Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 at a glance

Happy New Year from Kota and Lily

I started our family blog the last week of January of 2008. Those who are avid readers to our blog have probably read all that this post contains. I was just thinking that as this year comes to close all that the Smith family had go on...everything from birthdays, surgery, weddings, Dr. appointments, oh! you get the picture. So let's see all that I can remember. If I get something wrong, which I probably will, I am going to blame it on my C.I.A.D.D. (Child Induced Attention Deficit Disorder)


We celebrated Dakota's 2ND birthday (28Th) and Jed's 24Th birthday (1st). We also found out that Miss Lilyann~7 weeks old at the time~had a hole in her heart. January 22ND changed all our lives.


Our family going to Corpus Christi for Matt and Sarah Duckett's wedding...we made a little vacation of it by taking in some sites around the city. (Texas Aquarium and U.S.S Lexington)

After our short vacation, it was back to Dr appointments, weigh ins, heart Dr visits, and keeping track of Lily's formula intake. February 20Th, Lilyann was admitted to the hospital for Failure to Thrive. She stayed just shy of 2 weeks. While there, Lilyann received the blessed feeding tube and RSV (which postponed her heart surgery date). But everything happens in good time...there is a season for everything.


Lilyann came home from the hospital. Home is where the heart is. And we started the up and down weight roller coaster. Most was weight gain...thank God. It snowed this month...enough to stick for a little...which is not usual TX weather. Lilyann reached the long awaited 10 lbs mark!!

And we celebrated Easter with family and friends.


This was the month of all months...You never knew what would happen next...Lilyann was the boss of this month. Lilyann had her open heart surgery on April 15Th. It was one long week for us all. The 5 hours that Lilyann was in surgery was the longest 5 hours of my life. Just waiting and praying and trying to stay upbeat for the sake of family and Dakota. Lilyann came home on April week after her surgery. Thanks for all your prayers.


We celebrated my birthday (April 30Th) and Grandma's (1st) birthday and a late party for Andy (April 24Th, i think). Lilyann had a followup with the cardiologist and she got an excellent!! recovering nicely. And we ended the month with a trip to Temple, TX to visit Brittiany, Andy, and Alexis. While down that way, we went to San Antonio and spent the day at Sea World.

Also, Jed and I celebrated our 4Th wedding anniversary (28Th)


Lilyann is up to 12 lbs!! and Dakota is loving the warm weather. It is swimming pool time. Dakota loved playing outside in the pool...making Shamu splashes. June 20Th was the day that my little brother, Phillip, got married. So, we went to FL for a long weekend. Spent some time at the beach, at the wedding, and with family. It was great seeing everyone that weekend.


Lilyann is 13 lbs now!! She is doing great!! Dakota loved the fireworks and spending time with everyone during the 4Th of July. We also had our blueberry adventure. Picking blueberries and foraging through the "jungle" as Kota called it. More pool time and walks to the park.


Lilyann is 8 months old...and receives the all clear from the heart Dr. All is well with Lilyann's heart. The hole has closed up. Thank you, God! We celebrate Samantha's 4Th birthday at the water park. Lots of fun in the sun this month.


Labor Day was celebrated with friends and family swimming at Nana's pool. Lily and Dakota both loved it. Hurricane Ike made his presence made...blowing through East TX, knocking down trees and bringing the power lines with them. Fall is starting to show..the leaves are changing and cooler weather is coming.


Lilyann is up to 17 lbs. Fall is in the air meaning the East Texas Yamboree is in town. Parades, rides, livestock shows, and more. This year, we took Pumpkin patch pictures at a local church. Everyone following the blog learned what Rhino poop the October archive to learn more. Memories.


7X7...remember to pray for your children always. Obama was elected as President of the United States. Lilyann is still gaining weight, she just hasn't caught up with kids her age. Jed changes jobs. Now working for Safety-Kleen. We celebrated Lilyann's 1st birthday on Thanksgiving Day with the family.


The Christmas tree was put up..and then decorated, and redecorated for the first week of December...thanks to Dakota and Lilyann. Christmas pictures are taken. Lilyann is at 17 lbs 4 oz...still below average but good given her 1st year of life. Dakota teaches mommy that everyone deserves a "Merry Christmas" no matter how mommy feels!! And Christmas with Family is priceless!

This is the end to our wonderful year. I pray that all reading had a wonderful year and will continue to have an amazing 2009.

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