Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A lil' update...

It has been a little while since i last posted here. I pray this post finds all our friends and family well. We, the Smiths, are all doing well. Lily is definitely teething!! and she gets her feelings hurt when you don't share your food with her...i should do of video of her eating, but it always slips my mind. Dakota is just being Dakota...and growing up so fast. He got a haircut on Sunday and he looks so handsome. And i swear, that haircut makes him look and act like a big boy. He is getting better on saying "yes/no, sir". And lately his favorite part of the day (besides when daddy comes home) is going to jump on our bed and say good morning to Lily (i think Lily enjoys and looks forward to it as well).

Dakota is starting to share more, and he wants Lily to play with him more. We got him a slip n slide (He loves it) Yes! it was fun, at first...i had to show him how to do the slip n slide...needless to say, slip n slides are for kids...I was so sore the next day. He loves playing outside in his pool...he likes to do "Shamu splashes".

Lily is trying to sit up. I actually got some pictures of her sitting up for a few seconds (i hope you enjoy them) and she is loving tummy time (as long as she can play with Dakota's dinosaurs).

Lily has gained 1 lb and 4 oz in the last month. We took the kids for their WIC appointments on Tuesday. Dakota for a re certification; and Lilyann for a followup.
Lily is still a little below average, but given the circumstances, she is doing excellent. She is now 13 lbs 4 oz and 24 inches long. Dakota is doing good also. He is now 27 1/2 lbs and 35 3/4 inches tall. He did really good when they did the finger prick to check his iron. He is such a big boy. Makes me wonder where the time went.
We had a wonderful holiday weekend. Dakota enjoyed the fireworks displays and spending time with friends and family. Definitely a week to appreciate our freedom and those who fought and continue to fight for it. (Kenny...thanks!!)
Happy 4th of July and God Bless!!

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