Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Little Lilyann is growing up...

Lilyann~~ enjoying being outside
Dakota playing in his pool

Well, Little Miss Lilyann is getting bigger...she has now reached the 12 lbs mark...oh! how long we have waited for her to gain some weight and it is finally happening. Today was Lilyann's 6 month well check-up. Here are her stats: 12 lbs even (.84 percentile..almost in the 1st percentile..she used to be off the charts); and 25 inches long (21 percentile). I'm so happy for her. The Dr was pleased with her progress, also.
Lilyann is really getting the hang of eating from a spoon. She is up to 2 oz of baby food with 1 oz of cereal for breakfast and the same for dinner. I think we are about to add meal #3 into her schedule...she loves to eat. She will give you "the look" if you don't share what you are eating with her. She is doing good with her bottles, too. She is taking about 4 oz ever 4 hours...and we had one a night last week were Lilyann slept thru the night!! YAY!!!
Lilyann is getting more active, but she isn't sitting up on her own. The Dr said not to worry...Lily will be behind on reaching some of her milestones because of her VSD condition. Now, she is trying to catch up to where she needs to be. All in all things are going good which is awesome!!

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