Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink or Blue?!

Okay..Here's the update from me...I had the sonogram done first...The OB who did the test for me said she gives the baby an A+. Little Princess Leia decided to uncross HER ankles for all of a few seconds and we saw the 3 lines indicating a girl. She was very ladylike...hands in a praying position in front of her face, of course, and legs crossed at the ankles. She is weighing in at 9 oz at almost 19 weeks.
As for the fetal echo, the pediatric cardiologist did this test for me...she was very informative of everything we were seeing on the screen. The baby's heart looks PERFECT!!! I couldn't ask for a better looking heart ♥ I knew right off the bat that things were good. When looking at Lily's heart echos, there was red (blood) and blue (oxygen) mixed up all over the place due to the Large hole in her heart..but with this was where it was supposed to be and blue where it was supposed to be. I was so excited!! Heart rate was good 148.
Overall, a fantastic appointment...and I have quite an active Little girl....she was all over the place...but with her ankles crossed :P
I am home and absolutely EXHAUSTED!! super long day.

We are still deciding on names...but since my family are BIG fans of Star Wars, we are calling her Princess Leia for now...Lily wants to name her Kitty Meow...but we will see about that name selection.