Friday, February 20, 2015

Recent happenings at The Smiths

I have so many thoughts, just not enough time to document them all.
Some of those thoughts would have y'all wondering about my sanity, I'm sure. And the last 2 weeks, those thoughts have been all over the place.
2 weeks ago, I was prepping the house, family, and myself for knee surgery. I was constantly reminding the kiddos that in _____days, Mom won't be able to jump up and get whatever you're requesting. You will have to get it for yourself. You will have to be Big Brother/Big Sister and help Mom. My big kids have truly shown me how much they can do. I just wished I had already taught them how to do dishes and laundry all by themselves. They've assisted me while doing it, but have never done it all on their own. That's the 2 things that keep me from resting and taking it easy. 
Thankfully, my sister came over each morning to help out around the house and help me with Leia. So, on to the surgery. I had an arthroscopic knee surgery. I was home that afternoon. Lots of pain and swelling...and getting used to walking with crutches. Thankfully, I practiced before surgery, so it wasn't too overwhelming. 

Fabulous, huh?!

I'm now 10 days post surgery. Believe me, those first couple of days, I kept telling myself "why did you do this? you could have worn a brace for the rest of your life. Nothing could be as painful as this." And wouldn't you know it, a few days after surgery, the weather changed. OMG!!! intense. I now know to plan ahead when the weather man forecasts different weather. Just to get a jump start on the stiffness.

Not to shabby :)

I feel as if I'm exceeding my expectations of this surgery. I can currently flex the required 110 degrees. Next therapy, I think I'm supposed to do 10 leg lifts not triggered by stem. I've started the stationary bike (felt like riding a bike for the first time...the uncertainty, but the determination to JUST DO IT!!) Is it "Debbie downer" of me to be cautiously awaiting a hurdle or speed bump? I feel like it's going so great, that I'm scared to slow down for fear of re-gressing. Silly, huh?!

Anywho...that's life with me, right now.
As for the happenings in the family the last few weeks, our oldest signed up for soccer and his first game is soon. He loves going to practice. And I love when he goes because he sleeps so well that night :) Our middle child is doing good with school. Reading is going well. Counting money, not so well. I know she knows money and how it works, I just think she gets rushed and guesses. I found a cool Money app for the kindle. So, we'll see if that helps her get the hang of it. If you have tips, let me know. :)
As for the youngest, wowza!! she's been a rare gem lately. Helping me one minute and totally "not my best friend" the next minute. But I still love her. She told me this morning "I'm a Princess." I inquired, "you are??" "yes, I'm Princess know the Princess in the white dress. Not the blue dress or pink dress. The white dress, Mom."
She's a Hoot!!
 Loving the flowers <3 p="">

I'm so thankful for the kind words, well wishes, and support from family and friends during this time. I still have a long way to go. 6 months til I can Zumba again!! (I miss it, I really do). But I need to be strong and able for myself and my family. That's the most important part. 

So, until I get a chance to post an update, silly anecdote, or informative picture...

-enJoy ♥