Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Strawberry Milk..

Wowzers!! you should feel honored...2 posts in 2 days!!! what a record!!

Strawberry milk and Curious George are what is keeping me sane today...they helped me get a shower and have a cup of coffee!!
Dakota~his "new hair Grandma gave him"
Okay...Dakota isn't potty training..he balks at it. The only time he pees is when I make a big to do about his wearing baby diapers. I'm getting frustrated with it...but we are still working on it. Dakota peed in his big boy undies all day yesterday..he would go change them and put the wet pair in his undies for me....NOT!

Lilyann--during a fit

Smiling while standing on her talking chair..she is getting braver

Lilyann is going thru this attitude phase..yes!! copping an attitude at almost 16 months old..I actually recorded her throwing a fit yesterday and then let her watch it back..she was frowning at the baby on the screen. Lily's croup seems to be flaring back up..but only at night...We just had a pretty good maybe that will wash away all the pollen.

Jed got a pay cut and his hours is 5 % pay/hour cut for the whole about $30 less a paycheck...which means that Dakota needs to get out of diapers soon. and the pay cut wouldn't even effect us--at least, not that there might be a positive to this all.

Me--> well, I'm doing pretty good. Still working on losing weight...The other day I weighed myself and it said I had lost 2 more lbs...and then last night, I had gained 2 more it evens out...i guess, since I didn't weigh on the same scale. Today, we have a training session with one of the instructors at the gym. It was free when you got the membership, we just forgot about making the appointment. Also, I'm feeling really achy lately..sore muscles and tired...don't know if it is from working out and dealing with headaches because of the weather or not.

Me--taken by Dakota

OH! and Kota got his hair cut!! Grandma usually does it when it is just a burr cut...but she used new blades and after the first swipe realized that she cut it too short..well, you can't go back with hair Kota pretty much got his head shaved..he loves it though (it is his "new hair that Grandma gave him") Kota looks so cute--er, should I say handsome...girls are pretty and boys are handsome he has recently informed me.

That's life at the Smith's residence..hope all is well with everyone else

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