Thursday, August 7, 2014


Today was a full of day of activity.
It was time to mow the backyard. I usually try to visit the gym on the weekdays, but I figured I'd get enough cardio in by working on the yard. And that I did! Wowza!!
I mowed one little section so I could put up the pool for the girls. Leia enjoyed playing and splashing around while I finished up the rest. It was neat to see the delight in her eyes to have the whole pool to herself.
I strive to make sure that my kids live a fun and meaningful childhood. I hope they are making memories with each and every day. Getting out and riding scooters, feeding the fishies, going on walks....I hope these are outdoor memory makers for them.

I remember my siblings and I making our own pool. We'd get a tarp and find some sticks, gates, pieces of wood, whatever. We'd make it all work. We had a section in the grove (our house was on a few acres that used to house an orange grove way back before a big freeze) that had a dip in the ground. That area would make our "pool" just a little bit deeper. Oh! we had fun. If it wasn't a pool, we'd sneak some laundry detergent or dish soap and create a pretty awesome slip n slide on that same tarp. We'd also swim in barrels...really it was just dunking underwater. But it was FUN!! On non water days, we'd play in tree forts.
Yes, my childhood was fantastic!

Sorry for that little rabbit trail. But yes, I hope and pray my children are having a similar childhood. Leia did help me pick up sticks and empty the grass clippings from the lawn mower. She earned her pool time. :)

Just a little bit of rambling from this tired Momma.


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