Friday, September 19, 2008

Aww... Little Miss Independant

Miss Lilyann is getting to be a professional "puller upper". She didn't go to sleep last night until late, because she was cruising around in her crib last night. I guess when she learns a new thing, she has to improve it as best she can. Jed and I were watching her yesterday and saying that she is too small to be up and moving about. Because once she starts pulling up, then the cruising the furniture comes, and then the walking. My little baby is growing up. One nice thing, I am still needed...she has learned to pull up, but is still needing mommy to help her back down. (as you can see from the picture) I think it frustrates her that she doesn't quite have it all figured out.

OH!! and we now have tooth #5...It came through yesterday...She is getting used to her new teeth...the grinding has started...yay!! not!

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