Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

With Lilyann walking now, she is all over the place. You can't leave anything unoccupied...not even for a split second. That is what I did with the broom and Lilyann grabbed it and wanted to sweep like Mommy. She was more of picker-upper than a sweeper, though. I was sweeping up the fruit loops that Lily had so conveniently tossed from her highchair...and when I turned to get the dust pan, she was picking up the fruit loops to eat. Silly girl!


Lily's Mama! said...

Ok I love her with the cute is she..trying to help

About the blanket question. We have 3 quilters, but 1 is my friend from IL, the other are 2 that have voluntered, are woman I met through CM. One runs her own sewing shop in Michagan, and I am not sure where the 3rd is.

Thank you for your kind words. It is going to take a lot of help to get all of this off the ground. I am going to look into having a button made for the AHB site and put it on my page, once I do if you want to share it with people that would be a huge help.

Got to run, All 3 of the kids are fighting...Lily is winning..LOL


The Smiths said...

Thanks, Jenna!! Our heart babies seem have that little bit of extra fight in them.