Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All the hype on motherhood

Sometimes this thing called Motherhood gets utterly overwhelming.

The cranky almost 17 month toddler is giving mommy a run for her money (and her sanity).  Nap time has been a bust lately. It seems to only way to get her to nap is to run her energy out and then MAKE her stay in her crib til she actually falls asleep. And Heaven help us if she figures how to climb out of her crib. 

We just experienced a major tantrum all because Mommy said No about letting her have my coffee. It was CraZy!!! Half way through, she'd look my way..smile..and then say "ka pee". I would then again say NO! And it was as if she was recharged from that simple two letter word. 

I let her have her fill of tantrum and then picked her up to comfort and offer HER cup of milk. She turned her up nose to HER cup then laid her head on my shoulder and bit me. AHHHH!!!

Will finishing off the box of Valentine's chocolates put me in a euphoric state to handle this toddler the rest of the day????!!!???

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