Monday, October 17, 2011

Makes My Monday: Morning Nap time


The kiddos

The kiddos are growing up..and oh so FAST!

This momma is tired from just trying to keep up with them all.

I do have a 2nd string coming in to help. My mom and oldest sister, Tammie, arrive tomorrow from Florida. I'm so excited to see them...and to have some extra sets of arms to hold Leia, hug Lily, and help Dakota! not to mention, I'm eager to have my super organized sister, Tammie, coming...maybe she can help me get everything organized again! With 5 people living in a 2 bedroom house (til we get this garage finished...yes! we are still working on it. The overbearing Texas heat put everything on hold for a bit) can be somewhat cluttering.

Right now, I'm so happy that Leia--who partied ALL night--is taking her long morning nap. Mommy has lots to do to get ready for tomorrow's guests and today's schedule is quite busy. Parent Teacher Conference after lunch, Kota has early release today, Leia's 2 wk checkup at 3pm...and the list goes on!

So, my Monday maker....long morning me time to put my head on straight! :)

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Cheryl Lage said...

Morning naps with the promise of extra help on the way?? COMPLETELY Monday makers!

Thank you for linking up and sharing the glee!

Annie said...

Enjoy the visit of your family. Priceless pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Alex said...

your kids are just beautiful! I think Leia looks like her big brother :)