Friday, May 2, 2008


Hello again!! Today was Lilyann's followup appointment with the cardiologist..and Lilyann got an EXCELLENT from the cardiologist!! they are super impressed with her recovery. The echo of her heart showed that her heart is all back to normal, no enlargement like before--the heart is doing what it is supposed to be fluid around the heart!! (which means Lilyann is officially off all heart meds!! YAY!!) Lily's weight was 10 lbs 8 oz...which is exactly what it was the day before surgery--now when i took her to the pediatrician a day after discharge, she weighed 11.4 lbs, but she was weighed with her clothes on (the weigh in at the cardiologists was just in a clean diaper) and she still had some puffiness from the surgery and extra fluid around her heart. So they aren't worried about her "weight loss"

I'm just so!! and we don't have to go back for 3months!! and then if she gets a good report again at the next appointment then we will only have to go back once a year!! That is awesome news!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and warm wishes. Lilyann is truly of gift from God--with alot of fight in her! She is going to do something great--you just wait and see. It was so nice to see Lilyann actually smile at the Dr. today...He even said something about seeing Lilyann's smile for the 1st time.


"Grammy" Sue B said...

PRAISE GOD....This is the update we have prayed for and been waiting for!*!*! Give sweet Lilyann a smooch from Aunt Sue and Uncle Millard. And here are (((BIG HUGS))) for Jed, Joy, and all have been in our prayers too. We knew God would take care of everyone! I can hardly wait until we can see you guys again.
Love, Aunt Sue

Eric said...

We are so thrilled to hear the good news about Lilyann! Thank you for sharing this wonderful answer to prayer. What a miracle! And, thank you for the post you left on Eric's blog. He is doing well...just not able to post anything yet. There is no electricity or running water, therefore, no internet access. We've been able to talk via a used cell phone they bought at the market, but we get "bumped" off that alot. Anyway...thank you for your thoughts and prayers. And, thanks for the updates on your family. We are all blessed...
Melissa Reploeg