Monday, December 9, 2013

Laid up, but festive...kinda ;)

A joint injury is positively dreadful.

I've given birth to 3 children. The recoup time for that is pretty quick; but this knee injury feels like it will never recoup. (yes, I'm complaining a bit...I'm sure the chilly temps aren't helping it either).

The day before Thanksgiving, Jed and I took the kids to the football field to run off some energy. Of course, we brought the soccer balls and kicked them around for a bit. We all got into the action. Halfway through our time there, I went in for a kick. I connected with the ball and then came back down on my knee and heard what I would describe as popping an enormous amount of bubble wrap all at the same time. I fell to the ground thinking "fabulous! I'll just lie here for a second and then get up and it should be fine." Well, I was able to walk on it; but once we were home, the swelling started. :(
ER trip for me during the middle of the night. My sister took me because Jed needed to be here with the kids and he was already getting things ready to bake a yummy turkey.

No breaks or dislocations...but lots of swelling. I was put in a leg stabilizer and told R.I.C.E (rest, Ice, compression, and elevation)

It's doing tons better than the first 24 hours, but I still don't feel 100%. 

My sister from Florida was with us last week. A family friend is in the ICU here locally and she brought his sister to come visit with him for a bit. Please pray for Ben. He's critical and can use any and ALL prayers right now. 

All that being said, Tammie was here. So, she helped me get the house festive for Christmas, and the kiddos rooms cleaned. She's a fabulous organizer and exactly what I needed during this recoup time. I'm SO glad she was here to help me for a week. 

The children are super excited for Christmas...especially Christmas break. We still have some Christmas shopping to do, but for now, we'll enjoy the ambiance of the Christmas tree and decorations. 

That's life in our neck of the woods. Sorry for the blog hiatus. Hopefully, many more to come before this year comes to an end.

We celebrated Lilyann's 6th Birthday on Thanksgiving Weekend. I can't believe she's 6 already. Crazy how fast time flies. She wanted a "bow and arrow" that's exactly what we did. She helped me make her decorations with construction paper and glitter.  Lots of fun for my pretty Lilyann. I started this blog just shortly before Lily's heart diagnosis. It seems like just yesterday we were dealing with doctors, feeding tubes, and surgery recoup. Look at her now!! 6 years old and proud of her zipper :) I hope and pray that her story  has helped other heart families going through the same issues. It's incredible how amazing our God is.

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