Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Lily Lu standing up--Kota ready to take her hand
On Kota's jump...I thought she was too quiet, then I walked into their room to see this..Kota is actually sleeping in his bed while Lily was doing this.

Lily~New Year's Eve..trying to work the Wii remote

Lily with Uncle Jerry and Brooke wanted to be in the picture, too.

Happy Birthday, Jed

Happy 2009 to all!!

The beginning of the year has me thinking of New Year resolutions. I am constantly reminded of new year resolutions as soon as I walk into the gym. Last night, we all went to the gym and it was packed...There were people waiting for a machine to work out on and lots of people walking the track. I overheard a couple of older men talking while waiting for a machine about how busy it was tonight. The other guy quickly tells his friend..."give it 2 weeks, and it won't be so busy."

We are creatures of habit. Making a decision to better ourselves and then not sticking with it. I can't judge anyone, because I am the same way. This year, My decision is to GO to the gym. I have the availability of it, and the free childcare while there...so, in other words, NO EXCUSE!!

This month is Dakota's 3rd birthday. Which means, that as of January 28Th, Dakota will be sitting in big church with mommy, daddy, and Grandma. We did a trial run this past Sunday, and Dakota lasted almost the whole service with only 3 exits. I say that was pretty good for Dakota. He did better than I expected. Pray for patience for Mommy and Daddy, and stillness for Dakota.

The New Year was started out at Aunt Samantha and Uncle Jerry's house. We played Wii games, had dinner, and celebrated Jed's 25Th birthday (he is a new years baby~ Jan 1st) It was a fun night.

Miss Lilyann has learned to climb! I thought she would be walking before climbing, but no, Lily has other plans. She can climb onto Dakota's jump (trampoline) and then she stands up and shakes her bottom like she is jumping. Lily is getting more independant, but also more clingy...is that possible? At night, she thinks that she can only sleep if mommy and daddy are holding her. And if we put her in her bed, she is quite vocal letting us know that she is not happy.

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