Friday, December 5, 2014

The day I compare time to a dessert vs the treadmill

It's been 2 weeks, Folks. 2 weeks since my last blog entry here. Time is incredibly sneaking around the holidays. 
In the last 2 weeks, we've dealt with up and down weather....frigid (for East Texans) a few days, and then humid and warm the next few days. We're at the humid stage again today. Not just the weather (but that is usually a perfect conversation starter) but also Thanksgiving break. Wowza! the test of mommy's patience was a vigorous one. I don't know who was more excited for school to resume...myself or the kids. Oy vey! 

Thanksgiving happened. Jed tried his hand at frying a turkey. It was delicious and looked picture perfect (coming from a picture buff).

 Thanksgiving weekend consisted of hitting some Black Friday sales and celebrating Lily's 7th Birthday. 
Yes, Lily turned 7!!! I can't believe our sweet baby girl is growing up so fast. It seemed like just yesterday we were dealing with all the medical stuff with Lily (she's our heart baby. Congenital Heart Defect repair at 4.5 months old) and now, she making the Honor Roll and Student of the Month in P.E. Pretty awesome work from Miss Lily.

YES!! 2 weeks flew by.
At times, it felt as if a "Treadmill minute" other times, it felt as if eating a piece of cheesecake. You know, that's fast. Dessert always disappears quickly!

It's the last month of the year. 2015 is quickly approaching. Which means, Jed and I are almost (Late February) at our 1 year milestone of our lifestyle change. Together, we've lost 80 lbs! I'm so proud of the hard work my husband is putting into this change. It was hard in the beginning. But now, it's like "the norm". And it's trickling on down to ours kids. This is one trait, I'd love to pass on to my children.
So, until I post again...which is hopefully sooner than 2 weeks from now. Be Kind....and work hard! Someone somewhere is being inspired.

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