Wednesday, February 27, 2013

crazy genes?!

Crazy genes? Yep! they have 'em.
I've tried to figure out where they get all the craziness from. I'm positive it's the mix from both sides of the family. 

Lily is on the mend. Still a bit of a cough, but no more croup cough. It's a task to get her to take her medicine twice a day, but we are getting it done.
Leia is now on the sick list. I'm thinking seasonal allergies are the culprit. Her eyes are draining constantly...and she started with a cough yesterday morning, so I called the doctor. We were able to be seen. Come to find out, she has one ear that is red (meaning start of an ear We are doing ear drops for now. I have an antibiotic if she starts running a fever or the irritability gets worse. And the doctor prescribed some eye drops and OTC allergy meds for now. I noticed the other day that there was a substantial amount of pollen on the hammock outside. I guess it's that time of year. While I love the seasons changing (Spring and Fall are my favs), I don't care for the seasonal allergies that go along with it.

I'm thinking after the kiddos are well again (hopefully before Spring Break), this momma needs a day of fun.

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