Friday, November 21, 2008

Absence makes the Heart grow fonder

Dakota--he was in mid sing.

Lilyann with Dakota's Shamu we got at a yard sale

Lilyann and Dakota on the twisty slide

Action shot

Lilyann on her car that turns into a walker

Definitely true. I miss my husband so much. Jed has been gone since Sunday afternoon. He left to go to Houston for training for his new job. He will be working at Safety-Kleen. It will be a better job. He will still get the same pay but not have to work as many hours. He used to be a milkman (I'm going to miss my free chocolate milk...Dakota will probably miss it more than me, though.) and a usual day for him was from 4am to 4pm. If he finished early, it was great...if he didn't, not so great. He was paid salary. Now he gets paid by the hour. So it is definitely a better job.

Tonight, Jed comes home. He will get out of class at 4pm and then head home to his family. Dakota is ready to see Daddy. Lily had been saying, "dadadadada" the last few days. And I am ready to see my hubby. I am ready for someone to take care of

It has actually been a pretty smooth week for us--even without Jed being here. Jed's mom (Grandma) has helped out tremendously. Coming over in the evening time to help me put the kids to bed. I guess I took it all for granted...the small breaks that Jed would give me while he was here. The time to myself in the bathroom is a treasured break. Do you know how hard it is to do the paperwork when you have 2 children underfoot in the bathroom?? and if you close the door, they just stand at the door and cry/keep times, I tell you!!

Another one of my lifesavers and safe havens this week has been Stomp Time at the Institute (the gym). We have become quite familiar faces at the gym this passed week. Dakota loves going to the daycare (stomp time, as he calls it) He doesn't even cry. He likes playing "with the guys". Lily enjoys it, too. Dakota and I started attending a Mom and Tots class..It is fun. I have met a few mommies there...and it gives Dakota and I a chance to have one-on-one time with Lily Lu. Dakota did okay the first class... the second class, he had a meltdown when the teacher picked up his green ball and put it in the bucket. But in the end, he told Miss Danielle "thank you" and helped her pick up all the blue mats when class was over. Not only attending the Mom and Tot class but also working out has kept me busy. I enjoy the time to walk the treadmill or ride the bike...with peace and quiet.
What a week it has has been long, but it was fun. I learned a lot; and I now know not to take my husband for granted. I miss my nice long hot baths.

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