...oh! you get the picture...So you have an "applause" going on while the last one fastens it to the wall....and everyone cheering for the job completed.
I wonder how fast that job would have been completed without the encouraging? you might have heard that one lonely carpenter clapping by himself trying to root the rest of his team on....but with everyone cheering together...Fantastic!! (as my dad would say)

My goal this week and forever will be to encourage those around me...Cheer people on to do what they don't think they can do. Give courage to finish! And applause for a job well done!

Who will you give courage to? I push back my chair and stand on my feet to give you all a standing ovation.

Give courage through Encouragement!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our "rainy" day


On Thursday, Jed worked a split shift (4-8 am and 4-8pm) he was home when it looked like the clouds would drop the bottom out...and rain down on us. So, Jed and I decided...let's get the yard mowed before that happens and then the rain can water our grass and all will be well.

I had the kids outside to help them run off some energy thinking we would be confined for the rest of the day in the house (due to the threat of rain)....and hoping that I could help Jed with some of the mowing. Even though I asked a million times, Jed did all the mowing himself...while I played with the kids and took some pretty candid pictures.

It was a fun, cool, windy day....with lots of threats of rain...and what we did get was a mere sprinkle that only blurred the chalk drawings on our front porch. But the cool temperatures gave me the chance to open all the windows throughout the house and air the house out. Fun!! Just remember to keep screens on the kids' windows or every toy will end up outside on the grass....way to clean your room, Lily and Kota!!!

These are all the toys that were thrown out the kids' window...craziness!!! everything but the kitchen

Lily loves to walk around with her tongue hanging out...I guess it helps her to walk..I don't know

Kota...mid rock!

Kota kicking the ball to me...can you tell he has been playing outside with no shoes on almost all day?

Lily's hair blowing in the breeze...look at all that hair!!

Jump, Jump Lily Lu

When you're up, you're up; and when you're down, you're down!!

I hope you enjoyed the massive amounts of pictures....We had a good time that day even if it didn't rain! Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Writer's Workshop: The first day of...

The first day of the rest of our lives was May 28, 2004.

On that day, Jed and I (Joy) became husband and wife.

Our ceremony was at 7 pm at my home church, Central Fellowship Baptist Church, in Lake Helen, Florida. The planning that went into our ceremony was a tremendous amount but my mother-in-law did the majority of it all. (Thanks!) I found out later that our ceremony lasted all of 17 minutes!! wow!!! After the ceremony, we did the cutting of the cake outside and then headed back inside for photos.
Photos taken, Clothes changed, and we were off on our honeymoon.

The wedding party

It is a day that I will remember always.

Bro. Tim, Bro. John, Jed (groom), and Matt (best man)

The sunburned groomsmen, the overly eager ring bearer (who ran down the aisle to jump and sit on the pillow he was carrying), the candid "cheese" pictures, the yummy cake, the hugs from friends and family, the tear in the eyes of my parents, and the list could go on.

I am so thankful for my husband and for his family. The accepted me right away...and what a wonderful family they are. Love you all!!

This post was inspired by Mama's Losin' It. Stop on by and read other entry's from her Writer's Workshop.

Say What ?!?!?! Wednesday & WBW

Say What ?!?!?!

Today, I am going to play along with 2 mommies' blogs. Missy's blog Two Little Monkeys
for Say What ?!?!?! Wednesday--> this is where you jot down the funny, embarrassing or silly things your kids or anyone one else have said recently.
Well, it never fails..Dakota always has something funny or "wow, that really came from him" to say.

Sunday night, Dakota wasn't feeling too hot...he went on to sleep, but then woke up an hour or 2 later saying that his head hurt. As I was sitting in there trying to get him to take some medicine for his headache, he asked for a towel. (TMI alert) We get the towel just in time as he begins to throw up. Now, this mommy here doesn't have a strong stomach. So, it was quite a trying to keep it together and Kota losing it all. back to "Say What ?!?!?!"
All cleaned up and back in bed, Dakota proceeds to tell me, "Sleep with me, Mommy, I don't want to "grow up" no more" He kept saying "grow up" for throw up.
Believe me, Kota, I don't want you to grow/throw up either!!
It was funny, because he had told the same thing to Lily over the weekend..."don't grow up in your crib, Pretty girl...Don't grow up"

And now for Way Back When-esday (WBW) If you wanna play along, look back through your old photos and post a picture from Way Back When...then link up to Cheryl's blog Twinfatuation
to play along.

Lilyann with Katie..Labor Day Weekend 2008

Dakota with Brooke...Labor Day Weekend 2008

I stole this theme idea to share previous Labor Day Pictures from a fellow blogger....and keeping with the water themed pictures from this week...Here you go. This was Lily's first labor Day...and her first time swimming in the big pool at Nana's house (Brooke and Katie's Nana)