Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just a ♪

Just dropping by the blog to let you know that all is okay.

Leia and I have been not feeling awesome the last few days. We both had doctor visits today. And both of us have ear infections :(  this is the 2nd ear infection in a month for Leia since we've started seeing the ENT. So, today, they decided to schedule Leia to have tubes put in.

I really hope the tubes help her as much as they helped Dakota. He had tubes put in when he was 11 months old.

My dad is doing great. He's getting used to being  homebound. I'm amazed at Dad's recovery!! Thank you, God!

Also, We've been busy lately...doing yard work in preparation for Leia's 1st Birthday. And then I looked at the weather report and it's a 70% chance on rain for that specific day...go figure!! but our backyard is all spiffy looking :)

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