Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sniffle Sniffle Cough Cough

I've heard this for over a week. It started with one and spread to another by Sunday. Now, all 3 children have the dreaded cough.
 Lily started with it. She still has a bit of it in addition to ear infections in both ears. We are on a second medicine to try and clear these ear infections.
Leia was the next one with the cough. And she has really held onto it. Her ears look great, though. Leia is doing breathing treatments as needed and lots of fluid and rest.
Dakota started with the cough a day or 2 ago. It tends to rear it's ugly head at night. Last night resulted in a fever and persistent coughing. I kept Dakota home from school today due to last night's fever. 
Jed and I are hanging on by what seems like 1 healthy strand. We did have some help the last few days. My older sister was in town for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed having her here. I just hope the kids didn't share too much with her.

It looks like we will have to postpone Lily's public birthday party. Things have been busy and with all the sickness going around, it might just be the best thing for everyone. Lily turns 5 on Friday. I can't believe it. 5 is a BIG deal! I'm thinking of doing a small celebration here after dinner on Friday evening. I hope Lily isn't too disappointed.

 Leia getting some snuggles from Aunt Tammie

 Breathing treatment time for Lily

Leia is in decent spirits but it comes and goes

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