Thursday, November 17, 2011

EnJoying every moment ♥

I'm trying my dead level best to keep the blog updated...Time just seems to run away from me. And it's not that I have a gazillion things to do. But dealing with a kindergartener, an almost 4 yr old who is vying for my attention at every single opportunity, and then throw an infant into the mix...well, I'm hoping you get the picture.

Leia is 6 weeks old now...which means she had her 6 week check up. Leia is now 10 lbs 5 oz and 21.5 inches long. She's a growing girl! And the best part about her getting older, she is starting to smile at us (and not the gas smile) and coo!

We are getting a few things together for Lily's upcoming 4th birthday party. She has decided on Hello Kitty.

Dakota is getting antsy...He knows that the holidays are coming which means he's out of school. And that is one thing that he is SUPER EXCITED about....well, that and Christmas presents!!

The weather is cool here again...which is lovely. It helps to get into the holiday spirit....and that is just what we did this past weekend. We went and took Christmas pictures at a local park. Here's a few for y'all to EnJoy!

The Guys

Mr. Dakota

A fun picture of the kiddos

The Girls

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Annie said...

Take your time, family is first.

Beautiful pictures.

Lily looks a lot like you.