Monday, March 2, 2015

March means almost spring...hopefully

Happy March!!
For some reason, life keeps happening and I can't seem to stay on top of the blog. Thankfully, the ones I update this me or I call them. Or they keep in contact with me via text or Facebook.

Crazy how that thing called Life happens.

It's now March....which means Spring is on the horizon....if we're lucky. We had our snow days last week.

 front yard snowman...he just melted today

 Dakota in the front yard

Lilyann and her snowman

The weatherman is saying, we could have some more wintry precipitation on Wednesday. I'd be okay if he was wrong. But whatever. I love looking at the snow...just not getting out in it.
And while dealing with a knee healing, it makes for a painful recovery.
Today has been somewhat decent. Maybe because I took some good pain meds with my morning coffee or maybe it's just a good day. I'll take it.

no steri strips...woohoo...markings are from wearing my brace

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my ACL surgery. I'm hoping for better nights. Days seem to be fine. But the nights are the roughest. I just can't get comfortable to sleep. I'm working on strengthening my quad. From what I this stage in recovery, my body is accepting the graft. And the graft is weaker at this time. It's great for me to exercise and move the knee, but not too much. I need to be very cautious. I still have a little swelling. So, I do what needs to be done and then I elevate. Sounds like a lot fun, huh?!
Kids are being helpful. Now their helpfulness has strings attached.....tablet playing time in exchange for helping mom and dad. I think it's a fair trade.

Two awesome happenings in our family.
1st off....Jed signed up for his first 5K. He runs on Saturday. Brookshire's Fresh15. I'm super proud of him and how far he's come. He's doing GREAT!!! Losing weight, eating right, and staying active. Super Proud!
2nd...I hit the big 5-0!!! not my age, lol. But I've currently lost 50 lbs!! sweetness.
Our hardwork is paying off.

So.....if you think of us on Saturday, say a prayer for Jed during his 5k.
Until I post again...

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