Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with the Smiths

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Christmas time has come and gone. What a wonderful time. I felt like we were running from one thing to the next, but when I sit back and look at all the pictures, It was more than worthwhile. The kids had a wonderful time...and as a parent, I did too.
First off, we started Christmas Eve at our Christmas Eve service. It was nice. Singing Christmas carols and then Dr. Gray read the Christmas Story to all of the children. It was just what we all needed--> a time to sit back, forget about all the hustle and bustle and remember what Christmas is all about.
This year, we all (all includes Jed, myself, Dakota, Lilyann, Brittiany, Andy, and Alexis) spent Christmas Eve night at Grandma's. And Grandma made our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning so special. Grandma made Santa boot prints in the front entry way (ssshh!! don't tell the kids) and left Santa's bag where the boot prints end. The kids were eager to see what Santa had left for them. And then the present opening started...with a frenzy of wrapping paper.
Grandma knew exactly what everyone needed to make the day go on. I received a new coffee maker and Andy received a large container of coffee...EXCELLENT!! It was time to try out the coffeemaker and get our energy for the day! After presents, breakfast was started and we all started getting ready to go to Boo's house.
At Boo's house, it was time for Christmas dinner and of course, more presents. Christmas dinner was delicious...we all had our fill. Watching everyone open their presents is fun. You get to see the expressions on their faces and usually the excitement in their eyes. (Dakota was in one of those moods where I rarely saw the excitement...I think it was a mix between shyness, stubborness, and a tad bit of excitement...I guess you had to be there to get the picture--->it will be something we will work on this year with Kota Man.) After opening all the presents and snacking on Christmas dinner some more, everyone started to pack up and go their separate ways. Andy and Brittiany with Alexis headed off to Andy's family Christmas. Later, Aunt Samantha, Uncle Jerry, and the girls (Jerilyn, Katie, and Brooke) were off...after Kota played some baseball with Uncle Jerry.
It truly was a memorable Christmas. I think it makes it that much more exciting when you have little ones..and you get to experience Christmas morning not once but twice, through your eyes and through their eyes.



Thanks for the addresses. We just got home from all the snow in Chicago. I'm glad to have my sunny weather again.

I enjoyed the pictures. I'm proud of you for posting them so quickly. I feel I will be the slacker :).

My favorites were the PJ's, and Lily with her red shirt and bow (red on red background...someone's sweater, I'm assuming). I also liked the baseball pictures with Kota. I especially liked the cousins with the cousins pic. It reminds me of our childhood Christmases at the Motel...wrapping paper everywhere :).

Have a Most Blessed New Year.

Love to All,
Cousin Christy
Ephesians 3:20

The Coleman Family said...

wow jo! i am glad that you remembered all that... i just barely do..last night i was loading the christmas pics on facebook and was looking through all the pics from this year and i just had to remember everything that our kiddo's went through... it seemed like there for a while every time kota came over to the house he was getting cut or getting mosquito bites!!! i am sooo glad that we live close and have kids within simular age ranges... 2009 will be even bigger and better with everything this is to come!!!

"Grammy" Sue B said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the slide show!!!
Joy, thanks for keeping your blog so up-to-date and SO fun to read!! It was great to see all your family between Christmas and New Year in Gilmer!!!!!
(((HUGS))) from Aunt Sue and Uncle Millard