Thursday, December 18, 2008

From the mouth of a child....

When a child sets you straight, it's quite humbling.

Tuesday was--how can i say it?--a day of all days. Things were just jumbling all together, the kids were underfoot, and it was cold and wet outside....and mommy is experiencing cabin fever. It was just one of those days. I called Marge to come pick up Lily since Dakota had an appointment at the WIC office (re certification). For me, this day couldn't get any worse. So Marge comes and gets Lily and Kota starts crying because he wants to go to Samantha and Cash's house. He doesn't want to go to the "Dr".

So we finally make it to the WIC office and Dakota turns a quick 20 min appointment into an hour appointment. For some reason, he didn't want to stand on the scale to be weighed and don't even try to get him to stand against the wall for height measurements. It was quite a hassle, so the WIC lady put Kota on the baby scale. Needless to say, the nutritionist was not happy with Dakota's she wanted to weigh and measure him again. It took awhile, but after a promise of his choice of 3 stickers, he was more than willing. This time, the weigh and measurements were correct and exactly what the nutritionist wanted to see. YAY!!

Kota is almost 3 yrs old (turns 3 on January 28Th) and weighs 29 lbs 4 oz. He is 38 inches tall.

Well, on to the reason of the post...what kids say!! We finally finish at the WIC office and now I am so ready for a nap and some quietness. I forgot that I had promised Dakota that we would stop by McDonald's for Cheeseburger and fries. So, now we are off to McDonald's. By this time, I'm stressed, not thinking about anyone else. I just want to get Kota his cheeseburger and fries and get to the house. I pull up to the pay window and hand the lady the money...and this is where is happens................. Dakota says, "Mommy, tell her Merry Christmas!" Just like that, I'm stuck in my own world thinking of what i will do when i get home, and Kota is thinking of others....wanting to make someone else's day bright. So, I tell the lady at the window, "Merry Christmas!!" You should have seen the smile on Kota's face not to mention the surprised look and smile on the lady's face. I truly think that that "Merry Christmas!!" was exactly what she needed to make it through the rest of her day. I sit and wonder...what might have not happened if Dakota wouldn't have set his mommy straight and told me to tell someone "Merry Christmas!!"

Lesson learned for me...and now I'm sharing with you.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good afternoon."


Sarah said...

Hi Joy,
I'm trying to send you a Christmas
card, but can't find your address.
Can you email it to
Thanks so much.
Aunt Sarah
PS I'm so glad Dakota is wanting to tell others Merry Christmas!


Ditto on that too! I left my info in South Carolina and we are in Chicago currently visiting Andrew's parents for Christmas. I'll need Marge's address as well.
Since we are on the address info, how about Jonathan's and does Lydia have a new address...did they sell their house? Tammie and Cathie as well. I have Philip's and Matt's. Thank you muchos.
I love the blog decor changes.
I also love the blog post. You are truly a SUPER MOM, dear Joy. Raising little ones is in no way easy, but we need to be constantly reminded that the Lord has made us HIS agents to mold these vessels for His glory. What an assignment and privilege to be given this task!! You are doing a great job.
Love ya Lots,
Cousin Christy
P.S. Merry Christmas!