Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Way Back When-esday: Minivans

Remember this post? about how we bought our 1st minivan?
Well, this van is no longer...we traded it in for a Nissan Quest.

The Dodge stayed parked more than it ran this last month...It has needed work since we bought it February 2009. But we didn't pay much for we couldn't gripe too much about it.
Finally, Last Friday, we got it running enough to take it to the dealership and trade it in. I had my eye on a Buick Terraza. It was what they call "loaded" had leather seats, a rear DVD player...all the buttons on the steering wheel..It was super duper nice...and very low mileage. But when we went to the dealership, it was no longer there. A sister dealership had bought it was still available, just 5 hours away available. Our good friend, Joe, was able to work the payments for our budget, so we signed the paperwork with promises of picking up our van the next day. The next day, we called and Joe informs us that the sister dealership sold it off the lot not even an hour after we signed the papers. I was frustrated...but you know, maybe it wasn't something that we should have had anyway.
So, we head on over to the dealership because Joe says that he wants us to check out this Nissan Quest he has on the lot. This van is cheaper which will make the monthly payment cheaper which in turn makes Jed smile more! And Joe offers to give us leather seats or a DVD player for our troubles. Since we have kids, I chose the DVD player.

I love the new van...the kids do, too. And the DVD player was installed today. I can't wait for our 1st roadtrip!

Our new Nissan Quest ....October 2010

~playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatution for Way Back When-esday~

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