Monday, November 10, 2014

Choose Joy

I usually try to post funny antics from the children. There's a great amount with these kiddos. But today, I've had this thought all morning.
 "Choose Joy"
I know, it sounds a bit conceited coming from someone named Joy. But I think my parents selected the perfect name for me (disclaimer: sometimes, I'm not all that excited to live up to my 

found via Pinterest/Etsy

Today, I decide to choose joy. I choose to make the best of my day...first off, by having a happy home. Oh, it only takes a split second to turn the whole day upside down. It could be a sharp remark, choosing to yell back at the grumpy child on Monday morning, or most times, not showing the child you did hear what they said and what they say matters. Just showing them the attention they crave makes a world of difference in their lives/mornings. 
If you've followed my blog from the beginning of the year, my resolution was "patience". This morning, I was patient (I know, one day out of 313 days...winning!!). I didn't yell, I didn't raise my voice. We were out the door and in the van...yes, it WAS after the alarm to leave went off...but I did it without raising my voice.  Being a parent and keeping calm is the toughest task in my book of parenting. With 3 different personalities flying at you at once, and trying to maintain your own....whew!! emotional marathon.... haha.

So, today....Choose Joy. You decide how your day will be. We are bombarded daily with utter chaos, but how we react is what makes the difference. 


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