Wednesday, August 20, 2014

....always watching....

Sometimes. Well, more times than not, I learn from my children. I know, I should be teaching them. They should learn from me. But these children have a way of making Mommy learn. 

We were in Target (my favorite store). Kids were being civil due to the promise of slushies from the cafe on the way out. We were browsing the pasta aisle and the kids were trying to talk me into all different kinds of noodles. During this time, an employee came down the aisle to stock shelves. Lily turned out and asked me what's in that big thing. It was hanging block sign...but being the crazy mommy I am, I quickly said it was probably a camera in there watching us. The employee said, "yeah, we are always being watched" Lily then asked "what's his name?" I thought she was talking about the employee. He starts to tell her his name while she says quietly. "It's God... watching us all the time." 
Hmmmmm......yep! teachable moment from my child right there. 
The employee then walked off not hearing Lily. But it was definitely a moment of awe from this Momma.

God is always watching.


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