Sunday, October 3, 2010

New owners

Dakota and Brooke relaxing in the hammock

It has been busy around here...Kota in school, even with it just being half day. Lily potty training and taking antibiotics for UTIs (she had 2 UTIs in 1 month's time...hopefully, we are done with them for a while)...and Lily is almost there...she is still having accidents but they aren't as often. Our van is no longer...we got it running enough to trade it in...and that is what we did. The next day (after a little fiasco at the dealership), we picked up our new van and found out from a friend that our old van won't even start now. So, we DEFINITELY traded in at the right time.
We are now proud owners (well, payment makers...this is our 1st time to make a car payment in 4 years) of/on a Nissan Quest. It's super nice. The kids love it. And due to the fiasco (long story short...the van we wanted was at another dealership, we signed the papers on it....and an hour later this dealership sold it right off the lot to someone else...infuriating, YES! but I think we came out better in the long run), the salesman is installing a DVD player in our Nissan. Which is incredibly awesome.

Thanks to all the family and friends who let us use their vehicles for the last month. I think I drove a total of 4 different vehicles this last month. Mainly trucks, so I was kinda getting used to driving a truck and now we are back to a van.
The pictures below are from our fun at Jed's Aunt's house. We were celebrating Jerilyn's birthday...and when we all get together...Laughing happens and lots of eating yummy food!!

Lily playing with Toby...She seemed to always have a hold of his tail. When the kids finally went in to watch cartoons, Toby was fast asleep on the doormat. The kids wore him out!!

Lu Bell inside watching cartoons...Kota is in the background with Brooke

Pictures to come of our new VAN!!!

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