Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Live your life and Forget your age

I'm another year older since my last blog post. Crazy! Time flies when you're having fun. I really don't feel any older...they say that's a state of mind. If I keep this up, in the silver years they'll have me committed....haha
But no, I don't feel older...just tired. Keeping up with the kiddos, husband, and just life...that has my attention and energy. 
We are full swing into that last 6 weeks of school. The kids' report cards sported all A's!!! YAY!! I'm so proud of how the big kids are doing in school. They have some fabulous teachers again this year. Dakota and Lily both are reading a grade ahead already. As long as we keep up the reading this summer, they can start off the new school year with an advantage. They are doing the "Texas Reads One Book"....Lily is reading The World According to Humphrey. And Dakota is reading The Cricket in Times Square.
 I love that the kids are enjoying this reading project. Technology seems to overtake our lives rather aggressively. No, I'm not against it. I'm using it right now. My youngest is watching a movie from the DVR and I'm using the laptop. I love social networking!! #awesome

I was all gung ho on my rabbit trails of life and then my phone rang. Lost my train of thought...which doesn't take much to get me off track. haaa! see what I did there?!

This is the person who called me...my fabulous husband...only to ask if I had mowed the backyard. Haha!! Apparently he thinks that I'd drag out the lawnmower just to snap a picture for Instagram!! Craziness. I did it for the steps. Fitbit addict, I know. But hey! it motivates me each day to get those steps in. And mowing the backyard helped me reach my goal by lunchtime!! (well, shortly after 12)  I'm hoping that staying active keeps me young. :) I'll try my dead-level best to stay as active as I can. I gotta keep up with the kiddos. 
Leia enjoyed my yard work time. She got to play with the water hose. So much fun.

 backyard finished

So...until the next time, Live your life and forget your age.

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