Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our 1st week home...

Lilyann playing in her bouncy chair
Dakota helping Daddy mow the backyard
Dakota--playing outside
Lilyann--we laid her down in the grass--this picture came out so perfect..a true picture of innocence

And so far, everything is going pretty good. The first day home was a little overwhelming; with not having to take care of 2 kids for a week, and then trying to get back in the groove of 2 kids wanting my attention. Lilyann is doing good. I took Lilyann to the pediatrician on Wednesday (the day after we got home from the hospital). Lilyann cry was so hoarse, and she acted like it hurt to swallow. So i took her in, and the Dr takes a look and notices that Lily's throat is red...and then when i tell her how Lily acts when she eats, we find out it is Lilyann's reflux--it has flared up again. Since the prevacid made Lily throw up, the Dr put Lily on Zantac two times a day. It seems to be helping with the reflux. Now her cries and coos aren't hoarse anymore. Lily is like a new little girl: playing, eating (from a bottle), and smiling lots.

This passed Saturday was so pleasant that Jed and Dakota mowed the backyard (yes, Dakota helped) and Lilyann and I sat outside (while she was awake) and watched. It is surprising to see such a drastic change in Lilyann. Her color is better, she is much more active, and she is starting to talk more. Also, she has found her hands and they are always in her mouth (she is teething!!) We are introducing her feet to her...she finds them amusing, especially when they hide mommy and daddy's face.

Dakota is thrilled to have "Lily Lu" home...he calls her "pretty girl" (he gets that from daddy).

Oh!! i almost forgot, at our Dr's visit last Wednesday, they weighed Lilyann..and she was 11.4 lbs (with her clothes on) She is gaining weight all ready!!

On Wednesday, Lilyann will be 5 months seems like just yesterday i was going to the hospital to have! they grow so fast! Also, on Wednesday, I (mommy) am going to have a birthday...can you guess how old???

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I am currently in Wisconsin driving Courtney back from college with Mama and the girls. I wanted to check in though to see how all was going with "BEAUTIFUL" Lilyann. I am overwhelmed at the greatness of our God! He is so Good. We praise Him for His abundant kindness on your family and our precious Lily.

We will pray that her improvement continues.

I am going to guess 26 on the birthday I right? I'm trying to remember, but I think you and Vida are close to the same age if I am thinking correctly and Vida is 3 years younger than I am. I'll be 29 in June...ouch! One more year and the big 30 is coming my way after this one. Happy Birthday regardless if I am right on the age or not! I hope you have a most wonderful one, and I know you will because of your two...I mean three greatest presents...Jed, Dakota, and Lilyann!

We love you all lots. I hope we can get together this summer.

Christy For All...In the Current Spot of FREEZING COLD WISCONSIN