Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Almost Holidays...happenings in our lives

Hi, Blogging World. I'm still here. Just positively hurried and most thoughts are quotes from the kids, inspirational thoughts, or those "get off your booty and just do it" thoughts.

We are currently participating in what school age children call "drive your mother insane" week...er, I mean, Christmas Break! All is good on the home front. But I do have one child on the mend from a tonsillectomy just less than a week ago. He doing okay for the most part. We have good minutes, bad minutes. Good hours, bad hours. Daytime is usually the easiest. Nighttime is not for the faint of heart. I'm struggling. We are still on medicine dosing every 2.5-3 hours. It's the only way that he can rest...even though, he doesn't care for my waking him up to drink and take "yucky medicine". I'm so thankful for fellow mommy friends who gave me a heads up on the real time events after a tonsillectomy. Whew!!

In addition to the child on the mend, I have a 4 year old who is not great at sharing the one on one attention from her mother with her siblings. And an 8 year old vying for my full attention and more times than not getting what remains.

I did get to enjoy this afternoon. My sister volunteered to watch Kota and the princess. And Lily and I were able to go to the gym and get a little extra Christmas shopping finished. It was nice to spend that one on one attention with her. She hasn't really received the attention she needs with her brother recovering.
We hit up the Dollar Tree and purchased a few odds and ends. We tried on Santa hats and she picked out some Santa hats for her siblings. Then we did a quick run into Target for some muffin mix (in hopes that brother will eat them) and an Icee treat. Yes, Lily and I had a good time.

I remember getting one on one time with my mom. It was usually on grocery shopping trips. I loved going with her and trying to sneak one $.50 bag of candy into the shopping cart. Sometimes I could. Most times I couldn't.

So, here we are drawing closer to Christmas and the close of 2015. 2016 is so close I can taste it. I am pleased with all that has been accomplished in 2015. It's been a good year. Yes, I had knee surgery and will possibly have another procedure next week.(yikes!! but that's the joy of adulting...making difficult decisions based on insurance deductibles) I love being active and if the issues with my knee will hinder that..and it can be fixed. Let's do it! My goal this year was to come back from an ACL reconstruction and run part of a 5K in March 2016. The likelihood of that happening...the running part...are very slim. It kinda makes me sad. But I'm not 16 anymore.
 My hubby is back to running. He hasn't really run since shortly after Dakota was born. (ahem! almost 10 years ago) I am amazed at his determination and commitment. He's motivating! I love that about him. We are getting healthy and active to keep up with our kids. We want to help instill a healthy lifestyle in them as well. Making smarter eating choices and staying active.
I'm excited for 2016 and the new adventures it will hold for my husband and I...and our family.

God has given us this life to live for him. My goal is to influence and help 1 person. No, not the whole world. Just 1 person to become a better person inside and out.
Stay tuned for more fun happenings with The Smiths in 2016. ♥


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