Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Almost Christmas

2 days til Christmas.....and all I can think about is my family. 
Yes, I have a family here...Handsome loving husband and 3 beautiful fickle children. But my family, my siblings and parents. It always hits me around the holidays. Family is plastered everywhere...in commercials, social media, sappy Christmas cards, etc. I can't help but watch the sappy family Christmas movies. They always choke me up. It makes me thankful for the family I have here. My immediate family and my husband's family that lives nearby. 

So...enough about me. 
The kiddos are more than ready for Christmas day. They ask every day if they can open a present. My older kids ask "can we open just one small present?" While my youngest tells me "I want to open that BIG present, Mommy." Haha!  Yes, the countdown is on...2 more days.

 I have a great many thoughts of things to post on the blog. But then a child comes along and my train of thought is derailed. So, for now...this is the time I have to post...and these are the thoughts that are few and far between. 
I'm off to see what damage has been done to bathroom after a visit from the youngest kiddo...she's been in there a bit longer than needed. *hoping for the best*
Until we chat again....Merry Christmas


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Annie said...

Merry Christmas!!!!

Thanks for the recipe.