Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer break is here

It's Summer break!!! And so far *knock on wood*, it's going good.

We're kinda on a schedule. The big kids are still waking up at the crack of dawn but considerate enough to just play together than to wake up the whole house. I'm enjoying not having an alarm clock to contend with...except on the mornings we have plans to attend a gym class.

Kids are adapting well. That first week or so is a change. A change of schedule, personal space, order, etc. Leia is getting used to not having Mommy ALL to herself ALL day Long. And the big kids are getting used to our "fly by the seat of your pants" schedule. Well, it's not really that lax. We get up, have breakfast, go for a walk or to the park....you see, the heat is getting to the unbearable status now. After "40 days and nights" of constant rain, we're just not used to all the sunshine. haha! but we're adapting.

Our afternoons consist of "quiet time". This can be anything from movies to playing games on the TV. The big kids usually chose Minecraft on their tablets. Leia and I watch a movie together. Today, we're watching Brother Bear2. I don't think Leia's ever actually watched it...because she's glued. Which gives me the time to write this blog post. (YAY!!) I have implemented something new this summer break. The kids have to read (even Leia) for a certain amount of time each day before their electronic privilege is earned. 2 days into it and we're having success. Leia has been "reading" the same Dinosaur chapter book so far. But she's making up her own words to the store...and giggling a lot. Love the giggles♥ 

Dakota's (our oldest) is doing soccer camp this week. It's in the evening which is good. Not too terribly hot. He was awarded most improved with dribbling last night!! Pretty proud of him with this being his first active season of soccer. 

Lily (our middle child) is just loving life. She enjoys scootering at the park. I borrowed Dakota's scooter and raced her today. She won. Momma needs to get with the program, haha. 
Leia (our youngest) is having her moments. Terrible 3's are rearing their head again. But I think that's just her way of adapting to "sharing" her mommy. We're working on this together. She is enjoying that the pool is now out of the box. Even if she does have to share it with the big kids. oh, this child!!

Jed n I just celebrated our 11th anniversary. I'll be bold enough to say that sometimes it seems like just yesterday he was asking me out. And other times, I'm thinking "it's literally been FOREVER!!!" haha 

Well, the movie is over. So, now I'm being beckoned for this and that. Until I sit down and post again.....
keep stepping (fitbit humor) and drink your water.

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