Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blueberry weekend

Being out in the cool morning air and picking blueberries is such a refreshing activity. Thanks to we were able to find out about **free blueberries: you pick them, all you can carry**
An older couple, the Wheats, had 20 acres of blueberry bushes. They are both disabled and cant get out and do what they used to do with the blueberry bushes (which are now more like trees, since they cant keep them cut back) So Mr. Wheat made the post on Freecycle, and we planned for the weekend to go pick some blueberries. Here are some pictures of the kids picking blueberries...Dakota and Lily both love them...

Dakota picking blueberries
Dakota eating blueberries
Lilyann picking some blueberries--though you can't tell by her face, she really does like them
Lilyann helping herself to some of Daddy's blueberries
Boo (Jed's grandmother) coming through the blueberry "jungle" (as Dakota called it)
See the blueberries above her head...these blueberries were huge!!

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