Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kidney Surgery

Tomorrow is a Big Day in our family. 2 family members will be having surgery. One to give and one to receive.

My sister is donating a kidney. You see, we found out over a year ago that my aunt was in need of a kidney transplant. After some thought, my sister decided to see if she was a match. After some tests, she was not a match :( Sad day. But the doctors informed her that she was a good donor candidate, if she chose to volunteer to donate her kidney. This volunteering could result in finding a kidney match for my aunt. So, after many tests, she was cleared to donate. And they found a kidney match for my aunt. It seems like just yesterday my sister was telling me her plans of kidney donation. What an inspiration!!! And now, she's getting ready to go in for surgery to do just that. 

6 people's lives will changed forever tomorrow.....changed for the good...with this kidney pairing/swapping. 

I'm very excited for my sister and this opportunity to better the lives of others. I'm excited for my aunt....she's excited to be getting off dialysis. Lots of great things happening tomorrow.

So, I ask that you pray. Pray for my sister. Pray for my Aunt. Pray for the other lives and families that will be benefiting from tomorrow's procedures. Pray for the doctors. Pray for Peace and Healing for the participants. 


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